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  1. I would try filling the holes with Marine Tex . http://www.marinetex.com/marinetexepoxyputty.html
  2. http://www.mercstuff.com/lowershiftshaft.htm This site might help !
  3. I believe the High Thrust motors have a lower gear ratio in the lower unit . So the motor will be running at a higher RPM then a standard motor at the same boat speed . The High Thrust motor won't have to work as hard as the standard engine would to push the boat. Plus with the motor running at a higher RPM the alternator will be putting out more juice. I have a Yamaha 8T on a 3500 lbs boat and it tops out at 5.5 mph . I usually troll at 2-3 mph so no biggie and never have to use my main motor in heavy wind or waves . Good Luck JT
  4. I used a Panther Mount , very sturdy and the price wasn't to bad ($200). You can also adjust if you want. I made a steering link out of a 3/8 stainless rod , works mint. Good Luck !
  5. Nice thought,but the water levels change with the seasons while on your GPS they remain the same. Very true, but when I'm fishing in Lake O in 100' to 300' of water I don't worry much about a couple feet. Between my GPS and temp probe I feel I can get pretty close to the fish . (plus seeing other boats around) The maps on these new GPS are amazing . I can see humps and drop offs before my FF ever does. It's just another great tool to help put fish in the boat.
  6. I have 2 units as well. A 5" Garmin GPS and Ray Marine 5" FF . Garmin pretty much leads the way for GPS. If I had the money there would be a Furuno FF sitting next to my Garmin. Although a GPS won't show you fish the map on mine shows the depth with in a foot of my FF . So if I lost my FF I could still fish with my riggers with some confidence . Good Luck JT
  7. If you can run a couple fans in the boat while it's in your buddies garage it will dry out in half the time. (box or window fan work great) Good Luck !
  8. If you can I would buy the motor with electric start , tilt and remote controls . It's great being able do everything from the helm and charge your battery while trolling . I solo fish a lot and it's nice to start , stop, raise and lower the motor while never leaving the seat or having to hang off the back of the boat in bad weather . A big plus too when your fighting a fish to be able to control steering and speed form the helm. Good Luck !
  9. My boat weights around 3500 lbs. Have a Yamaha 8hp high thrust , works great.
  10. Hope Everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving !!!!
  11. Copper rigs tend to be pretty long , so I would try to get a reel with a quick retrieve . I have a Shimano Tekota 800lc . Every turn brings in 33" of line and it has a sweet drag. I run a 300' copper and add dive bombers when I what to go deeper . This way I don't have to deal with so much line when I catch a fish. (100' copper = 22' depth + 1oz of diver bomber = 8' appox ) I figure 300' copper and a 4 oz diver bomber is down around 90'. Good Luck ! JT
  12. Jack

    New motor

    Another vote for 4-stroke ! No matter what motor you buy I would highly recommend you use a stabilizer and a cleaner with every tank of gas . I would also make sure you have a inline water separator filter installed as well. It is cheap insurance considering the cost of a new motor or repairs. The gas we use today is not very marine friendly . Good Luck ! JT
  13. Thanks ! Have a few more rabbits in the hat for next season . JT
  14. I have a 62 gallon plastic tank that I keep close to empty with stabilizer and then fill it up with Hi-test in the spring . Never had a problem yet . I also use additives all summer (cleaner and stabilizer). When I change my water separator filter in the fall I never see much if any water in it . Good Luck!!
  15. Hi ! I saw in the GLA last Month that some folks use Stick baits behind a flasher with a 3 to 4 foot lead . Was wondering if anybody was using this and if it was very effective for fall kings ? Thanks JT
  16. Thanks for all the good info !!! I may pick up some 4 ozer's for my 300 copper . I fell like I'm a year older by the time I get the 300 back on the reel so adding a 4 oz weight instead of using a 600 copper sounds Great .
  17. Now that you can run 3 rods I thought it would be an easy 3rd rod to run when fishing solo . I was hoping 10-20 feet maybe . Running 20lb mono.
  18. Hi ! I bought some Michigan Stinger 1oz Dive Bombs to add to some flat lines to get them down a bit. If I were to run 200' of line out where would I want to add the dive bomb . (middle , close to lure,????) Thanks JT
  19. If your trolling 12 hours a pop I would add a kicker . If you buy a kicker build for trolling ( high thrust / big foot ) they will troll all day on a fraction of the fuel and won't coke up. Why put that kind of hours on a bigger motor that would cost $10-20 k to replace . just my $.02 ... Good Luck !
  20. Hope to get out Saturday , look foward to your report . Good Luck !
  21. This might help ! http://mercstuff.com/bellowsreplacement1.htm
  22. When it comes to GPS don't think you can beat Garmin .
  23. I just installed my DR and used the same knot I use on my wire divers . I went about 3" up the end of the cable and striped about an inch of coating off so the bare spot would make contact with the swivel . I also added a rubber stopper from my Cannon terminator kit I had so my cable retriever wouldn't slip over the swivel . Fish last weekend had 150' of cable out and still had a great signal . DR gives you some special tape I used to cover the bare ends. Used the same knot to make my short cable from the prob to the weight. Good Luck ! JT
  24. Hi ! I would push on the outdrive by standing on it and see if there is any flex on the transom . If there is any flex I would get it fixed , if not you may be OK for awhile . Good Luck ! JT
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