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  1. potsie225

    Ibay Perch

    It has started,caught over 100 fish today and 55 were keeper perch. I caught 15 in a row dead or alive minnows were hot. Fished from 8 am until 2 pm and quit when we ran out of baits.
  2. Welcome, you already know its a great site. Where is Salem?
  3. check your home owners insurance company. My insurance co. is great for me I just give them and estimate of the total value. Sorry that this world is made up of crooks GL
  4. Where is a good place to stay in the barcelona area
  5. size of boat and price. what age of outboard?
  6. I am going to Port Bay for 4 days July 11th. I am not setup for the big O, so I will fish the bay itself. Any ideas as to how to fish would be appreciated. DOUG
  7. 6 of us are going one a 3day 2 night trip. I thought the size was cod 19 inch 9 per day, haddock 21 inch unlimited, Pollock unlimited and halibut 1 per day over 41 inch, has this changed?
  8. potsie225

    I Bay Perch

    I think it is still a little early. I have been fishing Long Pond with a very slow bite. Off to Seneca tomorrow
  9. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy 12 to 20 oz bank sinkers and 10 oz to 12 oz diamomd jigs. Will be buying for 6 guys for our Cape Cod trip. TY Doug
  10. were can the boat be seen at and what year is the motor. TY Doug
  11. I think we saw you in the starcraft. I also have a starcraft. We were in my buddies boat, we went 5 for 5 with 1 brown and 4 lakers. Had our best luck in 50 to 60 ft. We got nothing near the muddy line. Great you had your son with youl. Doug
  12. They were fishing there yesterday, about 12 guys, saw no fish being caught
  13. When had had a new one made, I took the boat to them and left for the day. Normally its same day service. I paid about 300 for a 18 ft open bow.
  14. I go to Bryce Marine, sameday service. I think he is there only Wed.
  15. Great fish way to go. Where did you launch from? I hope to get out there next week. TY Doug
  16. Looking for a Lund boat 16 to 18 ft. I live in the Rochester area and would travel 200 miles to check out one . I have been checking out craigs list also
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