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  1. I have 5 of the Okuma's for my coppers and cores. No issues with them. I've taken some nice kings on both the coppers and cores. The rods hold up very well. Very good buy in my opinion.
  2. It was nice seeing you at the dock yesterday. Unfortunately my trip out was pretty short. I must have fouled the plugs starting the boat because I noticed a skip in the motor while trolling. We setup in 30fow and after an hour we decided to make the run out. The misfires were getting worse and I decided to head back to the dock. It was a good call because the boat stalled right at the dock. It started up again but, it was misfiring badly. My mistake was that I gave it too much gas to get her started and never opened her up once we got out of the chute to clean it out. I'll try and change the plugs today and see if that solves the problem. Original plugs in the boat from 2008. If that doesn't work, off to Pro Marine and done for the season.
  3. There are a lot of us Browns fans in western new York. What's the alternative, the bills?
  4. Scott can I pay on Friday night at the restaurant? If not I'll get Reel Drag's money to Keith.
  5. I should have fished Sunday but wife scheduled Easter a week early, because we'll be gone for the next 2 weekends on VACATION! They changed the time on me. Supposed to be 12pm , but instead went to 2pm. Could've fished the morning. Doug, good catch on the rod! It has happened to me.
  6. Left the chute at 6am and headed west. Just past Newman's Point we turned around and set up going east. Took the first fish just west of the creek. It was on from there. Trolled 6-10fow all the way to Cowsucker Creek. Took fish all the way. Hot spot was in front of the woods. We would land 5 steelhead, 1 king at 10lbs, 1 small Coho, and lost count of the Browns somewhere in the 20+ landed. Smithwick Rogues in Black and Silver, and firetiger. Spoons were Jon's glow goby off the riggers, which took quite a few fish. A good day on the water. Boat ran great.
  7. The existing launch will remain open throughout the duration of the project
  8. I work for the Pike Co who is doing the work at the port. The launch has to remain clear and open during the construction project. Pike is not responsible for the debris at the launch itself. However, if anyone has any issues accessing the launch let me know and I can address it. I have made this clear to the project team down there that parking lots will be kept clear and swept regularly. Soon we will install sheeting next to the existing ramps to block off the river so next month we will begin the mass excavation which will be the new Marina. Good luck to all. Get fishing!
  9. Anyone know where I can buy Replacement power cables locally for mag 10's.
  10. Nice going Matt. The boat is set up and ready to go. I have 1 weekend to get out before my wife railroads me to vacation. Hope to get out this week some time.
  11. I fished long Pond yesterday evening from 530-930. The perch are in there and they are big. Not a lot of bites, but some decent action. As a bonus, landed 2 walleyes, 6 and 8lbs. Mix of worms and minnows took fish. Funny how the biggest perch came after dark.
  12. Sandy Creek great port, good people, good fishing.
  13. reel drag

    Sold / Closed 1997 Thompson 240HT

    Dave, April, good luck with the new ride. Are you going to be out of Braddock's this year?
  14. I bought it Orleans outdoors on rte 98 near oak orchard.
  15. I'm selling it because I just bought the ported XL Special Edition.
  16. This reel has 1 very small scratch on the rim, unless you were looking for it, you wouldn't see it. Like I said it looks brand new. Even though I bought in in 2007, I didn't use it for 2 years due to hand operations in 2011 and early 2013. Where are you located Matt?
  17. No photo. I can try to post one after I figure out how. If you want to see what it looks like, go to the raven tackle site.
  18. No it is not ported. This reel was purchased brand new at Whitakers in Dec 2007. It is still in brand new condition. It wasn't heavily used.
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