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  1. Are we talking about your boat Rob? Call Tom Barberra 585-392-7304
  2. I don't think so Rich. We been talking about doing some Pro-Am's. We'll definitely fish the 1 day event before the Niagara Pro-Am again this year though. Well good luck out there this week.
  3. Started at the red can Saturday and took a steelie. Never really lost sight of it and took 18 lakers and 1 king. Various spoons. Sunday started at the same place and wound up finding a few Kings 7 for 10, all quality fish to just over 20lbs. Stingray size spoons. Added about 12 0r 13 lakers up to a little better than 16 lbs. A good weekend for us with 2 fish on the LOC board. Fished this morning out of Rochester and did put 2 small Coho's in the boat. Nice day.
  4. Fished east of the creek near cowsucker 10 browns for the morning, 2 over 10lbs and 1 over 16lbs. The big fish came from 1 small area. Smithwick Rouges, Silver and black with orange belly was the best.
  5. Fished east and west of the genny covering 6-20fow. Sticks and spoons. 3 browns and one nice smallmouth. The fish came west of the river. The browns came on a spook 70 back 5 down.
  6. I thought that's what it was. Mike and I fished the area a couple of times last year without much success. We'll have to talk about this next time I see you.
  7. Ok Jerry F. what's this split I read about in STS magazine. Are you refering to Scotch Bonnett? Thanks. Joe "Reel Drag"
  8. If anyone is interested Marine General has these for 299.00.
  9. Fished yesterday afternoon and early evening, 3 Atlantics, one was about 7-8lbs, 3 small Kings and 1 brown. 7-10fow east and west of the creek. Today around 20 for 24 mix of browns, rainbows, small kings, and 1 atlantic. All stickbaits. Beautiful day out there.
  10. Joe Bianchi 22ft Trophy Hardtop Boat name REEL DRAG Sandy Creek L.O. Fishing 10 yrs.
  11. That might not be that far off. I know in previous years that the Erie ice boom was late coming out that the water off the Niagara was COLD and the fishing was pretty good off the Genny. Thoughts anyone?
  12. New price 325..00 for both without swivel bases
  13. Got out Saturday morning for the shakedown. Launched out of the Genny at around 7am. Good color all around the river but couldn't hook up. Talked to a guy on Friday and he didn't hit fish untill he hit Braddocks. Decided to pull lines and make the run. Hit 2 browns and 2 northern pike. One of the northerns was 37" and 15lbs. 8 FOW was best and 46 degrees was the warmest water we could find right off the bay. Good luck and tight lines to all.
  14. Still for sale 450.00 with swivel bases, 400.00 without.
  15. I don't mind paying the extra 10.00 for the license. After all we have an awsome fishery here in NY. Where else can you go to experience the diversity of species we have. What sucks is that the non-resident increase will be too much to bear for some folks. It just doesn't seem fair to the charters and the guides who promote the fishery and depend on it for their lively hood. They will bear the burden of reduced client participitation as well as repeat business losses. I'm sure this will get worse in the future, after all it's New York. I work in Albany Monday through Friday at the Empire State Plaza and you folks would be appalled to see the waste that goes on here as well as the deadbeat state workers that really do nothing to earn their paychecks. As a matter of fact, right now outside my office their are 4 men watching 2 men work. It's the NEW YORK WAY!!
  16. Yes I will sell w/o the bases. It will save me the cost when I get the new electrics. I am located in Gates. You can e-mail me for more info. [email protected]
  17. 2 Cannon Unitrol HP Manual downriggers with swivel bases and single rod holders. Used the late part of last season. Brand new condition 450.00.
  18. Nice to hear the water temps have come up a little since Saturday. Are you docked in the creek somewhere? How did you get out? Thanks Jax.
  19. Went out Saturday with Fear no Fish, water was 33-34 degrees with skim ice on the surface. Cold morning. Did 1 brown east of the creek in 10fow. Fire tiger Smithwick took 4 hits.
  20. It seems to me that stealth is compromised with such a large planer type device. I'll stick to balls.
  21. I have fished the harbor areas many times for eyes. We would usually get on the water by 10-1030 at night. Our best programs were running rapalas #13's, approximately 100-150ft back on flat lines. Here's the kicker, 6-10fow on the flats. We stopped going the last couple of years due to the increase in boat traffic (drift boats without lights can be real frustrating as they have the right of way and some can be pretty rude). I suggest going on a weekday night. The fishing can be awsome with a mix of eye's and browns. We have taken fish up to 13lbs with many, many over 10lbs. Once you find them, don't make long unproductive trolls. stay on them by pulling lines and make short turns to get back to the productive areas. We have also had great success trolling along side the breakwalls towards the lake. Good luck.
  22. I also run the DS500X, It's an excellant unit for the money.
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