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  1. Boy that brings back memories, hanging off a mousetrap bracket on the back of my boat, quartering the wind so you didn't turn green from the exhaust, We ran one for 20 years!
  2. Pap, This is an example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-step-Stainless-Under-Platform-Slide-Mount-Boat-Boarding-Telescoping-Ladder-/182372587378?hash=item2a7640d772:g:Zg0AAOSwcUBYP44o&vxp=mtr
  3. Which side of the boat did you put the bananas under?
  4. Thanks for the input. I was looking at the 4 step models - nothing worse than too short of a ladder.
  5. Swim Ladder I built a 24" wide, 18" deep swim platform for the back of my 21' Penn Yan to aid in netting fish, carry the cooler and, oh yeah, climb back into the boat on those fishless summer trips. My question is in regards to quality of telescoping below deck swim ladders such as you see on Ebay, they all look to be about the same quality. Does anybody have any personal experience with mounting and using them? Is there any quality there and are some of the expensive ones marine suppliers sell any better? Thanks in advance and before Les pounces on this most of my fishless days are under his tutelage.
  6. Mike, My problem is Les keeps trying to eat those shrimp right out of the perch's mouth. Thats not as bad as him throwing the perch back in the lake after he's gotten all their shrimp.
  7. THE PROPELLER WORKS 53 Leicester st Cananadaigua NY 14424 (585) 394-1860 They have helped me a couple times. I believe I sent them pizza once I was so satisfied and I'm a cheap skate.
  8. This has been interesting banter. I didn't know I could lock my radio off the distress channels. I sometimes shut it off though. I have had the opportunity to help several less fortunate boaters over the years and been dragged in once myself long ago. I can't imagine anyone not coming to the aid of a fellow boater, especially on one of the big lakes. If we hear or see you we will try to help.
  9. You need to understand Sk8man and Hop have been doing this kind of fishing year round since the early to mid 1970's and see things going on watching their rod tips that we mere mortals will never grasp. Or it could be the entire days they spent out there when the rest of us decided to stay warm and dry.
  10. SKUNK Took my daughter and probable son-in-law out of Hughes, hit the water around 6:30AM, worked from 80' - 130" of water, best screen around 80 - 90 then moved up to 65 - 70 but we couldn't even buy a release. tried from 2.0 - 3.2 mph. High point of trip was breakfast sandwiches son in law grabbed at Hughes - they where excellent. Good luck to you all, Bob
  11. Enough about my net, I believe it's seen more use than yours this year! Your concern about net size reminds me of the “Napoleon Complexâ€
  12. I finally figured out that Les dulled the hooks on all the homemade flies that he's given me! :lol:
  13. Anyone willing to give us a depth / temperature update? Thanks, Bob
  14. We went out today, worked 130' - 160', one 9lb king, one 8lb steely on cheater, several lakers on dipsy /spin n glo combo, took a hard hit on dipsy / spoon combo and finished with a steely on spin n glo - couldn't make paddles and flies work today. Speaking of flies the biters where not as bad as yesterday but the gnats covered us for a while
  15. Out of Hughes today and they seemed worse as the day progressed, spend as much time washing boat off as I do cleaning fleas from mono, wire and rigger cables.
  16. I used to look forward to Nick's posts but first fleas in early June
  17. I believe Les (Sk9man) is holding gown the lead with a 16+ brown - way to go Les & Mark!!!!
  18. Fisherdude, I have some concrete blocks to lay, a roof to put on and a ditch to dig, wondering if your wife would come over and help. Seriously, bringing in 16 fish with cowbells on rigs in one day - she has my total respect. We saw you two out there working 190' a couple Saturdays before the derby and know you are the real deal. We tried flashers and peanuts for a while but couldn't get a touch. Caught a few fish both Saturday and Sunday but no rhyme or reason to them. Congrats to all who got decent fish. Bob
  19. Mike, Sorry I didn't mean to omit anyone currently involved, could only remember seeing the other group listed on entry form. Still believe with all the interest in this event that members of the active groups could get together to manage the event. Bob
  20. The folks who have run it all these years had a great formula. Sounds like it's time for a new group to pick up the torch and continue. Maybe spread the responsibilities and advertising to include both ends of the lake more evenly and modifying the name calling it Seneca Lake Trout Derby. Geneva's government doesn't seem to be helpful in recent years so maybe moving headquarters to Watkins or Sampson makes sense. I believe to be successful it will need to be organized by a few but some of us will need to get involved with the actual event. I believe Barge Canal Bassmasters have supported it in the past and maybe some of the existing groups of Seneca Lake trollers need to step up. Just my thoughts. Bob
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