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    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    Boat comes with a 2009 dual axle trailer with a spare tire also.
  2. reel drag

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    2008 Trophy Pro 21'-7" W/A Hard Top Great Condition 1 owner, Pro Marine in Hamlin has done all service and maintenance. This boat is ready to fish. Comes with Raymarine color fish finder, Cannon down speed and temp. Factory FF built into the dash. Big Jon planer reels mounted to hardtop, 5 position rocket launcher on hardtop, 4 net/rod holders mounted on port and starboard rails, Big Jon dual rod holders port and starboard, Otter Boats with twin keels, 2 Cannon Mag 5 HS off the back, Cannon Mag 10's with 5' adjustable booms port and starboard. All Coast Guard equipment, life jackets, anchor with 100ft of rope. All tackle is included 2 special mate boxes full of spoons, plus several Plano boxes with spoons, special mate box full of stick baits plus plano boxes of reef runners, j-plugs,etc. Spin Doctors, flashers, flies, bait heads, spin & glows, cowbells. 6- Diawa 47LC Sealines with Diawa rods, 6- 27LC Accudepth set ups with Diawa rods, 500 copper on Tekota 800 LC 450 copper on Tekota 800, 400 copper on Tekota 800, 300 copper on Okuma Reel all rods are Okuma GLT'S. 2 Tekota 600lc on 9'6" Talora Rods w/1000ft 7 strand wire. 10 colors of lead core on Okuma set up. This is a package deal, I will not separate. Serious inquiries only. I will post pics of the boat soon.25,000.00 firm.
  3. Making a trip tomorrow, wondering if the fishing is still good. Might fish for Browns in the early am and then maybe search for some kings. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nice Rig Tom, and a good day of fishing for sure. Joe B.
  5. Any Auto Pilot suggestions for a boat with rack and pinion steering?
  6. I was told last year by DOT that the repairs would indeed go to just west of the Kendall exit. They have come up with a new method to overlay the concrete instead of removing or milling the concrete which would be extremely expensive. I have been told that this method has been tested in other areas and has been successful. How long will this method hold up is the question. I was told this last summer by some DOT people that I worked with at the new Rochester Train Station. Don't know if anything has changed since then, but I think that's still the plan. We'll have to wait and see.
  7. I ran them a couple years ago on tough fishing days. Nothing, nada. Won't see the water again. Waste of money.
  8. Thermal Cell. Used one on the boat a few weeks ago. Had to be 1000 flies on the boat, inside and outside. Turned the cell on and within 10 minutes there wasn't a fly anywhere to be found. Bugg Spray keeps them from biting you, but they are still pesky and annoying.
  9. Thanks Jerry. That is one of the most interesting and informative articles that I have ever read about the great lakes. Thanks again!
  11. Spoke with some DOT reps on Wednesday that were visiting my site.I put the question to them about the parkway. There is a plan in the works to resurface/repair the stretch between rte 19 and Kendall. However, according to them, they can't get federal funding to do the work. Our elected official's have preached infrastructure work is going to happen, but without the federal money, The Parkway will continue to deteriorate as will everything else. Good luck to all of us! We will need it with this administration.
  12. I know with high pressure the fish are deeper, Are some of you guys fishing that deep?
  13. Shake down 5-23-17 Left Bald Eagle and headed east towards the nose, poked around 20-30 fow and saw nothing. Headed out to deeper water. Turned back towards port and when we hit 200 fow we started marking fish in the top 50 feet. We managed a couple cohos at 40 and 50 feet down and a decent king on a diver out 200 on a 2 setting, NBK Spin Doctor and fly. The interesting thing was that we saw ALOT of marks and bait on bottom 200 feet down. Beyond my capabilities to go that deep. The boat ran great. Overall a beautiful day out there. This is the latest shake down I've ever done in 15 years! Be out on Saturday.
  14. Dockage Anyone have a number for Frank at sleepy hollow?
  15. Marina info Can someone give me contact info for Bruce at the marina in Sandy Creek
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