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  1. That is a REALLY good price for that set-up Rod!! If I didn't already have 2 -8wts I would be all over it!
  2. I would go with two 4/0 single octopus gammys... make sure they are 4x strong... In my opinion you get better hookups on a two singles than a single and a treble... The force of your hook set is divided among 1 or 2 points in stead of up to 4.
  3. you dont want these honda's... there garbage.... get your self a good old sears and robuck 2 stoke
  4. I have a Ruger mini 14 and love it.. great gun, and virtually no maitnence...They are not a long range .223 though... I added an accurized Rock River AR-15 to the arsenal recently for that pm me if you have any questions about the gun... i know of alot of options for it, if you do want to accurize it.
  5. 15ft old town flat back with a 2hp honda 4 stroke
  6. man, that brown elf is pretty good looking
  7. Nothing, this is an honest to goodness tournament. I know, I was called at midnight and was informed of the standings last year. I could not believe my ears and the voice on the other end telling me who won. Muskbob was rolling on the floor in disbelief himself. Slidebite had his famous lucky hat on and fished all day with out a crinkle in it. Landshark drank his share is spirits. School is out was handling all the electronic matters that came up. L & M brought two grease guns to keep everything all lubed. Team L.O.S.E.R. was at it's finest hour and took home the money. The way I see it, if I dont remember it... it didnt happen
  8. Also consider the fact that lead core doesnt have the inertia that copper does... you lose ALOT of depth when you run large drag baits such as a flasher fly combo of of lead core... for example lets say your are running 400ft of copper with a spoon and 400 ft of copper with a flasher fly.. the difference and depth isnt going to be nearly as much as say 20 colors with a spoon and 20 colors with a paddle and fly. Another vote for the copper.
  9. I own all 3... (243 wssm, 243 winchester, 270 and 2-308's) and the 243 wssm is my favorite round of the 3... It drops them dead in their tracks and is great for long range... (put one through the heart at 313yds this season) the 270 and 308 are great rounds also.. only problem with the wssm is ammo.. winchester is the only one that makes it... but its good ammo, just hope they never stop making it.. On a side note..... of those 5 guns i mentioned 1 is a 06' model 70, one is a pre64 model 70, one is a ruger, one is a sako and one is a kimber..... If you can afford it buy a kimber.. best rifle out of the box i have owned.
  10. yes I use it for my 450 marlin.. I started with the 350 grain interlock but have since switched to the 325 grain Leverlution and am very happy with it
  11. I have 5 sealines in good condition... the were spooled up at the begining of the year with 17lb XT..... looking to get $275 obo for all 5... http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... 0123456789
  12. If you can make it up to lake ontario.. east end...near henderson.. I can put you on a bunch.....send me a pm if interested
  13. Giant Gobies.. some average 10-15 lbs.. They like jiggs tipped with a perch minnow.. dont let their funny appearence and slimmy feel intimidate you... Gobies are a delecasy.....
  14. it looks like a brown to me.. I think its just the angle makes it look extra silver.. Nice report by the way tom!! I am also stretching putting away the tub as long as i can
  15. Yea, Mark (Reeljerks) made it for me.... I figured I better start compiling some pics with it in them for when I Need them... dont worry bob, your will be holding it soon enough
  16. Decided that today was a beautiful day to troll for pike... launched the boat around 8:30 and by 9 I was leaving the boat launch... Started flat lining a couple of rods as I got the boards out and BANG.. Doubled up on a couple of fish.. turns out to be a couple of decent pickeral... Worked around the skinny water for about 2 hours and banged away at the pikeral and bass.. Then decied I need to head deeper for some Pike... Moved out to about 25 fow and switched baits and doubled up on a couple of 6-8 lb pike... Contiued to fish that program for a couple more hours then picked up at 1... Finished the day 20-23 on pickeral and pike plus another 5 or 6 nice bass. Ran a variety of crank baits and some spoons off the riggers... No slobs as I hoped but pleanty of action... Took home 10 esox for pickling... Going to try and get out a couple more times before snow flies... probably slid north a bay or two in hopes of locating some bigger fish.
  17. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... tid=153125 I have 5 size 27 sealines if you are interested... send me a pm
  18. If you are fishing inside the HH and CB you probably wont catch many salmanoids trolling.. you will catch pleanty of pike, pickeral and bass.... but if it were me and i was fishing the golden crecent area this time of year (and I am). I would be filling buckets with yellow gold (perch).
  19. I have the exact same unit and its been nothing but good to me. no clue on the transducer failure though
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