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  1. potsie225

    I bay

    Have they pulled out the launch docks yet? where is another place to launch a 18 ft boat TY
  2. I do my perch the same way. What brand knife were you using. TY Doug
  3. potsie225

    boat cover

    I had one done for my 18ft, good job. I dropped it off at Bryce Marine, a guy comes in and does itthere Around 400, same day turn around. Doug
  4. I believe u were the guys in the 84 penn yan we talked with, heading to gander mtn to buy supplies' If you guys every need who one extra to go with I am retired and would share expense. TY Doug]] 225-0598 h 469-2743 c Later
  5. Nice job Steve, we were out of Sandy on 8/24 and wentr 5/7. 20 # king was our best. I bought your Dad 24 volt Minn Kota. Doug
  6. Are we talking Aug 9 - 11 or Aug 10-11? Where is a good place for lodging, I will be coming in from Rochester? Doug
  7. Is the state launch on the east side the only launch at Conesus? Thank you Doug
  8. It looks as though the ladder is mounted to something grey at the top. Is that part of your boat or did you sdd it? ty Doug
  9. TY JD I have been thinking about a 3 step, did you ever wish you had the 3 step vs 2 step. Is your boat at home I live in Greece would love to see your boat and step. Doug
  10. I have a 1988 Starcraft outboard. I want to install a 4 step ladder, I am thinking stainless steel for strength. Which is better one with hooks for side or a mount of the stern? Thanks for your input. Doug
  11. I would like to see what you have. I have a 1988 starcraft w a 70 hp yamaha.
  12. One dock is still in, you should have no trouble, just don't go off the end of the ramp. We used the ramp toward the bridge. Fishing was ok, but we didn't stay in one place long lots of small perch and bluegills. We did bring home 24 keepers. GL Doug
  13. Looking to get out this week on the bay. Will I have trouble launching a 18 ft starcraft? I have a Ford suv with no 4 wheel drive. Generally I have not had problems. TY Doug
  14. please send pictures and where can it be seen [email protected]rr.com
  15. We were on I B for a few hours today. I wanted to check out my boat before I head to Black Lake next week. Surface temp was 66, marked some fish but only caught a few perch and white bass. It was nice to be back on the water, anytime now the perch fishing should turn on. We tried worms, minnow and some rubber minnow. Doug
  16. I am looking for a used alum H13 x 19 P for a 70hp Yamaha. TY for any ideas. Doug
  17. youmay want to go online to mcmaster/carr.
  18. I would say amen to all of the above. This site is the best place to go for valuable info on our local lakes. I took my 32 yr old son out and he caught a perch, and he gave me his phone to take a picture. I am recovering from knee surgery and my son wants to go out aleast once a week in Sept. Some of my best days of my life were spent with my Dad either hunting or fishing. Sharing is caring and that is what I want to do. Doug
  19. What a hog, great with the C&R. What was your best bite?
  20. what was your bite of choice? I have friends there now, ty Doug
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