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  1. I need a last day on Keuka for some smoker-sized lakers. BUT the trip to the Bluff from the Branchport Park may well be not so comfortable. I have been to the launch at the Harbor Lights before and it is certainly OK, but is it available say for this Monday ? I think the weather will be great for the Bluff fishing. Please, if any one knows, boy it would be nice to confirm. I know it costs a little for the right, but not really an issue . I tried to get to Andy Sable, but haven't heard. Hey GUFF, do you know for sure ? Thanks
  2. SO...Laker man....I like the trailer....clean and neatly done ! Can you show me how to do them ? The short strikes are killing me this year....this is a must in the arsenal thanks. Dave
  3. So, when one releases a fish and it "swims" away.....does that mean it survived ? I thought I read here recently that an angler was very disturbed at having a great torture- and-release day and returrned the next day to the same spot and was agahst at finding many dead trout. Why not fish and if one is privileged to catch a limit, call it a sport and stop targeting/fishing for them ? Go pick some fiddleheads or morels, and pull some wild onions !
  4. Ah..um...let me see...something about that woman.....oh, yeah, just like mine and still the same after 50 years !!! congrats !!
  5. Well, a BURBOT !!! What a memory that will be. I have seen them taken from a very deep lake in northern Vermont, but never knew they were in any Finger.... Premordial and beautiful and on a JIG. ....simply wonderful to be out on the Lake. Imagine the old days when the natives were out on the Lake for lunch and take this in for the folks...just great stuff, Tg.....thanks for sharing !!
  6. Buddy hunts and fishing really provide for some interesting insights....like my taking a customer fishing many times, more to be nice and we seemed more good friends than business buddies. So we went out in a cooler, damper day in Late October for a treat in HIS BOAT for the first time. I thought, that is really nice of him. The fishing was slow and chilly, but we had not been out long. He back trolls up to his favorite spot gets a limit, and says.......Well I got my limit, kinda cold.....WE GOTTA GO
  7. You should all chip in and get John Gaulke the master jigging guide to give you all the best chance of getting the job done, and then go your own way. We did, and it worked. Good luck.....and the Keuka CAVIAR is in the fridge for a few days to settle, and then some cream cheese on crackers, lake trout caviar on top and chardonnay . Youzza !! life is good in the Fingers.
  9. Make no mistake about it !! One can get skunked on a trip to Keuka. It happened recently after the Captain's report, and believe me we het everything in the jig box. Then we went out this last Tuesdaya and had a bunch in all sizes. So, a grain of salt, no ?
  10. Now that's a help.......thanks.
  11. So.......what might be a difficulty ? I must be careful not to get my Bowswain in to a tough job at the launch. Thanks.
  12. ALEX, thanks for the assurance. We were at the bluff on Tuesday and what lockjaw. A little pain after that 8 mile trip from the Launch. The Harbor launch will take a little edge off, even with the charge. Thanks again.
  13. Did the GOOGLE, but nothing like the real experience. I hope some one has been there and can advise.
  14. Son in law says he wants to go to the Bluff. Fine, but I would love to forego the 8 mile treck from the State Launch. If anyone has had the experience of going in at Harbor LIghts, I would welcome ant advise. I have a 17 Sea Nymph that launcches well, but do not want to get there and ....Oops. Thanks for any thoughts..........will not put her away yet until we make a few freezer trips to Keuka !
  15. Looking for some SCIENCE here, if there is any. The grind -up- the- whole fish and test the samples approach can't still be done ????? and how old is the data that requires such an Advisory ? Anyone know where in the DEC or other Dept. I can get the current information for all who should know ?
  16. FARM RAISED......NOT SALT WATER ?????????????? WHAT ???????????????
  17. Indeed the ADVISORY is a concern. I know I have reservations with so many grand children now, and younger family members close by. Does any one know how recent the lab studies are for the Fingers, especially Keuka ? And , are they still grinding up the hole fish for sampling ? I must say when I look at the list of affected waterways in the recent State Regulation guide, it sickens me. Have we really made much in 10.000 years.......unbelievable !!!
  18. Oh, PETA.....where are those Ontario posts........Man, I want to do that as well . Hope to see you here, maybe..... Dave
  19. Fishy..I have an 86 Nymph Fishtracker as well and I may need to do the transom wood. Can I do this myself, or did you have it done ? I restore antique canoes so the wood work is no issue, but I wonder about the rivets etc. I do recall some big black ants got in there years ago. As an aside...I recently replaced a canoe trailer deck with some sheets of a new roofing material ....ie. like oriented flake board soaked in epoxy , compressed and in 4x8, and fairly cheap. It seems indestructible and will not rot. Have you used this prodduct for flooring ? Thanks ..Dave
  20. Well....about the farm raised salmon. I had a discussion not long ago in a local store at the fish counter, about the variation in the orange flesh color in these salmon. Guess what.....the producers buy feed that is colored to give THE HEW THAT THE STORE WANTS. I was told, you can have any tone you want.....sort of picking it off the color chart. Now I have trouble buying this product. It seems that the store tried offering natural non- colored salamon and the public did not want it. I'll stick with the Finger Lakes fish as they come.
  21. Can anyone advise the condition of the Woodville launch at Canandaigua' south end. ? I cannot find any report of the job having been completed. Thanks whomever. Dave
  23. A very pleasant read, AC. Thanks for this piece of history. I spent all my early summers at Newfound Lake in N.H. and remember well all that you reflect upon here. As a confirmed jigger following all the heavy duty stuff, my pleasure has increased ten fold out on the Lakes. Seems the " good ol days " are still with us.
  24. So...is there a way to BLOCK this JUNK ???????????
  25. Yeah, me too. I suspect the phenom is a result of some not- so- rare infection, curiously not yet named or identified. Pathetic PITN.
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