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  1. Type or copy this in the search box on Ebay: PennYan 225 Outrage Make sure you check out all the photos, particulary #6. I've never seen one of these! Enjoy, Bob
  2. It definetly was SLOW. one 10# adult male salmon, one small rainbow, one small brown (down 120'), another nice rainbow that jumped 4X and broke the leader without tripping (barely wiggled the rod) the release. Had 3 or 4 other grabs on the flasher / fly. That was a strange blip on the Furuno - never had that before. All fish came deep, previous week end we caught more out of temp than in. Bob
  3. Just picked up a 21' Tournament with a 4.3 Mercruiser and stand up canvas, boat is a virgin other than where a downrigger had been mounted at each back corner. I have a 9.9 Merc kicker with throttle cable kit on an OMC bracket and easy steer, 4 downriggers, outriggers, Moor Subtrol, Furuno fish finder & GPS, VHF radio and an auto pilot to install from my old boat. Would love to see photos of how you laid the equipment out on your Penn Yans. Going to be a great winter project! Bob
  4. I knew you would try it somewhere. Good job considering the weeds!
  5. We where out Monday as well and half our fish came off free sliders, leadcores & shallow dipsys, we landed all kings but only one mature. Even the small guys where out of temperature, largest bait pods where up high so maybe that was the reason. We ran 350 - 600 fow.
  6. Found it this past weekend and hopefully pick it up this week. 1989, 4.3 Mercruiser, new canvas, almost virgin inside!
  7. Hello, What was done for stringer / bulkhead repair? Is bulkhead same as transom? How long have you owned? What kind of maintenance has it had and where has it been stored? Thanks, Bob
  8. Still a little room on my boat for a few more spoons! What a photo op I missed.
  9. Glad you got out, beautiful fish. How are the fleas? Bob
  10. The 2nd time we cleaned wasn't as bad as the rest of the times but I can't say if depth was a factor. Bob
  11. After a couple of mechanical shakedown trips to Seneca last weekend (I even got skunked both times) we finally got the Admiral Byrd on the big pond this year. Lesiurely starting at 6:30 we headed out to 260' and set up a couple of downriggers and dipsy's along with a leadcore for good measure. We made our way out to 500' and turned back in, cleaned the fleas and switched stuff up, even put the 10 color leadcore down 30' off a rigger and that hit a teens king on a Finger Lakes tackle UV spoon. A couple hours later and we picked up a nice steely on a green / orange / silvere spoon behind a dipsy and small silver dodger out 200' on 3 in 260'. Another cleaning and we got going south again and picked up a king on an echip flasher / fly combo out 300' on 3 in 165'. We never had a solid mark or pod of bait on the screen and the fleas sucked. Off the water around 2. Not bad for the first trip to Lake O this year. Bob
  12. Gary, I haven't seen you in years, hear about you once in a while from Les. Speaking of Sk8man you really need to start commenting on his posts, members on here are starting to respect him for all his BS! Your one of the few who know his true abilities and can remember when he was just a guy not catching fish, wait, he's still one of us, I forgot, could only remember all the north versus south noise. Gary, technically aren't you from the south and you do catch nice fish! I suppose I better sign off but watch for Les to junp all over me for this clarification. Bob Hope to get out with you & Les sometime this summer.
  13. I am looking for a 1 piece 48" boom for the Penn 600 family of downriggers, preferably within driving distance of Clifton Springs. Thanks, Bob
  14. Ed, We haven't met yet but I can see a great ball bursting fishing trip in our future with Les. I hate to admit this but he started teaching me how to get addicted to fishing around 1980. He didn't know much then but fortunately for him I new even less. This was our best fishing weekend on Seneca ever and I will be happy just remembering it for the rest of my life - god I hope I don't get alzheimer's!! Les, did I spell it right? Bob
  15. Sorry I missed you as well Kevin, I came down to Sampson to talk with you, Mitch (Line Stretcher) and John (Anxious Angler from Massachusetts) and I missed all of you, that stunk. Trying to get my son to come home for Canandaigua, he has a knack for catching fish there. We caught fish on silver streaks, northport nailers, finger lakes spoons and evil eyes. We had 2 evil eyes crushed by trout (literally) and was very impressed with the finger lakes spoons. We worked in 150 - 220 fow most of the time, active fish where very deep. Bob
  16. I've fished the derby for 30 years, like many others it's a ritual. This year I got the boat out 2 weeks before Easter to get it ready for the season. First on the list was repair a stripped screw for my removable floor panel over the fuel tank (Penn Yan Fisherman). I brought home a small container of resin and a large drill bit to get the stripped wood out and the hole filled up. When I drilled I found out there was no wood left in that area of the stringer which led to finding rotted wood in front engine mount which led to a VERY spongy transom. By last monday I had the transom redone, 1 major & 2 minor stringer repairs done and the outdrive housing in with new boots and a new steering cable. Tuesday night the engine went in, by friday I was finishing up and trying to find out what wiring I missed for the GPS to work. 5:00AM saturday Scott comes over and we load all my unrepaired gear & tackle from last season into the boat and hit the chamer launch about 6:15. We needed to recalibrate auto pilot and then we cruised out to Bellhurst drop off. We set up 2 leadcores and one thermalcline rod and sat down to see what wasn't going to work on the boat. We gave Les (Sk8man) a call and imediately got a hit on the rig, Scottbrings in a really good fish that we run back in to the chamber (11.66 lbs). Back out and fish the rest of the day picking up my other buddy at 1:30 and we ended up with 15 fish that averaged 7 1/2 - 8 lbs. Sunday we went back to the same area and didn't do anything till 8:30 then we got a 10 3/4 lb laker. Liney and I where trying to decide wether to run it or not but we procrastinated, about 9:30 talking to Les on the phone again we get another hit on a rig - good fish, a few minutes later we got the net under a 13+ lber. We start to clear lines and the other rig gets a hit, we leave it till other rods are in and I start horsing it up with the rod still in the holder, when I lift the rod out I realize this is a BIG fish as well. Liney unhooks the leaders and next to the bottom is another nice fish. 3 times it swam out of the net but we got it in, threw it in the cooler take another lakes off the bottom leader and headed for the weigh station, Neither of us gave a thought as to how big this fish was because the first one was huge for us. We carried the cooler in, put first fish on the scales, 13.09 and Liney and I both realized that the other fish in the cooler was bigger - 13.44 with the third one being 10.78. We sort of floated on air back to the boat and ONLY caught a couple more 7 - 8 lbers for the rest of the day. Monday was more to our normal speed with 8 hits, 3 fish and one of them maybe 6 - 7 lbs. Don't even talk about derbies this was our best ever fishing in Seneca by a long long stretch. What did we do different this year? Nothing other than not being prepared at all. I don't know if I'm more amazed by the fish or the fact everything in the boat worked right. Bob
  17. I wondered where my copy of Earl's book went. Are you hiding it in your sabre tooth blanket?
  18. I heard the Mounties where in Seneca Falls, Dudly Dorite must be after them
  19. I installed Petronix on my 3.0L with a worn distributor 20 years ago, haven't had to touch a thing since. :smile:
  20. Wow was he lucky, bet you wished it never happened at the same time that you have a warm fuzzy for knowing you saved him - THANKS
  21. Ok, what is blood run copper stainless downrigger wire? I have never heard of it, didn't find a reference to it on their website? I currently use coated wire that seems to delaminate for one reason or another during each season. One cause is the probe unit usually swims across another rig, I am using 12# weight but am considering going heavier. I too usually drop the unit on an unfished cable and raise to 50 -60" after I get my info.
  22. Ok I'm going to get the boat out tonight. That was the best, it looks just like Scott!!!
  23. We used to catch them and see them swim under us on Perch Lake, DEC said it was full of crappies as well but I could never get into them.
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