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  1. My friend larry leach is calling you
  2. Can u give me phone number very interested
  3. Check out bow and stern in buffalo. They have a starcraft fishmaster 196 coming in 2003 with 115 hp for 13000
  4. Looking to buy a good used boat I am looking for a friend that is in the market for a 19 to 21 ft starcraft, lund or alumcraft. Outboard 4 stroke 100 plus HP. We love the fishmaster196. TY for helping him to spend some and so I can go fishing with him LOL Doug $25000 budget for boat
  5. Hi Pap I have a fly in trip planned for July 1st.  Air Tamarac is the outfitter.m  I have 9 guys and need 1 more, Would you be interested?  Cost about $1500 US   Outfitter, travel and food at camp.   Doug

    1. Xxx


      I really appreciate you keeping me in mind, I've never been asked this!!! We have a cruise scheduled for that same time:swear: man I'd love to make,this outing.

  6. Jeremy my friend Ron bought a used starcraft fishmaster 196. I have fish with him in Erie and Ontario in some 3 to 5 ft waves and it handles great. He has a lot of most have in this boat bought it used. Give me a call and I will give you his number to call. GL Mr. P
  7. Would you consider a offer of $20,000, we are located in Rochester, NY
  8. I think that Steeles is a good choice, his variety of processed meats is the best. I do my own and last year 50 from friends. This last weekend was big for some nice bucks, deer from southern tier had lots of ticks, One deer had more then I could count, I spray them with Raid and it worked quit and knocked them dead. Spray the hide and not the meat, check them close, they live several days on the deer after its been shot.
  9. If you have a aluminum boat that needs welding call Jim at 585 663 7010. I just dropped off my boat to have some rivets repaired. Rochester, NY area
  10. 3 guys fished 6 hours, caught 50 perch kept 30 some were Seneca lake size 12 in + 20 ft to 30 ft mostly all with minnow. West side was best north of bridge. Bay beautiful yesterday
  11. potsie225


    Nice to hear you had some action. Are the docks still in and how is the launch? TY Doug
  12. Your dad should get one for his smaller trailer. Would they fit that railer. Mr. P
  13. [attac No loonger 4 sale hment=40649:penn reels.jpg] I just bought these used reels but they are not what I need, they are more for fishing bigger fish. I would trade for smaller LC or selling these for $50 each plus shipping.
  14. I have some bottom bouncers 2,3, and 4 oz. $5 I live in Greece near dicks and the mall. Doug 225-0598
  15. I live in Rochester, how far would you drive???
  16. can you net the emeralds at the launchs or buy at a bait store?
  17. saw that one nice boat but I think its a 2 stroke. No fishing gear.
  18. Looking for a 2000 + year alumin and a 4 stroke motor. 18 to 20ft walk thru windshield to bow. StarCraft fishmster or equal. TY Doug
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