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  1. Matrix XL 5" Center Pin Reel, excellent condition 175.00 or best offer.
  2. Raven Matrix Center Pin Reel, with a Raven 11'-6" IM6 Steelheader Float Rod. Rarely used excellant condition. 300.00
  3. How often does Sharon update? I should have a king in 2nd at 31-10.
  4. Went back to the same waters today to find the temps had come up a bit. Still managed kings 25, 22, 10lbs. 5 or 6 lakers a decent steelie for good measure.
  5. Started out in 140 fow, fish on the 100ft rigger, gone after a minute. Nice morning to start off. Next was a 10lb king off the 300 wire on a 3. Then a laker on the 100ft rigger. 300 diver goes again with a 15lb king. 100ft rigger goes again, another laker. Right around 9:30 thr 300 diver goes again with a 19lbder. My partner was having a hard time with the boat with 4ft ers. Decided to pack up at 10 with the 3 kings and 2 lakers. 140-160 was good for us. NBK light green spinnie with a green glow hammer took the two bigger kings and a dark green NBK spinnie with a glow frog fly took the other king. White spinnie with green dots and glow green fly took both lakers. I had some troubles getting the boat straight on the trailer which was frustrating. The best and funniest part was my partner flipping backwards over the dock when the rope broke. If only I had a video. I'm still laughing! Be back at it in the am.
  6. The fishing for Browns continues to be great out of Sandy. Today the quality of the fish was similar to Thursday with the bulk of the fish being in the double digit class. 15-20 fow again was hot. Glow Gobie stingers off the divers have been the ticket for us, although we got the riggers into the action as well today. Speed was important. down speed was between 2.5-2.7, Stingray NBK'S on the riggers parked at 7 and 12 took a bunch. Alot of short strikes today as we went 14-21. We packed up at 10am. Three day total: 44 for 60. This old man is taking Sunday Off!!
  7. Hit the same water today with similar results. 15 for 18, 16fow was bbest.The size wasn't like yesterday with the biggest being just over 11lbs.
  8. Hit the Brown Trout waters this morning and had a good day.12-20 fow stinger glow Goby spoons took most of the 15 fish we landed. The largest was 14lbs, 8oz with 12 of the 15 being over 10lbs. The quality of the fish were amazing. Back at it on Friday.
  9. Anyone know where I can get my hands on the magnum size, brand doesn't matter.
  10. Anyone know where I can my hands on Sea Sick Wadlers in the Magnum size?
  11. Left the creek about 5am and headed west about 2 miles west of the nose and set up in 60fow.Didn't get anything going until 160ft where we took our first king at 22lbs. There would be 3 others, 1 at 16lbs and 2 skippers. The king bite shut down for us at 730. We worked from 200ft to 100ft and took 4 steelhead at around 140. Throughout the day we took lakers. We packed up at 330pm with 4 kings, 4 steelies and 32 lakers to 14lbs. Meat, spin doctors, and various spoons did the damage, with white spin doctors with green dots paired with ATomic glow green flies taking alot of the fish.
  12. I agree with Yankee Troller, The Tekota 800 with the upgraded drag is sweet, lots of power for those big Kings.
  13. Brian, www.franksgreatotdoors.com 49.00
  14. I have run 25# Maxima Ultra Green on my rigger rods for years and don't have a problem with the fleas on the mono at all. My wires however gather fleas like crazy. Nasty little creatures.
  15. One shanty looked like it was almost to the channel!
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