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  1. This is a big jon planner mast with the reels mounted on the gunnell. I have since added SS eye bolts on my rail for the line to run though, this set up works great for me, I dont see why you cant make this work with your reels on your hard top, just remember to keep long tether lines to your planner lines
  2. Glad, you did well stan.. I will send you my address so you can overnight me some of them trout...
  3. Kokanee are from the Oncorhynchus genus so like the 7 other species in this genus, they die after reaching their spawning age... I imagine that by 2003 all were gone.
  4. run your weights at the half way point, run your lengths fro 125 - 200 you should get about 8' per ounce + any diving your bait does. if you run flasher and flies you wont get hardly anything due to the intertia of the flasher fly compared to the inertia of the drop weight. This is for about 2-2.5 speed
  5. Scotty mini power grips all the way... The fleas show up in the middle of summer, by then you wont be running flat lines anymore, If your running core of copper, than the flea flicker doesnt matter and I would keep my leaders to around 25' and just deal with them
  6. I tried that and the filets had a very strange smell when I thawed them. Brian, I believe that smell is called Lake Trout
  7. Billy I am going through the same thing right now, after speaking to lots of fisherman, looking at reviews and talking to my meat cutter who is an avid outdoors man and a butcher of 30years by trade. I was told told: 1) go with a "food saver" 2) make sure it has two pumps 3) make sure it has a cutter on the unit to cut bags off the roll 4) and spend more if you can afford it (my meat cutter spent $400 has been using it for 4 years now with out a problem, and has done probably 200 deer with it) 5) and buy your bags in the bulk roll from Sams
  8. Daiwa Heartland 8'6" Kok rods? I used 6 of them this last year... they were great... and much fun. They took a 12lb eye, 13lb king and a 12lb steely this spring along with a gizillion browns.. the browns were great but i have to admit the steely and eye took some time to get in.. I dont think you could get a 15+lb king in with them without putting the boat in neutral... just the drag of the fish would be too much for them.. I ended up selling them at the end of brown season because they were just too soft for derbys... If you plan on having fun, dont mind losing a few fish... Then they are for you.. I paired them with 17lc accudepths and 8lb mason T-line.
  9. Hank does excellent work, Is reasonably priced, Hell.... I would trust him with a newborn baby.
  10. dick do you have some un rigged flys? They are super easy to tie.. I can show you in minutes next time we get out fishing....
  11. I have run flasher fly's with success.. Usually white and glow paddles and flies.. Glow j-plugs, glow spoons... I usually run my big boards when I troll at night.... But I also have run some pretty big spreader lights
  12. Aye, damnit Landshark we be Not goin' walleye fishin'.. If you want t' reel in a boot I will tie one t' your line while we be out runnin' J's for some salmon, gar!
  13. I ended up finding a way to rig my single that works for me. thanks though
  14. works great... another thing i am going to do for me and Landshark next season it tie them with 80lb ande... I cant stomach anymore 50lb floro at $22 for 25 meters..... The 80 should hold up fine is $12 for a 1/4lb spool. also the stiffness of the 80lb shouldnt be a problem (might have to add an inch or so for leads but will start at the standards for spin Dr.s and chips). Figure the savings on the leader, buying your flies in captains packs, and tying your own leaders and I should be able knock at least a couple bucks off my price per fly.
  15. Same here... Went to 4/0 Octopus hooks ( 2 - tied in tadem) and no more problems... not only is bent hooks not a problem but also you dont need to worry about brake offs from the treble (I dont have the time to put epoxy in all the bends). Also I believe the 4/0 octpus as a stinger gets a better hook up due to the fact the your force is centralized on one hook point instead of 2 or 3.
  16. gonna side with Tim on this one... I have have lost rigger balls before right at the crimp.. not only are you squishing the braid but your also creating a flat piece of metal that touches the line at 2 points (top and bottom of the crimp) for every crimp. Over hand loop it, pass the loop throught the eye of the snap, and drop it though the loop
  17. Thanks for the support Stan.. But now comes the real fun of raising brown trout and Atlantic Salmon in the classroom..
  18. there goes no shoes and my salmon club, hello sport coat and expo markers
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