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  1. If any of you guys are interested in the maxi-mate tackle boxes that hang approx 240 spoons or plugs go to www.franksgreatoutdoors.com. They sell for 44.95 each. I have been told by many tackle shops that they are not made any longer. Shame on them!! Just thought that maybe some of you might be interested in these. They used to come in Burgundy, Teal, and Gray. Now they only come in Gray. Excellant product for storing and drying spoons or stickbaits, no more tangled hooks. Joe
  2. Now boys, we need to play nice. Spring is just a few short weeks away and we'll be pounding the shoreline for Browns. Ray, I get a kick out of your posts and appreciate your twisted sense of humor! Keep up the good work. Do you and Iceman know one another? I hope so. Tight lines everyone and get ready for spring. Joe.
  3. Boat was sold last MAY. Thanks for the interest.
  4. Rob I think you have to join something don't you? Joe
  5. Tom are you getting a little anxious to get out there or what? Heck yea it's cold. March is right around the corner though. See ya on the water. Joe
  6. I have a set of UNITROL HP'S, less than 1 yr old 2-4ft booms. I only used them 2 or 3 times last year. Would let them go for 450.00 for the pair. Single rod holders, new swivel bases. Would like another set of electrics for the gunnels. Joe
  7. Catch and release is a good thing no doubt. Last I new there was very little natural reproduction going on. We have a put and take fishery. Enjoy yourself Carp. Good reports, keep them coming. SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE TO SPARK CONTROVERSY!! JOE
  8. Construction spray adhesive worked for me as well. Lost 3 in the process before glue!!
  9. I have been fishing russels since the early 70's and yes it was a good place to fish. There will probably be some fish finding there way there this year when we get some flow out of Slater Creek. It's always worth a try out in the lake casting Cleo's or similar spoons. Don't give up on the place yet!! Joe
  10. Tim I fished there on Saturday, started at sun up. Fished between the tresle and route 5-20 bridge. Threw everything at them. Not even a hit! The water was very low and very clear. I then rode down Zoar vally rd to spingville. What a goat path. Anyplace that I could access the creek was posted but I did see a few guys in the upper sections. Don't know where upstream they are finding fish, but the scenery was excellant!!
  11. So when are you running for President? I can see you getting at least 99.9% of the guys and gals on here to vote for you. Who say's it won't work? Joe
  12. We were fishing out of Sandy Creek and noticed the same smell on Sunday. We were only in 130fow.
  13. The dive bombs are the way to go IMO.
  14. Remove the guide on the end of the rod and install a twilli tip for the wire to pass through. As someone else said, attach a swivel to the end of the wire and use wire crimps ( 2) stacked on top of one another. Feed the wire through the crimps and into the swivel then back through the crimps again. I always take the tag end of the wire and run it through the crimps again and then crimp the sleeves. Trim off the excess wire at the swivel and your good to go. This set up has produced many big fish especially this time of year. You attach your dipsey diver to the swivel, then attach a snubber to the dipsey and leader material to the snubber. Depending on what baits you run, spoons, or flasher and flies determines the lenght of the leader to your bait. Hope this helps.
  15. Even though they won't ship the RYS-DAVIS cut bait strips to New York, can you still use it in New York if you have it?
  16. Take the Lake Ontario State parkway west to Westfall road, turn right, parking lot on left. Free launch.
  17. Keith I can't pull up your cell number, shoot me a PM.
  18. Has the cold water moved in on the south shore?
  19. Mine did the same thing, I would use the vhf and the display would go blank. This was a grounding problem that I fixed. Check yours Mark. Joe Reel Drag
  20. I had 43 rods before my garage caught fire. Now I'm at 16 and building. So I would say it's normal.
  21. I will be out of Sandy for the weekend. Good luck to everyone. Joe Reel Drag II
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