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  1. 600 Copper down the chute always produces something good, if not you get a workout reelling her in
  2. Awesome story and buck! Conragts to your old man!
  3. I would be happy to come out and show you how to do that
  4. Awesome Brother, way to get those boyz on some fish! p.s. I felt like you and I should have been out in Sandy
  5. Mike I would expect nothing less from the Brown How'nd Cafe
  6. Awesome man, Congrats to the both of you that is what it is about
  7. FLXTroutman and Myself have taken several big smallies on Canandaigua on FF combos, I have caught 2 over 6lbs on canadice trolling 7 color a Mt dew spinny with hammer fly out of the Yak, lots of fun
  8. I can't remember if that buck was killed or not but I do know it is a fairly old pic and def not from NY, those Webster people are loopy on X-box contamination
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