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  1. It is a great site, and the guys are willing to share. Welcome Doug
  2. I am looking for a fishing boat, like the bass type boats, even though I don't bass fish much. It would be mostly for the finger lakes. 16' to 18', 50 HP, maybe a 1990, and I have $3000 to play with. I know this site has always been awesome on my questions and help with fishing info 585 225 0598 No hurry as I am looking daily, on Ebay, Craigs list and iboat. Thanks, Doug
  3. Thanks for all the great info that was posted. You guys are the best, I will let you know how we did. Doug
  4. I am going to this lake the first week of August and wonder if anyone had any fishing knowledge about the lake. Any info is more then I know. Thanks. Doug
  5. We have a 14 ft boat and want to upgrade the fish finder. I like the lowrance, looking to spend 400 to $500. Where is best place to buy one. Thanks, Doug
  6. I have been out at Long Pond the last 3 days and today was the best for me. steady bites. Caught about 20 and kept 15 perch and 2 bullhead. All on flathead minnows, both with or without a bobber.
  7. We fished Ironq Bay on Sat and did better then the day b-4 at Keuka. We caught lots of 6 inchers and a few 12 inchers. Fishing was slow and the bite was gone by 11 a.m. My friend when out today and they hit it big. Lots of fish and real good size. Best fishing of the weekend. Perch dinner coming up. Thanks to all who gave in info. Doug
  8. Does anyone know if you can still launch in Ibay either the south or north end? Also we were going to go perch fishing this weekend and I have know idea where best areas to fish are, thanks for you help Doug
  9. I thank God that I am proud that I served my country. To all my fellow Vets, have a great day, you earned it.
  10. I was at Long Pond this morning from 7:30 until about 11 am. A warm up could really help the perch fishing. I had 11 hits, caught 7 and kept 3. I used worms and minnows. all the action was with minnows, some guys used a bobber, but I had no luck with one. Lots of small perch were being caught. I hope to give it a go Thurs morning. Doug
  11. potsie225


    I did the best last night that I have done all year. We caught 20 plus and kept about 12. I fished from 3 to 6:30 PM. After the wind died down the bite pickup. Some fish had minnows in them, thats what we caught all our fish on. fished on the bottom with no bobber. I personally like the slip sinkers about 5/16 oz, it allows the minnows to swim, I hook them in the mouth. Caught a 20in. Walleye, to bad the season is closed. Hope to get out Fri afternoon and Sun afternoon. Doug
  12. potsie225


    Has anyone had any luck catching perch. I have been to Cranberry and Long Pond daily and have caught zero. I was wondering if anything is happening in I. Bay Thanks, Doug
  13. potsie225


    Fishing last night was so slow, saw several caught. What a great afternoon to fish, with that sun, it felt warm, what a difference a day makes. Going to give it another try this morning. Doug
  14. potsie225


    This was by far the coldest I have ever been fishing. We got to Cranberry about 6:15 am, parking lot was not crowded. There was thin for about 15 to yds out. There were a few guys there, but I saw no one catching a single fish. guys were throwing rocks to break up the ice and a duck was swimming under the ice chasing the perch. The dove under and took my minnow, I thought I had a big one, instead I landed the duck. A guy next to me took the hook out of its mouth and off we went. I guess that was a true fowl hook. LOL May try tomorrow. Doug
  15. potsie225


    I was out to Cranberry today, and there probably 50 guys. They were catching perch, some nice 12 inchers. Mostly using minnows with a sinker on the end of the line and one or two hooks, no bobbers were being used. I am going out Sat. around 6 AM. Parking lot was over flowing today. I will post again tomorrow. Doug
  16. Thats for the info, I fished shipbuilders last year and had some luck. I heard they were starting to hit in Webster. Your first hand report tells me to wait awhile. Thanks, Doug
  17. potsie225

    Lake Alice

    I have heard that this small lake is stocked with Walleye, has anyone ever fished this stop. This is the Lake before the dam at Oak Orchard. TY Doug
  18. Hi Matt, I always look forward to your post, it lets me know whats going on in our area for fishing. I have fished with you probably 6 times and I think that you are a first class fishermen with high standards. We have never kept a snagged fish and all fish have been legal size. We eat what we catch and have had some great new ways of eating fish, like smoking fish. I have loved the fishing and the time spent with you on the water enjoying the day. There are always a few that don't agree, but keep up the good work. I think that those that are snagging fish are the ones to yell at, and you do. Next time don't show your pictures. Your true friends know you are a stand up young man. Lets go fishing buddy. Doug
  19. Hi Bob, Hope your recovery is a speedy one. I am new to this site but have meet a couple of members and they are stand up guys. Hope to meet you one day. Praying the best for you. Doug
  20. Sorry to hear about your loss Bob. My prayers are with you.
  21. I would second the Food saver. I have had one for 3 yrs. and have done all my venison, fish and bulk meats. I buy by bags and rolls from Bed Bath and Beyond. They have coupons that never run out for 20% and sometimes $5 one. Bags and rolls are 19.99. They also have 2 models, get the one that has the cutting bar and stores a roll. You can double if you feel the need. Doug
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