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  1. Was a great shakedown, thought we were going to pound them, turns out we jsut started in the right spot Was a nice female, fresh out of the creek, she had a few eggs left to spawn out and hellgrammites still crawling in her belly
  2. Awesome Fish Steve congrats! Still waiting to tug one in myself
  3. Sounds like the kinda day FLX troutman Mike and I shoulda been out on the Brown Hown'd No doubt while skinny the FL's can make you respect them
  4. We ran one last year on Big O and it produced no fish
  5. Hey bud I troll flasher fly setups out of my kayak on 7 color and dipsey braid setups and get lakers also get alot of monster smallies on them, I use to struggle getting fish trolling the yak till I started to use my big lake setups now I catch fish everytime I go and it's tough tocontrol speed with the yak but I never take the boat always enjoy the paddle down there My hot colors have been mt dew spinny with hammer fly or white on white combo
  6. Congrats Steve awesome Quinte Bugeye
  7. 33canuck

    Honeoye lake

    I fished midlake Saturday, ice was good, signs of ice deterioration starting, sluch near shore and water on top when I left but still good 4-5" ice at 2:30 when I left.
  8. My club the Northeast Big Buck Club is having a scoring session from 11-4 at the Pastaria Pub in Lima NY tomorrow. The session is open to anyone wanted to get some big bone measured up for the books. Stop by with your mounts be it from years past or this season and see what they score maybe enjoy a pop or two and see some local giants
  9. Awesome Fish poppa gump! Congrats
  10. 33canuck

    Honeoye lake

    Looks like open water on the cam
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