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  1. Tom worked on my 70 hp Yamaha in May of this year. First class guy and great mechanic.
  2. potsie225

    Oneida Lake

    I need info on where to stay a few days and launch my boat on Oneida. I was thinking the south shore. I am going to target walleyes for the most part. I have been there once so I do not know the lake that well. Thanks Doug
  3. Matt you are the man, the boat looks awesome. I will be out of town for a week, but will give you a call to look at the new boat. Noah had nothing on you LOL Doug
  4. I agree with the Zatarains Fish Fry, I buy it at Sam's. I add 1 cup of the mix to 1/4 tsp of baking power, add beer to thin the batter. Deep fry in canola oil at 375 temp is a must. Zatarains is like $6 for a large container.
  5. motor idles fine its when you put it in gear that it stalls
  6. I have a 1988 70 hp Yamaha. Even after a warmup the motor stalls when put into gear. I was told that it is a adjust of one of the 3 carbs, how do I know which one to adjust or I am I best to take it to the dealer. Thanks Doug
  7. I launch there yesterday, it was tricky and water is low. Getting into the boat was not easy for a 71 yr old man. Getting the boat was not easy with the wind, but I power loaded with outboard up high. With the north wind and 3 ft waves the fishing was bad.
  8. I was at LP yesterday, the bite was slow and soft. THEY WERE CATCHING PERCH with either worms or minnows. This cold spell could help the bite after the front moves threw. I am going to Sodus tomorrow, GL, Doug
  9. mine came last week and it is one sweet reel. I put on 4# and used 2 1/32 jigs and could out bettwer then ever. TY for the great tip, Doug
  10. Thur we did Seneca, tough fishing, Fri back to I Bay, caught 50 + mostly by the red channel marker. Alot of small ones, I think they have scattered more. Tues we may do Honeyoye for crappie, perch and bluegill, beats working. Good luck and tight lines. Doug
  11. good job, we were there also, and did not do well. Were you over by Sampson, I had a 18 ft Starcraft, saw several Lunds. Doug Back to I Bay tomorrow, caught 150 there on Tuesday
  12. potsie225

    Seneca Perch

    Heading for Seneca today. First time ever to fish Seneca, it is on my bucket list. I will post are results. Doug
  13. potsie225

    IBay today.

    This was a first for me, to be the only boat out on I Bay today. We fished threw 3 rain storms, windy and 3 foot waves. We had to look hard for the perch. Once they were located, we caught 80 and keep 50. Some nice ones between 11 and 13 inches. The 3 of us fished about 6 hours. Doug
  14. potsie225

    IBay today.

    I have a starcraft with a 70 yamaha. Were there 3 guys and a green bucket full of perch. I had a new york cap on. One of the guys show be what you were using as well as live minnows. I am fishing today until noon. Happy fishing, DOUG
  15. potsie225

    IBay today.

    I think we talked about your bucket of perch. I asked if you were Lund ss. I am heading back out tommow. It was great to get out this early. Doug
  16. Phone Number for Sutton Co. in Naples, NY is 585 374-2628 Good Luck, Doug
  17. nice catch, where is perch lake? TY
  18. Thanks for sharing your info with us. I went out with my son and Tom caught 22, and my son was very happy. Its not the neccesary the quanitiy of fish you catch, but the quality time spent with your son. Hope to give it one last time Mon or Tues. Wed I head for surgery and that means putting the boat away for the winter. Doug
  19. We were on I Bay as well today. We had motor problems, gas wasn't getting to the motor. 4 hours later after a lunch at Bill Gray, we caught some real nice perch. WE also found them in 20 to 30 ft and on the bottom. Hope to get out again this next week. It was a fun day after a bad start. Doug
  20. potsie225

    Rochester Perch

    Thanks for the info for helping locate perch. I will give that a try next time, might use it at Black Lake next week. Doug
  21. potsie225

    Rochester Perch

    What a beautiful day on I- Bay. No fish but we did mark alot in 20 to 25 feet over 40. Eastside of the bay, north of the bridge. Theres a cove there. We tried both minnows and worms, just a few bites, but a good time. Doug
  22. potsie225

    Rochester Perch

    I am going out this morning, thanks for the info. I will give a report later. Doug
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