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  1. Saturday fished with Coyote Ugly worked 60'-150' managed all small kings. Started west of port and with the strong wnw winds we trolled all the way to braddocks point. Lots of marks and bait, but nothing big would hit. Sunday I fished on Reel Drag and headed north to 250-325, took 1 teenager and a bunch of skipper kings, headed in to 150 and took a nice rainbow and more small kings. Where are the big boys!!
  2. Took a few small kings and steelies, working 150-200ft of water, then trolled in to 50-60ft between the green can and sandy. Lots of bait and active fish. 20-50ft down. Two teenagers and a small steelie inside. Should've started shallow in the morning and I most likely would've stayed there. But a nice day out there.
  3. Great job guys and good luck next week. Joe "REEL DRAG"
  4. I fished out of Wilson today and it wasn't what I call hot. Did 8 kings 4 majors, 4 smaller fish. Worked about 80-260ft of water from the mouth to 6 miles west of port. Lots of great water out there, just didn't see much. Hot bite was from 630am to 830am, after that it died big time. Maybe it's hot for some but not the numbers that I've heard of this week.
  5. Thanks Jolly II. I've fished out of Sandy Creek the last two weekends and really did quite well on the browns, up to 15#, with several over 10#. The quality of the browns is better than it has been the last 2 years. 3 trips out and we're 40 for 45 on browns and steelies, with 1 shaker king. Smithwick rouges in black and silver have taken most fish. Mostly sticking to the inside waters 6-10'. Good luck to you if you're fishing the derby. Joe
  6. Any one have any reports around the genny or I-bay, water temps? Any king action? Want to head to the bar for the derby, but pretty cold water down there, and not much action. Would appreciate any info!!
  7. I am glad to hear that they are going to invest the money. I have been fishing there since the early 70's and it's one of my favorite places. I think Gambler's estimate is pretty close during the Salmon and Brown run, but for the most part the people that fish there regularly are not snaggers or lifters. Enforcement by the DEC has had an impact on the amount of snagging/lifting that takes place during the runs the last 2 yrs.
  8. Fished out of Sandy this morning with Fear No Fish went 13 for 13 including 11 browns 3-15 lbs and 2 steelies smallish
  9. Dual. I like the 200hz in deeper water and I go with the 50hz in shallow. Sometimes it dual.
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