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  1. Another great Video, Vladimir. Great music! Is it one of your new creations? If so, is it available on CD yet? Jim
  2. Great video Tom! Brings back a lot of childhood memories growing up in Oswego. Lived three blocks from the harbor. Jim
  3. Chas, If you are concerned about getting your fish to the weigh in station, Captain Jack's leaves a few boat slips open to temporarily stop and drop off your catch. This way, you don't have to go back to your boat slip and then transport the fish to the weigh in. Jim
  4. Chas, Give Arney's Marina a call (315-483-9111). The have slips by the day, week or season. They have their own launch, and they are right next to the public launch. Prices are reasonable. They have limited space for boats above 28 feet. Check out their web site: arneysmarina.com
  5. Congratulations Matt! So, is it a Matt Jr. or Matilda?
  6. Prayers sent to your mom and family Buckboardjr.
  7. Hee-hee, I like Momay's answer!!
  8. I had a similar experience with my Blazer a few years ago to the tune of $5,800. On my way to work early one morning, a buck chasing a doe dented my left front fender with his chest, my drivers door and mirror with his side and butt. and took out the windshield with his rack! When the trooper arrived and looked for the 'dead' deer, it was gone! Jim
  9. Great footage! Beautiful fish!
  10. Oh man!! I put a reminder of your birthday in my calendar and still missed it!! Oh well- HAPPY BELATED, BOB!! Hope it was a good one! Jim
  11. After reading J.D.'s attachment, it appears that there was (or supposed to have been) a public meeting at the Greece Town Hall on October 22 to explain the Army Corp. of Engineers restoration plan. Did anyone go? Did anyone know there was one? It appears to be quite an extensive project extending into 2016 at a cost of $10,100,00!!
  12. Panfisher, I work with both Oswego and Sodus Point pen rearing groups. The missing adipose fin means it most likely came from one of the 8(?) pen rearing groups efforts located along the south shore of Lake O. The 2012 batch of released kings was the last group to have the adipose fins clipped. It just gives me and all the other guys working on these projects a good feeling, knowing that we helped JSCHELTER and many other fishermen and women along Lake O enjoy this great fishery! Jim By the way, If anyone is interested in helping with the pen rearing projects in your area (setting up the pens and loading the fish), LEGACY put together a pretty up to date listing of the 8 pen rearing sites with contact information. It's located in the OPEN LAKE DISCUSSION forum. It only takes a couple hours of your day, for a couple days a year. And you get to meet some really nice LOC guys!
  13. Appears to be a pen raised king- no adipose fin. Good to see!
  14. Funny you should mention it Bob, but my original last sentence WAS "Hope you had a great day- if you remember it!" But, out of respect for my elders, I shortened it! (Hee-hee)
  15. Happy belated birthday, Hank! Hope you had a great day! Jim
  16. The boat had low side walls. They had the anchor rope tied off from the right corner of the stern. With the stern facing into the wind, a large wave went over the stern, and a second wave followed. It happened too fast for them to react.
  17. Yesterday, around 9 a.m., my grandson and I were doing some serious goby fishing at the boat launch at Fair Haven State Park on Little Sodus Bay. There was a pretty good south wind blowing which generated a one to two foot chop at the north end of the bay. We noticed two guys in a small 14 foot boat anchored and fishing about 100 feet from the breakwall north of us, when one guy stood up and dove off the boat and started swimming toward the breakwall. Next, the boat disappeared and the second guy was standing chest deep in the water! I called 911 and explained the situation. A park policeman was driving by and I waved him down. He went out and assisted the two fishermen with their equipment. About fifteen minutes later, the Sheriff's boat arrived and towed the sunken boat to the boat launch. With the aid of the park policeman and some of the park workers, they managed to get the sunken boat on its trailer. Luckily, no one was injured or drowned.
  18. Hi Nick, I can't open the above video. It says it's private. Good luck out there today! Jim
  19. If you are interested in helping out one of the many pen rearing groups along the south shore, there is a list of groups with contact names and phone numbers in OPEN LAKE DISCUSSION under the pinned topic name "Pen Rearing Projects Information". They are always looking for help. Jim
  20. I would assume that you are correct, because the rest of the rule states "If you fish fewer than four anglers you may only run the number of rods allowed by law (2 per angler). " It just needs to be updated. But I am pretty sure the max number for the tournament will be 8 rods. Just like most of the tournaments run this year.
  21. Rolmops, The rules state that "Allowable max number of rods will be based on 4 anglers (8 rods)." Jim
  22. Nick, I noticed you mentioned that you have a "new" boat. What did you get? Jim
  23. Hi Nick and Theresa, Jake and I will be back this year for whatever needs to be done. We can help shore side, or if a captain needs a 1st and 2nd mate, we can accommodate them. Call or pm me with your needs. Jim
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