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  1. As long as I'm living in this dream, my 1st choices would be a 4.3L Mercury I/O, stand up canvas, never been painted w/ antifouling paint and lived in doors atleast in the winters. Bob
  2. Hey Swordfish, I don't think Scott could keep you in line all by himself!
  3. I want to move to a wider cockpit than my 18' fisherman, the 21' seems to fit the bill. Anyone that knows of one available let me know. Thanks, Bob
  4. I can't believe a guy as old as you could retain all this info from just hearing it once, especially with that directional disorder you exhibit,"where did you park, I'm out front", honest officer I didn't know there was a stop sign there". Will have to agree with you though, the biologists need more information (staff & money), they probably could learn more about the cold water fishery from the study of the warm waters which they are doing little (none) of.
  5. First time for LOTSA - great show, rest of the show - waste of time. The bigger venue sounded great but the sportsman show looked more like some kind of temporary shopping mall (everything from Bathfitters to crappy food). The LOTSA room was upbeat, fun and everybody was talking to everybody else - Thanks
  6. Thanks Miss em, funny how we never forget bad / unexpected things. I'm still looking at 8' long rods that I could attempt to spiral guide, I've replaced a couple guides in the past with success but am a little concerned with John's comments on the rods with a more permanent finish. I'd hate to learn that the hard way. Bob
  7. Thanks John, most of our opinions are formed by what we have personally expierenced and that was why I started this post, hoping to learn from others expierence. Now I want to try a spiral rod, you seem to have plausible points for the design. I have decided that I am thinking correctly in shortening my rods, I remember my adult daughter trying to keep the rod up on a smaller king, she would have been much more in control with a shorter pole. Thanks again. Bob
  8. OK, what are you guys using for roller rods and how long are they? Bob
  9. I know there are 2 schools of thought on dipsy rod length and we have been using a pair of 10 footers for years but my boat is 18 feet and I am sick of trying to manuver them so I want to get a pair around 8 feet long. I've read where people are using custom rods which I'm sure are excellent but I'm betting pricier than my budget so I'm asking what kinds of shorter more reasonably priced rods you're using? I wish to stick with twilly tips over rollers. Thanks, Bob
  10. Ok here is my 2 cents: Dick Black has a good point on tires except "good quality" trailer tires for most smaller axles don't exist - probably because we all buy on price, I bought Carlisle's this year and even they come from China now. I agree you need to check for alignment movement of the springs but Pete's wear sounds like a bent axle. Glad you found an axle that fit, many are stubs that are custom install and not cheap to replace. Bob
  11. Adm Byrd

    Seneca perch

    Hey Sk8man, when we going to relearn those secrets again? They sure eat better than trout!
  12. Thanks for inviting me Les. Greast photo, I was so preoccupied with not hurting the fish that I didn't know you where taking a picture ....or I would have smiled! Slow day on the pond but relaxing none the Les. Bob Hope Kevin & company made out better than us.
  13. 1st time that I personally have fished salmon with enough bites together that I could honestly feel good about changing colors and lures to increase my chances. Thank goodness we have had all these years of ball busting expierence to keep us awake the other 10 hours --- it don't get no better than this. Kevin, tell Dave I think we all tweak a net once.
  14. Sk8man and myself went out today, all day, really tough - 1 Steelhead, we worked 120 out to 250 FOW, saw very few fish and not much bait, only got a couple of hits and we tried lots of tricks. I agree on this being a strange year. Only thing you can do is keep believing and keep trying. On a side note maybe take those youngsters after something more active till the trout reports get better, hate to have them loose interest before you have them hooked! Good Luck, Bob
  15. Went out of the Chamber launch at 5:45AM with Rod Hog (Scott), started in 115', set up 2 rigs, 2 leadcores (6-8 colors) and 2 wire dipsys. Had a hammering hit on a dipsy but it got off, then a couple on leadcores, then a 11# laker on the other dipsy. Continued to mix it up with Lakers, bows & landlocks till 10:30, had a good laker break the bottom leader off a rig on it's third run - oh well - thats why I go fishing. Bob
  16. Nice job Kevin, we chickened out - Liney didn't want to get wet! Will try for friday. Bob
  17. One of my favorite expressions "I'd rather be lucky than good". Glad you had help available and glad you made it in. You must have a water fired ignition system on your boat...Amazing Bob
  18. Les, Hope you get "THE BAD OMEN" fixed up for next weekend's Canandaigua Derby but I do have a few suggestions: don't worry about the number 13, don't plan too far ahead and ALWAYS test something after it gets fixed, haven't you atleast learned that from all the years of my "fixing" your vehicles. Serriously, it's very concerning that there was no marine law enforcement present on the lake, apparently Seneca isn't as big a concern as Canandaigua. Glad we where there to get the 2 of you dragged in, I have had to do it a couple of times before and all I've ever asked is that person to return the favor to someone else.
  19. Retired state employees with a college degree need to have some where to use their big words, especially when they are worried about having their fishing ass handed to them this weekend by us small word fishermen. If you see him out there this weekend give him plenty of space and keep your landing nets out of sight. Good luck guys.
  20. KMART Blue Light Special, just like all my equipment
  21. I need to repeatedly remind Sk8man (he suffers from old timers disease) that 3 years ago he told me fishing in the Finger Lakes & Lake O is dead. If I hadn't tormented him with my amazing catches he would just be sitting on shore at the Sand Bar eating swordfish sandwiches with any "nice guy" he could find. He also forgets it was his son that put him onto his good fish last year, I know, he told me over and over for 2 weeks till he forgot that part to. Son of a B...., just thinking about kicking Les's butt again this year has got me pumped as well. Good Luck to everyone! Bob
  22. I have 2 wire rigs and have had good luck with dipsy's so I want to try running a couple off my outriggers so I thought braid would be a little safer (kinks) than wire with my releases. I bought one spool of the slick 8 in 50 lb test, just looking for advice from this expierenced crowd. Thanks Bob
  23. Committed, the guys nuts, good think his son learned how to fish from me!
  24. I used some Power Pro braid last year, Spiny's really like to ride on it. Has anyone used the 8 strand braids (Power Pro Slick or comparables? Are they any more flea proof? Thanks, Bob
  25. Needed to get out fishing, haven't been in a couple weeks, wanted to hammer the bows before the new rules took effect and had 2 new Akuma leadcore reels that I wanted to check out so with it raining and the Bills playing on TV I called Sk8man and There's One and we had a crew ready at 3:30 PM. Nice to be the only boat on the lake. We set up a little of everything running down the west side from the north end, Seth Green did nothing so we pulled it and put more riggers down. Caught and had hits on riggers, leadcore and little dipsy's anywhere from 25 to 80 feet down, brought 3 fish home, fish ran up to 4 lbs and we had a great time. Bob
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