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  1. No problem Rod. Maybe we got some bad rods??? I dont know. But without the inner eyelets line twists becomes a problem.
  2. We replaced our for two reasons. The first was that the inner part of the guides were falling out left and right. One rod lost three in the first 2 weekends we used them. The second reason was that in the middle of a king battle the real seat broke. You could hold the rod and spin the reel around in a circle. Since we switched to the heartlands there have been no problems. For the money you cannot beat them.
  3. Daiwa Heartlands for us. Cant beat them for the price. We replaced our okuma blue diamonds with 8'0 and 8'6 heartlands. Also have the 9'6 and 10'6 for the dipsys.
  4. If I had to choose spoons or stickbaits I would try a combination of both. Mainly NK Mags and Rebel Fast-Tracs. I would also throw a glow green j plug in the mix as well.
  5. There was aguy in Oswego a few years back that used bow string wax on his planer line. He was using weed wacker cord for the planer line though. If we cant get a release out the line, i usually pull it in by hand a little and then let go. Allows the line to fall in the water pulling the releases out as it come out of the water.
  6. Isn't it amazing how the radio just go dead. My father and I blew our outdrive this June also. We were about four miles west of Oswego in 200 fow when the drive went. The was all kinds of chatter on the radio and when we called for assistance the radio went silent. Long story short we ended up floating off Oswego for 4.5 hours with the Coast Guard calling every 15 min. to check to see that we were alright. Finally we got the guy who own the campground were we stay on the phone and he was able to borrow a boat and come get us. Oh yea and the only guy that replied on the radio said that he was fishing and we were to far away to run too.
  7. Billy the Furuno units I saw were the 582 I beleive??? Maybe it was just the way the guys had them set but on the way out there were times it wouldnt even mark bottom. Oh well, saw the 585 and thats a sweet unit! It was that unit or the Lowrance, but we went with the Lowrance.
  8. Tom, there is a really nice Penn Yan Pro Hunter for sale in Wright's Landing. It is in the last slip on the blue dock. I beleive it comes fully loaded with all the equip. too.
  9. Thanks fishman. I think I'll have to look into it some more. As far as the unit goes we love it. The large screen is really nice. Its very easy to read from the back of the boat while setting rods. Also the large screen is nice while running split screens for the dual frequency. We got ours fairly cheap and it was def. worth the money. Looked into the Furuno but fishing with people who had them, they were kinda fuzzy while underpower. The lowrance allows us to read bottom all the time (trolling and underpower).
  10. Hey guys we upgraded to a Lowrance LcX-113hd over the winter and at one of the outdoor shows we were walking around we talked to a Lowrance rep. He recommended getting the broadband sounder. Just wondering if anyone on here added it to their unit and how well it worked? I mean is it really worth the price...$600.00??? Thats alot of money to spend if its not really worth it.
  11. We place a king last year in the spring derby. We ran into Wilson to have the fish weighed. Just like BillyV however we would have to wait almost an hour for an official weight, so we weighed the fish to make sure that it was worth waiting and that our scale was close. After the first weight the fish was in second place. After the hour wait the fish had already fallen a spot. While talking to Wes at the Slippery Sinker later that day he told us never to weigh a fish or even pick it up until ready for the scale. As many of you have seen after a fish is in the cooler for a while they get a slime layer and when you pick the fish up many times you can watch it drip off. He told us that the difference in the wieght was most likely because the first weight was with the slime layer adn the second was without. Not sure if thats true but it made sense that the fish lost a couple of ounces from losing all the slime.
  12. Tough. The only word to describe our weekend off Oswego. Put in 10 hours on Sat. finished 0-4. Fish another 5 hours this morning and finished 1-1. On Sat. we had some equipment failure causing us to lose to fish. One of the braid dipsys snapped mid-battle and we had one swivel pull open. The other two fish were lost due to slack line, but that will happen when you have a 7 y.o. on the rod tryin to land his first Lake O. fish. All in all he did great though. This morning we took one brown in 85fow off the 5 stacks, 190 on the dipsy. Thats it for us, boats gone to be winterized. Good Luck to all who continue to fish.
  13. I would def. keep the mono diver higher than the wire. Also we dont run swivels with j plugs that way if they break off close to the boat they will float. this allows you to retreive your jplug (sometimes not always)
  14. Started early Saturday morning off the college in 125fow. Never marked a fish until we reached 150 fow, which was loaded with bait and fish. After about 20 min. the 350 copper starts screaming. With a rookie up to bat, it was quite a struggle but we managed to land the fish. We then began to troll west. The further west we trolled the less we marked. There were two other boats from the dock trolling the same direction as we were to see if we coudl find fish again. About 8am we started to get back into the fish. When we finished at 12:30 we were 6 for 12, one of the other boats finished 9 for 10, and the other boat ended their day 5 for 8. Riggers 65-105 and dipsies 250-275 on 3 and 210-225 on 2 were hot for us. The other two boats took there fish higher running their riggers 45-75 and their dipsies 175-225 on 3. Best part of the day is that there was only the three of us in that peice of water. Not sure but I believe Billy V ran past us at one point heading east? Many of the other boats from Oswego seemed to start straight out and then headed east. It sure was nice not having to fish in a pack of boats for a change. Heres a pic of our box at 9:20 with 3 decent kings. And heres a pic of the last two kings that we boated.
  15. Started out Saturday morning right in front of the lighthouse with a ton of marks in 50fow. Setup and within five minutes bang, the port dipsy is up and running. After about 10 minutes the fish comes undone. Then everything that we were marking just seemed to disappear, so we fish there an hour before we pulled up and ran to Alcan. We fished for about another 5 hours and had five hook ups landing one fish, a king about 23 pounds. Sunday morning we arrive at the marina around 4:30 to hear people talking that it was to rough to fish. After a qiuck debate on whether or not to try fishing we pulled away from the dock. As we split the east gap the lake was not bad at all, maybe 2 footers so we powered to the bouys off the nuke plant. We sat down and got set up. We took two quick kings each around 20 lbs. We bagan thinking that the day was gonna be great. What a mistake. We ended up fishing from 5-3:30 going 2 for 5. It amazes me how these fish come unhooked. We had a rigger pop, with the rod jumping violently, the fish ran out 750 feet of line, and as fast as the fish was running the reel stopped screamin and the fish was gone??? We did not fish on Monday but rigs that were most productive were a white/green dot spinny w/ b fly, a blue nbk spinny w/ g-hammer fly, and a mag NK lazer spook. Saturday was our campgroudn derby so here are the pictures of the winners in the youth divison and the overall winners... The Sutter Boys won the youth division Team Fish-n-Ambition won the overall derby Sorry for the long post but thought I would share the pic of a monster my brother and two of his buddies got north of Sandy on sunday morning. Official weight was 36.11 lbs. Its too bad they did not spend the money to get in the derby!!!
  16. We have fished as late as November 15. We used to smoke the fish, we would run out to 300-500 fow in front of oswego and have constant action on steelies and the smaller kings. Havent gone out that late in a few years so if you do good luck.
  17. We had a guy (not mentioning names) spin a 180 and come directly back at us. We had to quick pop a dipsy and move it to the other side of the boat and then turn our rigger in to the back becuase his board was passing about 3 feet off the side of our boat. Dont mean to steal this thread but is it really nessacary to run your boards in that much traffic or to make a turn like that? there was no where to go and he seemed not to care as he kept his back to us as he passed. Oh yah this was between oswego and mexico.
  18. Silver bullet bloody nose, green glow or blue glow at times
  19. When the fish enter the Oswego harbor we have run flashers and dodgers as close as 2-3' from the ball with success. Usually do this when running meat this way we can keep all 3 riggers right on teh bottom with out worrying about tangling. Running that close though watch how fast your riggers go down as you may tangle back on your cable or main line.
  20. You may want to check out the Nautical School. They offer many different locations at different times.
  21. I have a plain mount that i think that you are looking for. Ill attach a picture. Anything in the photo you need just send me an email and we'll work out a price. The base plates are already gone but everything else is still here.
  22. I wish we could but we wont make it back up until the 22nd. keep them net busters outta the river until then at least.
  23. Grab a peice of line, pound test is up to you. I usually hold the end in one hand and then pull the spool across my chest so my arms are fully extended to the sides. Cut the line off and attach a swivel to each end. After setting your rigger, attach a lure to one swivel and then clip the other around your main fishing line. Then throw the lure over the side of the boat and it will slide down to the belly in the line.
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