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  1. We got a late start Sunday, was prepared to go out of Hughes but Les said the reports where dismal, he also said Kevin was trying Seneca so I gave him a call and decided to stay closer to home - it was the right plan! we hit the water and passed Kevin as he was coming in. We started south of Belhurst and got into fish immediately. We ran dipsy / spin doctor / flies off each side and pulled a pai of Seth rigs. I've never expierenced so many grabs on flies in my life, many yanked it a couple times and never hooked up or even tripped them. The ones that got the hook in fought like crazy, even lost a fly and paddle to a good one. As the flies slowed down the rigs took over with steady hits. They finally slowed down but the picture on the screen said they where still active, finally picked up our speed a bit and the bites started right back - we knocked off around 5. Caught lakers from 12" to close to 12 lbs, all went back to fight again. Bob
  2. I believe you need to add a ground wire to your bucket of water from your power supply, hook one end to battery - and strip a little insulation off other end & drop in bucket, I know I had to add an extra water ground to my boat to get any reception. Bob
  3. I call that"Lliving the Dream" Nice job
  4. Thanks Nick, you make us feel like we are with you or at least want to be with you - great report! Bob
  5. One trip we found them on our way up at Gander Mtn in Watertown in many colors - 4 years ago though. Bob
  6. good luck on the new boat Hop, you are really going to be the force to reckon with on Seneca Bob
  7. Glad you got out there Kevin, way to go. Bet the trailer pulled smooth. Bob
  8. Nice job, Les and I just got home from there, 5-8PM, 200', didn't mark much, 2 kings and one laker on leadcore. Nothing else worked for us and you know Les - he tried a lot. I'm sure he will post some pics as well. Bob
  9. Sutton's seem to have gone crazy lately, last used ones I paid what you said, that was a couple years ago, but when I watch Ebay they are usually super high and I don't see as many available. Bob And your not selling any of yours...
  10. If you have any you wish to sell for 2 -3 dollars per Ray we will all be there to get some, I want, 44's, 22's & 8's Bob
  11. Tough fishing, sad when you throw back money fish because you think they are too small . Hopefully the fishery isn't in as bad a shape as our depthfinder showed - not a lot of bait and very few lakers visible. we did 12 hours Saturday and 8.5 Sunday with very little to show. Bob
  12. SKUNK Took my nephew out this afternoon (north end) didn't find fish like we had on Saturday and couldn't get any to cooperate at all. Tried from 12 to 165 feet, from 2 - 7:30. Massive bug hatch covered the boat most of the time but only spotted 1 fish working the surface. Most marks where on the bottom and not in or near the small widely scattered bait pods. Oh well, has too happen - - - just like jury duty, I hope I'm good for several years now. Bob
  13. I also had my trailer's cross member rust in half, found out while loading back up at Sampson, I was lucky enough to limp it home and get new ones fabricated ( under my 18', not the new one). Bob
  14. Kevin, Thought we were only supposed to brag about fish . Nice job! Bob
  15. Hey Les, Hope you have a good time down in the sun & sand. Just remember most of the rest of us will be getting our boats out and on the lakes while your far away! Seriously, have a blast and maybe catch a shark or something. Oh, and don't worry they remove aisle 13 from airplanes......and runways See Ya Bob Just so you know I'll be &
  16. Thanks for the ideas guys, I was trying to work the problem out in the back of my gray matter and this certainly helped - nothing sucks worse than fighting a diving board and a fish at the same time. Bob
  17. ray, I used to enjoy your reports
  18. Thanks Les for posting this. Now lets see if we can get some more people to commit to this, come on you lurkers! As you said the DEC is way under budgeted and the biologists are doing a lot of guessing, they can use all the info they can get. We all enjoy taking someone out to catch fish or catching them ourselves - it really doesn't take that much time to fill in the book, probably less time than putting a post on here, and we all will benefit from it. Bob
  19. I think the problem is you're too close to the hole - SCARING THE FISH It must of been slow if you took time to pose for photos. Does look awful pretty out there.New sled looks good, you should post a picture of your old sled "rigged up"!
  20. My second trip, I apologize for bringing Les with me but felt he needs to get out once in a while. Rolling back the partition this year made the LOTSA room a great experience, you could stop and chat without feeling like you where in everyone else's way. Very nice assortment & layout, hats off to the members that worked hard setting it up. I hope to make it to the salmon class next year! The other show seemed larger and more complete as well. Bob
  21. Sk8man, Sounds like it might be your answer!!!
  22. I love my Furuno equipment, had my first one from 1986 to 2008 and obviously new one is many times nicer. With that said it appears for the most part everyone is happy with the one they are using so there are several good choices out there. Pick a name brand unit and don't look back. Bob
  23. Your a lucky man. Keep him interested!
  24. Yes, bought 2 this year, one at a time, work better than downrigger rods I used previously. Landed a few mid teen salmon on them, I'm sure there is a better rod but I'm happy for the money spent on them. Bob
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