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  1. We use at least 30lb leaders on the dipsy's and go to 40lb in late august.
  2. Check ur email. They should have sent one confirming your purchase. The invoice # is what u need if you weigh a fish in. If u cant find it u can call them.
  3. Go to the torpedo divers website and there is a video on there that shows u how to repair a break in ur wire.
  4. Check with Fishawk I know he has some he wanted to sell
  5. If you want to stay in Oswego there is a campground called Sunset RV it is across the street from Rudys just south of the college. 5 min to Wrights landing.
  6. The torpedo wire web site had a video on how to tie wire to make a repair.
  7. It is normal for those to drop a few feet after you turn the switch off. If your breaker is tripping when you pull it your power wires could be too light you should use a min of 12 gauge wire and if it is a long run to the battery you may want to use 10 gauge. Also the brushes on your motor could be worn.
  8. If anyone is interested Yankee has posted the 1st day results on the twitter page
  9. If anyone wants to see the results go to the instant fishing reports.
  10. If you go to Amish Outfitters website they have 500 lb spectra. We use it and it has never broken. A friend of mine has had it on his boat for 11 or 12 years and it is still good.
  11. I need to contact Hank at L&M anyone have his phone number? Thanks
  12. Jason I apologize for my rant and hope that they catch the people that stole your items. Chris
  13. Bandrus1 The Troopers have no choice in their assignment. They do not have the free will to do what they would like to do the administration assigns them to patrol the highways and they are not out there just writing tickets. The majority do not enjoy that part of the job. They would rather be doing other police duties and if they are patroling RT 81 many of those traffic violations turn into much more than that. They are well trained and i am sure that they make many drug arrest, OUI arrests, warrant and fugitive arrests. They also assist motorists in need, cover accidents and other incidents as they occur. They do thier best to be there when they are needed. I hope that you never need one but if you do maybe you will apreciate them a little more, because they will do thier best to help you in any way they can.
  14. I have 3 blue diamonds with loose reel seats.
  15. Go to the Torpedo divers website they have a video on there showing you how to repair wire.
  16. Rod I left a message on your phone Sat. I know someone that will observe for you. Chris
  17. Go to the Torpedo divers website they have a video on there that shows you how to repair your wire.
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