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    Just wondering if anyone has been to Oswego chasing walleyes. Thought about tryin it this weekend. Thanks for any information.
  2. Price Reduced to $75.00. I will be in Olcott from May 15-22 and can bring them out with me if anyone is interested.
  3. Mrpike on saturday we fished 12-18 ft until around 11:30-12ish. Once the boats cleared out we moved in on the creeks and fished 6-10 fow. We had a bite that never shut off we quit at 2:30 after boating a triple all of which were bleeding bad and that filled our 9 fish limit (we kept what was bleeding bad all else were released).
  4. We have a pair of Daiwa heartlands that are around ten years old and the wire hasn't done any damage yet. They also have twilli tips on them.
  5. I think that reason for the small browns is that we are just seeing a young age class. As long as guys dont keep every little fish they boat, we should have some good brown fishing in the next couple of years. We fished between fair haven and oswego this weekend and managed to get into some nice fish. We never made the water until 9:00 on saturday and had a blast. We fished deeper than most until other boats decided to quit. If we avoided the boat traffic we caught fish. Our bigger fish came in deeper water, further away from the creeks. Good Luck.
  6. Got out saturday a little late, never set up until 9:00. Fish the point east to the green can. Went out to do a little c+r fishing but ended keeping 9 nice browns. We quit at 2:30 ending our day 27 for 32, all browns with about 11-12 of them in the 8-10 pound range. Fish hit everything from brass sutton 44s to the kitchen sink. We didnt put a lure in the water without catching a fish on it, what a great day. This morning on the other fishing was slower but still good. We ended the day aroudn 11:30 due to steering problems, at a total of 7 for 9. 5 small browns, a nice steely, and a huge smally. Saturday we took all our fish just outside of the mud line. Top lures were anything with brass or copper, blue, chartreuse, orange, and black.
  7. Not sure what they were catching, we fished around west 9 mile and up as far as junk yard. Quite a few boats inside berts point though.
  8. Thanks guys, the fish came in 12-15 ft. of water trolling 2.2-2.5 on the gps. It was nice to get out for a shakedown, catch a few fish, the boat ran great, all in all no problems.
  9. try running mono dipsys off your riggers. that will give you extra depth. "Down-n-Outs" are a good way to get extra depth.
  10. Got out Sat. night from 4-7:30 for a quick shakedown. Finished 4-7 with three browns and a nice bow. Browns were in the 2-3 pound range and the bow was around 7 pounds. Metallic rainbow jr. thunderstick, glow green evil eye, copper nbk, and a rainbow spro produced fish. Lake blew up quick around 7:20 and we ran for cover.
  11. Looking to sell (2) Perko 15' fiberglass outrigger poles. Sale will include the (2) poles, (2) mounting bases, (2) roller release for running wire dipsys, and all ropes. Mount the bases and you are ready to fish. These will be for pick up only in either Fair Haven or Oswego. $100.00 for the package.
  12. I went to buy some new brown rods. I wanted 7'6 heartlands and everywhere i looked they were 26.95, walk into the scranton pa store grab 6 rods and walk to the counter. The rods rang up at 39.99 a pop. What a hassle to get them to price match .
  13. I have a pair of Super Ski doubles in the for sale section
  14. My bad gambler, thought you were referring the the rubber marks sometimes left when loading. Luckily for us, these impressions have not been noticed on the hull. After a winter survey our hull is in great shape. We also leave the winch cable and safety chain attached while backing down the ramp as stated above.
  15. We have a roller trailer for our Penn Yan and love it. Its ecspecially nice if there is low water, we also have the bottom of our boat painted so you can't see the roller marks. If you dont have the bottom painted, upgrade to the yellow rollers. There more money but wont leave marks, they also allow the boat to come on and off the trailer much easier.
  16. Clearwaters are no longer in production. I found some last year in Sodus at Abes. Not sure if there are any more in there or not I picked 5-6 but didnt feel like digging through the wall anymore.
  17. We had a friend out of Oswego who blew the 20,000 fall prize a few years back because of this, he was told that whoever is holding the pole when the fish is netted must be on the weigh in form. So, if your gf is holding the pole when you net the fish make sure that she enters the fish.
  18. I beleive the Scriba lauch is private and you must be a resident of Scriba to use it.
  19. We upgraded to the Lowrance LCX-113HD last year and the unit is great. Large 10.4 inch screen can be read easily from anywhere in the boat. If you dont think you need the GPS unit, I believe Billy V still has a Furuno 585 in the classified section on the board. Thats supposed to be a great unit also.
  20. Name: Cody or Reese Scott Boat Name: Gray Fox Boat Make: Penn Yan 245 Contender Port: Oswego or Fair Haven, but will trailer just about anywhere. Years on Lake O: Reese, 27 yrs. Cody, 18yrs.
  21. If you go on the Penn Yan website you can email TJ Amato and see if he has them. I've called him for parts and he usually responds quickly.
  22. Silver Streak Chicken Wing, start small and use bigger sizes as the season progresses.
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