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  1. uh oh Mike, Ol Bass master Dick is trying to scoop that unit out from under you
  2. Ok so I have heard all the wierd substances that people put on their lures... Now once I was told that a certain brand of sun screen is used as an attractant... Now im not going to start putting sun screen on my lures any time soon.. But is some yahoo is goofy enough to put it on their tackle I will feel better about wearing it when I am fishing.. my current ritual involves me washing my hands with lava soap and using smelly jelly as hand cream after i apply my sun screen.. I would like to avoid this process if i can.
  3. I will also protest to the quality and great customer service of hummingbird and cannon.. This past season when i was installing my new sonar/gps I decided i didnt need directions and installed the thing.. all went well other than the piece that holds the cables in the unit was not installed (I gave it one of the, what the hell is this thing for? and threw it in the trash).. well I called HB and they had one to me in 2 days free of charge
  4. I had to read that one with a box of tissues
  5. i think it would be fine as long as both end of the wire in the twili tip could not touch the braid (you might have to some fine tuning with a pair of neddle nose pliers)
  6. All season sport (accross the street from Fat Nancys) is my prefered tackle shop in the pulaski area.. very helpful and cheaper than FN
  7. The moore comes with everything you need. including coated cable and stuff to make your break away.. if you are speaking of one of the RAM accesory mounts I am sure it would hold the unit fine.. its sort of bulky (size of a grape fruit) but very light.
  8. Braid: deffinetly pics up more fleas.. If you are going to use it I recomend 50lb power pro.. After you load it up the first time, Just like wire let it all out with a coupe ounces of weight on the end. Also braid does not go as deep as wire. With all that said If there are no fleas, and the fish are in the top 70 feet, braid is more forgiving and will allow you to run a more stealthy presentation.
  9. FF why did you have to go and ask?? Here comes bob with "adirondack" this and "adirondack" that....
  10. Dick... like Shade said you really dont need to back your wire... 1000' is usually enough... I like to do it because wire can slip on the reel sometimes and the mono prevents that.. and also I like to run a full spoll with wire because line out is so important and you need a full spool for an accurate line count (ex. 2" diameter spool - 2" x 3.14 = 6.28" per wrap; 3" diameter spool - 3" x 3.14 = 9.42" per wrap)
  11. So after mikes little incident with the otter boards and his prop last weekend... I said to myself: "self I says, your good buddy Landshark chopped up his otter board in his prop, why not let him use yours?" Well that "why not" was quickly answered when he returned them..... The last thing he said to me as he dropped them off was "they were like this when I got them"
  12. richard if you are trying to decide between copper and wire, go with wire. copper SUCKS.... but catches fish wire is usually my hotest set up
  13. Yes, Dick, Wire is to be run with a dipsy, you can figure about a 3:1 ratio on line out to depth down i.e. 300 feet of wire out = 100 feet down..... This is assuming your are runninig between a 1.5-2.5 setting and will max out at about 400 feet of wire out.. this is also assuming you are running a size 1 dipsy... Copper the line it self sinks. you can figure it goes about 18-22 feet down depending on the speed you run your boat and what you have on the end (spoon vs. flasher/fly) For wire I back with 30lb mono and use either an albright knot or a nail knot (if you use a nail knot, tie a knot in the end of the wire to reduce slipage). at the end of the wire tie an over-hand loop knot and loop on your swivel snap (I use the swivel snap that come on the end of my spin Dr.'s) the attach your dipsy, about 8 feet of 40lb mono then another swivel snap (again i use the ones that come on my spin dr.s that way i just attach the snap to the flasher) For copper I like to back it wth 50lb power pro simply because the copper takes up so much room and I want to have an addequite amount of backing.. I then tie an albright knot to about 6 feet of 50lb mono (make sure that you make 20 wraps with the power pro on the mono because its so slippery) I use the 6 feet of mono for 2 reasons: 1) it gives you something to attach a release to if you want to run it off the board. 2) I dont like to albright the power pro to the copper because the copper is so soft and I dont think you get a good return on the strength of the knot. I then tie the mono to the copper with an albright knot (6 wraps is fine). At the leader end of the copper I go with about 20feet of 30lb mono.. using the same 6 wrap albright.
  14. I am going to have to side with matt on this one. I work as the 1st Mate about Captain George's boat "Good Times" and we have been running the same wire for over a year (100's and 100's of hours, and many, many fish) and still have the original knot on the swivel snap (no trim due to pig tail). I love the stuff.. its smooth, easier to work with, and doesnt kink.. also when a fish inevitably run into the %$^ing dipsy wire your line doesnt get tore to hell (I do replace it) but it lessens the chance of a break off... I think its a good product, if you dont, dont use it, if you have an opinion voice yours.
  15. I have used the scale ray is talking about... and it is one of the best I have used... I have a rapala "lock and weigh" and am about to throw it over board.
  16. yea.. as long as you are using a size 30 okuma, 47 daiwa, 600 tekota, etc... you should be fine with just straight filling it.... less knots, plenty of line, easier to fill, cheaper....
  17. todd... team beatle?? If it were me I would name my team after that new sportcraft, not that cute chartreusse VW Bug I saw you roll up in....
  18. Todd nice pick of the king by the way.. but why does your boat say "pegasus"?
  19. Happy Birthday Todd... And Congrats on the new SportCraft!
  20. black widdow and yellow NBK both michigan stinger and both regular size
  21. Here is the link for the press release for the Great Lakes Basin Advisory Council's Public input dates. http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/56095.html
  22. So which archebacteria came first? Did a microscopic rock evolve into an archebacteria? How come we have to pay to drive on the "Freeway?" Tom B. (LongLine) Tom, All the information regarding the different theories concerning the creation of amino acid or RNA from non-biological matter is available. I can tell from your posts that your a smart man and should be able to find it out there... These are just theories though and everyone is entitled to their own....
  23. Perch are everywhere.. just fish minnows off bottom.. Eyes are out side the bays.. making there way to the deep water shoals and islands..
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