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  1. Nice footage Nick! I like the shot of the fish that separated right at the back of the boat, and the lure flying by the camera! Jim
  2. Badfish, I wouldn't recommend running 20 lb mono on your dipsies- there's too much stretch in the line to pop the dipsy. As Captain Carl said, run wire. Jim
  3. I noticed barricades yesterday too. It seems a little early to close it. But it could possibly be because of the low water level. Or maybe it me not wanting summer to end! Jim
  4. I had a big walleye done for me by Streeters about 15 years ago. It still looks as good as it did when I brought it home. But, for any future work, I'm giving it to Paul Czarnecki. I've seen some of his fish up close, and I don't think anyone can come close to the quality and realistic colors used. A friend of mine had a turkey done by Paul. Paul posed it standing on a tree limb, and it was one of the most original and natural mounts I've ever seen. Jim
  5. As always, great report Rick. Thanks for sharing information on what tackle you used, how you fished it , and the results you achieved. The pictures are awesome! Too bad the season is coming to an end. Jim
  6. There's a lot of that going around!! Here's another one caught in the lake in front of Port Bay two years ago. Jim
  7. Happy Birthday Ray! Hope you have a GREAT day! Jim
  8. If I remember correctly, Rod (Fishtails) found Snuggles on his boat last Sunday morning! He may still be there!! Jim
  9. Happy birthday Todd! Have a great day. Hope to see you at the Fair Haven Challenge? Jim
  10. Gman, What size boat is that, and how did you get it through the channel at East Bay?? Jim
  11. If you do decide to launch at Port Bay, use the north launch. The access road is a little bumpy, but just go slow. There are two ramps that launch into deep water. You are about fifty yards from the channel, and there is more than ample parking. The south launch has one ramp. But two boats can be launched at the same time. The problem is that it's pretty shallow (and getting shallower every day) and the ramp has a drop off. Don't back in past the orange line painted on the dock or you are off the pad. Better yet- use the north launch. Jim
  12. On the east side of Sodus Bay just past Connley's Cove Restaurant and next to the bridge to Leroy Island.
  13. What about Fowler's Marina?
  14. Muskybob, It was great to see you again. I'm glad I could help fill the box with fish. I thought you would still be filleting them this morning! That should keep you in smoked salmon and Adirondak Salmon Chowder through the winter. Jim
  15. Sterling Pond right in the park should be loaded with carp this time of year. Careful- it's real shallow. You could probably shore fish along the north shore for them right by the road. Jim
  16. Good luck out there today Nick. Weather looks to be in your favor- waves 1 foot or less out of the SW, and slightly overcast. Who could ask for more? They do predict rain or thunderstorms later in the day (around sixish!) Jim
  17. Nice going Andy. We found them just west of the channel in 130 fow on Saturday. Jim
  18. Mortigan, This year, at the captains meetings at both Niagara and Orleans, the captains and observers were split up and the observers were given some excellent training and tips from Captains Vince (at Niagara) and Paul Czarnecki (at both tourneys). The other big change this year for the observers is that after the first day, they were assigned to a different boat. I think the Oswego and Wayne ProAms will be run the same. Personally, I like the changes. Jim
  19. Nick, I can volunteer for shore duty. I can flip burgers set up tables, make salads, or whatever else needs to be done. Just give me a call. 315-945-1314 Jim
  20. Way to go, Chowder! Great fish for this time of year! Can you imagine what the fishing is going to be like in the fall?? Outrageous!! Jim
  21. Happy birthday Shawn, and many more. (It's also my daughters birthday. Happy birthday Jen.) Jim
  22. Hi Matt, I told you that I'd do both Niagara and Orleans. Jim
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