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  1. I have a pair of used but in perfectly fine working order BigJon Otter boats. Would like $150 for the pair and could be picked up in Henderson NY or I could ship for what the actual shipping price would be. Thanks!
  2. what bird scares the daylights out of you when they take off...i am pretty sure its one of these two?! Its not a pheasant for sure.
  3. marked tons of fish saturday when i went out, lost one one king on the dipsey and one hit and miss but packed it up by 11. I did see some people with fish on so that was encouraging and the fish are throughout the whole trench from the lighthouse to association island. they definitely have had lock jaw this season for me at least. i did hear some boats catching quite a few white fish which i thought was odd but maybe its normal.
  4. Fish Wish....great mounts and even better Labs! I know a lot of people like Charlie Rawson but I caught a bohemith Laker one year and i got back what looks to be a 4x4 painted like a fish. Just my opinion though
  5. It is silly season on the lake...i love it when I get yelled at by these so called pros. Most of the time its "them" who try to run you off course because they think they own the water that we all put our hard earned money into by buying fishing licenses and putting money into the local economy for their towns to survive. Hopefully the people who were on the charter realize now that they hired the wrong man for the job and will look elsewhere next year when booking, maybe he only screwed himself. Almost everytime I will yield to the other boat even if I have the right of way and there is nothing better than hooking up right next to that boat as he passes. Sometimes I even give him the thumbs up as the drag is screaming to let him know i am thankful for him putting me on the fish. Like others said above just brush it off and know that you are the better man.
  6. this time of year I love big white flashers and flies first thing in the morning and switch to silvers or monkey puke before dark and white works well too. Go get some cut bait as well if you can find it because its on this time of year. I don't know why these three colors work for me the best during late august but they just do. Good luck!
  7. Hey Gregg, I use to camp there also for about 7 years before my folks moved upstate permanently in Henderson. The area is great for someone who likes everything that Lake O has to offer. A massive bay for waterskiing or relaxing without having to hit the main lake, plenty of smaller fish in the bay as well, then you can hit the big water for the larger salmon and trout fishery. I know we dont' get the salmon bite til later in the year which is the only downfall but the relaxation beauty of this area is hard to beat! Welcome to the site!
  8. yeah, my buddy really knows how to make his fish look bigger than what they really are...lol
  9. Fished friday off the mountain in Henderson trying to find some kings for the LSRC but wasn't able to do so. We did fill the cooler up with a lot of browns and lakers but was really depressed on the kings not being there like I hoped. Went back to the marina and found out that the Lanes were the place to be on Friday with many kings being taken out there. So Saturday morning we left the dock at 4am hoping to get a crack at the morning bite after an hour long boat ride so we could win the big tourney prize. Well again we did well with some browns and lakers but the King bite was not nearly as hot as friday, the wind shifted out of the south and it made that troll miserable! We did manage to catch one 25lb king on a George Bush spoon and about six skippy salmon. We actually had a 12 inch brown attached to our hook that we must have been dragging around for a while because he didn't have enough spunk to release the line. Our time in Henderson is approacing fast and I am getting really excited! Here is a pic of the big guy we caught.
  10. a few fish were caught in the lanes a week ago so they gotta be getting close. My guess right now would be to head to the mountain and if that doesn't produce you can go to the lanes. If you they are around let me know because I will be up next weekend.
  11. i have a slip at harbors end and have seen this boat on the trailer. It looks pretty sweet from the outside if that has any value. Definitely something to go look at if you are looking for a nice looking ride.
  12. i agree with chinook...make sure you are getting proper ventilation.
  13. i am definitely going to switch the balls around and no i do not use a kicker. Nothing worse than trolling for 30 minutes only to find out that one of your lines is caught up on the other wire! thanks for the suggestions and tips!
  14. It seems quite often that my port side fishing lure will get wraped around my center rigger cable. I run three cannon riggers with booms fully entended on the port and starboard sides and the boat has a ten foot beam so i should have plenty of spacing. I run 12 lb slim darters type weights (bought at Fat Nancy's) on the outsides and a 12lb ball on the center. So far the only thing i can think of is that the ball is either swinging or tracking in that direction or that since I am near Henderson Harbor and fish near the trench a lot that the current from the black river is making them cross. It just seems weird that its only that one side and not the starboard side as well. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
  15. few and far between on the american side in the Shipping Lanes. Drag the bottom with cowbells for the trout and you will be reeling them in all day!
  16. boy that fog was thick around 11 when we headed out of henderson...we were only going 12mph and came close to a few boats a couple of times. can't imagine what it was like at WOT!
  17. surely not the biggest in the lake but I know where you are coming from...i have caught many fish with a great story behind it and wondered if I should do the same thing. Last year I shot a buck which wasn't my biggest in my life but the amount of work and effort and years I put into getting a deer in this area I decided to have it mounted for just the memory and effort I had to go through to get him. Just my opinion!
  18. all depends on the wind direction...5-15mph wind is normally a good day but 10-20 starts to get dicey. If the wind is coming from land and you are not too far off shore then you get a little break. I usually go to www.wunderground.com, type in your fishing location and go to marine maps. If you have a smart phone you can wake up in the morning and at least looking at the current wave conditions. You can always just troll with the waves and fish in 3-4 foots if you are dedicated!
  19. I always bet on black or this crusty old yellow one I have. they seem to work the best for me
  20. dont be scared of the flasher fly set up on the dipsey...in the fall for me they get most of my fish. Nothing greater than hearing that drag screaming and rod bouncing in the holder!
  21. Ahhh...the NBB. I would give you my secret spot but I might be going there soon. Here's a hint...just got north of the bridge a bit...i get them there everytime while everybody comes up empty!
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