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  1. Mexico or Pine Grove Arounf three feet of water at Pine Grove
  2. Will be going out of Pine Grove all weekend. Will be on 68.
  3. This is the one I put on my boat. Since then I picked up a different boat that I want to put the tower on. I called them I just had to buy a new center section and now it will fit my other boat. They make a nice product. http://www.atlantictowers.com/
  4. Nice fish! Mark, your hairs a mess also. Looks like you just got back from fishing. LOL Nice job.
  5. Same for us! Slow Picked one on 400' of wire on Saturday and on on Sunday 350' wire around 110 FOW. Will be back at it Saturday AM till Monday. Anyone who wants to trade cell numbers to help each other out, send me a pm. Rick
  6. Yea it did! 6 am till 4 pm 1fish Sunday 6 am till 10 am 1 fish. The temp dropped 4 degrees 100 feet down overnight in the same spots. Will be back up Friday thru Monday and it looks like it might change.
  7. Clarke, I think the heat is the problem. I won't feel safe even if it gets glued again. I am going to put bolts thru mine. just don't want to see someone lose a rod or worse, like a winning derby fish. LOL
  8. I just picked up one of my Traxstech model 230 rod holder and the tube just fell off of the base. I spoke with Traxstech and they told me that they had a bad batch and send it back for repair. They said to make sure the drain holes are clear. The bad batch of adhesive will be fine if the water drains out. I was told because when they put it together the drain holes were filled with the adhesive and the water can’t get out. The water boils and loosens the adhesive. The problem I have with this is the rod holders were in a compartment in the boat on their side. The drain holes on the other three holders are clear, but I don’t know if the one that was broken was clear. I had removed the adhesive before I called them. These holders are just a little over a year old. They all feel tight, but I don’t know if I want use them without putting a bolt thru the tube. Sure glad I didn’t have a rod in the holder trolling wire.
  9. I was wondering when you buy one of the years new color flasher, fly or spoon; do you fish it hard, just give it a try and go back to old faithful or try it every once in while. I seem to buy them and when nothing else is working I will try one of the new ones.
  10. How is the tire wearing? The whole thing, both outer edges or the center or one side. (inside or out side)
  11. If you stop in just about any tackle shop in the area and ask what they are hearing, they will tell you what depth of water their friends did yesterday. That’s a good place to start. Also look for the fleet while out on the water in the AM. It will spread out during the day, but it’s a good place to start. Pay attention to your depth finder to see where you are marking fish. Go from there and change your lures, color, speed, direction and so forth. I prefer to stay away from the fleet, but it will give you a good starting place. Just don’t get on top of people. Just my $0.02
  12. http://njsaltwaterfisherman.com Good guys here. Sign up and ask away.
  13. Ray, If you want a good steak, take the wife to the Dan'l Webster Inn, It’s in Sandwich. Walk around the corner I think it’s about two blocks, go over the bridge and on to the beach. Did catch some stripers there years ago. Go to the Cape Cod Canal on the cape side. You can walk or bike ride it and stop to fish. It has some good fishing, but the tide moves fast thru it. Quick tip: If you go to the Kennedy compound, Don’t Drive In!!! Been There Done That! Have fun
  14. Both shops have decent prices for a tackle shop. I think FN has a larger selection, but All Season is more helpful.
  15. Thanks for the report. Too bad about the steering and the gear lost. glad to hear the fish are around. I will be bringing my RV up to Brennan Beach this weekend for a few weeks of fishing.
  16. I think the lighthouse the marina on the Salmon river has slips and cabins.
  17. Great site and job Chad! I learned a lot and met some nice guys, hope to meet more. Keep up the good work.
  18. I sell this product and people like it. I don't no if it would work on wood. It's nice because it even comes with the gun to put it on. Nice people, you can give them a call to ask. http://www.por15.com/POW-R-LINER-KIT/productinfo/PLBK/
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