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  1. 2 used boat seats. good conditions. pick up only b/w watertown and port ontario. $100 obo. My security settings wont let me post a pic. so if you want one i can email them.
  2. I use both blacks and scottys on my boat.. I usually brake out the blacks when i start fishing for kings.. but if i wasnt such a cheap skate and didnt already own a bunch of releases already i would buy chamberlands, they have the tension consistency of a blacks but the two stage release allows you to load up a rod real heavy yet they still trip with a shaker.
  3. blah blah.. you are going to quinty anyways..
  4. Both 3 Mile and Black River Bay have been HOT.. Lots of Limit catches. Eyes are coming in the "inside fishery" in 10-20 fow in Three mile, Guffins and Black River Bays running Stick Baits and worm harness's with 1/4oz of weight. The big females are comming in the "outside fishery" off Bull Rock, Point Peninsula and Dabalon Point in 30-50 fow from the surface down 30' on stick baits ranging from rapala's to reef runners.
  5. I have to work.. .so I will be brown fishing ..... BUT if I was going I would be fishing Guffins and 3 Mile Bay.. trolling sticks for some double actions on the Pike and Eyes
  6. mix equal parts: lime juice horseradish nancys sharp mustard brown sugar. smear on top of the fillets.. and bake at 400 or throw on foil and grill I also pickle browns, smoke them, make gravlax (raw) fish cakes (like crap cakes)
  7. thanks guys.. and no party hats tom.. I am wearing mouse ears... parents taking me to chucky cheese..woo hoo!
  8. really no advantage of 6' to 100' of mono between the braid.. I just set up a 400' and I put in 150' on this one in case I ever want to get deeper than the 80-90 range I can with a snap weight on the mono in front of the copper... other than that no real advantage.
  9. i have the trolling heavy metal one send me a pm if your interested
  10. I agree off the boards... I am going to assume its backed with braided line so what I do is tie in about a 10' section of 40lb mono (6 wrap albright on the mono to copper and a 16 wrap albright on the braid to mono) now attache a scotty power grip clip to the mono and run it about 3 ft from the board. if your shallow make sure you keep the board to your out side on the turns.. if you are deeper than 100' you can turn to the inside with 300' depending on speen and how fast you turn... good luck
  11. I will jump this thread... I am looking for 5... but get mike his first
  12. if watertown isnt too far for you, I have some spots.
  13. Nice Vic!! And I thought all you could do was knit.
  14. ill try and dig up a pick but i have my mast on the bow, but took the reels off and put them on the gunnels where they are accesable.. the line runs through a SS eye bolt on the way up to the bow
  15. I would guess you could fit a 300yd spool.... BUT there is something I have been wanting to try.. ok here it goes: take the line diameter and capacity specs from the reel.. divide the diameters by 2 this gives you radius.. Use (pi x r^2 x L) to find the volume of the reel.. use this same method to calculate the volume of the leader and the core. and subtract these from the original volume.. now you will have to take the final volume and use L=(V/(pixr^2)) to calculate the backing length..now you need to make sure you keep all the same units.. for diameter and length of all the lines and when you calculate the volume of the reel. If you decide to give this a try let me know how this goes...
  16. This is the TRUE story.. thats me... I saw the pike lying next to a weed brake and noodled him catfish style... but dont worry I released him to live another day..... Glad the truth about this pic is finally out!
  17. I hope you get everything you wish for (aka: a 5'4" half walleye half woman mermaid in your bed when you get home)
  18. get your canadian license.. launch in cape vincent... and work the area from the cape to around wolf island notabilly sandbay.. dont worry about trying to go shallower with depth or presentation because of the cooler water.
  19. Start by trolling stick baits in black river bay, guffins, and chaumont in may, June move out to the head of point Peninsula the Isthmus and the head of grenader. After that they will disapear for about a month then show up off the galloos and chartiy shoal in august where they will stay until late september... after that you need to head to quinte...
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