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  1. looking for someone who does sandblasting and painting boat trailer Doug
  2. Does anyone know if the launch on the north end is still in? What other area is still open, plan on going all next week, TY
  3. potsie225

    I Bay Perch

    I was at IB on Monday, we kept 47 out of 80. Most all on minnows 25 ft of water Fish about 5 hours, best so far this year. We did move around.
  4. Thanks for the info, I did reset default and its now looking like it use too. TY Doug
  5. For some reason my unit does not show the depths of the water I am on or names of points or islands. It used to do all of these, do I need a upgrade. TY Doug
  6. potsie225

    30" walleye

    Thank you for letting the eye to live another day. Smaller ones eat better.
  7. I love BL, mill be going up Columbus day weekend. What was your best bait? Good luck with Bridget surgery. TY Doug
  8. I have a 88 starcraft and need to replace my floor. How hard was that to do and what did you use. GL selling your boat I have forward that info to my friends. TY Doug
  9. I love BL, reminds a lot like Canada. We have a annual trip in Oct. It will be our 5th trip and hope fishing stays good. I know the area you were at, we have been staying at Pleasant view cabins. Did you use just live bait? TY Doug
  10. Thanks for info, I did go to f&s today and got a nice variety. Doug
  11. Where is best place to buy in line sinkers for walleye in 1,2,3 oz? TY
  12. Where is best place to buy in line sinkers for walleye in 1,2,3 oz? TY
  13. potsie225

    SLR eyes

    Best place to buy inline sinkers in 1,2, and 3 oz. TY Doug
  14. I am going to make some worm harness and since I am new to this any ideas would be great. I plan on buying basic materials from Hayen's
  15. potsie225

    I Bay perch?

    I tried it last week, moved around both ends and caught nothing. I guess its either to late or to early
  16. I was at Honeoye Fri and guys were catching there limits on the south end.
  17. Have a closed season for perch during the spawn, let they do for walleye. I think its Mar 15 to May, like first Sat.
  18. I am 74 and have changed over the years. I enjoy being outdoors and watch the wild life come alive. I no longer do the tree stands, I like my feet on the ground. I use my ATV to get to my popup ground blind with a propane heater. I can make tea or hot chocolate while waiting for a buck or doe too pass my way. I as well do not hunt a wall hanger, but do have one on the wall. When I hunt with a new hunter and he bags a deer, I will process it with him or her at no charge. I am lucky to be able to hunt 150 acres that we post. Good and safe hunting Doug
  19. potsie225

    Ibay Perch

    Great to be fishing with my son. He out fished me 24 to 3, only 3 keepers. Windy from the south was a warm breeze but did not help the fishing. We caught most fish in 10 to 12 ft, all on minnows.
  20. potsie225

    Ibay Perch

    Are the docks still in at North end of IB
  21. I bought a new motor and they do not use the same plugs as the old one. 3 NGK 5126 B8HS-10 $5.00 for all 3. Pickup in Greece or I can send them to you at the postage cost. Ty Doug
  22. potsie225

    Ibay Perch

    I was out at IB yesterday and it was very slow. We moved a lot and only had 12 keepers. Water was pea soup colored and only a couple boats out.DFP
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