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  1. wow a few burgers there! He didnt look that big when i let him go
  2. Well if you see garage or tag sale signs hiding somewhere and a stack of little stickers nearby i would definitely be on my guard.
  3. Deer adapt to every situation in their environment ,ya just have to throw them a curve ball once in a while . I hunt in wmu 3k in sullivan county -no agriculture i have to rely on mast crops which was scarce this year.It's all big woods with patches of laurel and blow downs some years i dont see hardly any and others i see them all day long,mostly depends on pressure from other property's. I go in at dark and i don't leave till dark sitting in the same place all day long .After the first day i take different routes to my stand cause i know they are in there and dont want to have them get used to MY travel patterns. Just my .02
  4. At least he got his omega 3 for the day
  5. cool thanks for the input guys!
  6. "my dad was so nervus" he hit the gun as i pulled the trigger making me hit further back.. I think i was shaking more watching him shoot that buck than i ever did on my first on !!
  7. Now that i have a little time between deer seasons I need to get my ice gear ready and am looking for a good line to put on my jig poles any thoughts ??
  8. Thanks for all the congrats !! It was a special moment i will remember always and i'm sure he will too. He wanted to shoot his first buck with his great grandads 30-30 but the deer was a little out of his comfort zone using only peepsites.He saved his doe tag for the late flintlock season both of us can't wait for that .
  9. My boy had a snow day from school on wend. the 9th and we gave it our all and about 2 in the afternoon this buck finally cooperated with us and gave him a shot. It was a broad side shot at about 80 yd's . He was aiming for the heart/lung area and managed to get just a little too far back . Tracked the buck for maybe 200 yards and found very little blood , decided to wait till morning.Thank god there was snow on ground or i never would have found him.I called the school and had them the give him the message. He thought he was in trouble when he got called down to the office.
  10. They are all good calibers 243 might be a little touchy if its brushy.I have one and its a tack driver,have a 308 too it has a wide range bullet weights that you can get to match your game.The one that comes out of the cabinet first though is my rem.model 700 in 280 cal though.
  11. My family's thoughts and prayers are with your family.
  12. When i'm fishing picky trout I'll use a small stick as a float (catch the line in the bark or split the end ) and thread a small worm on a dry fly hook .That seems to work for me. Good luck
  13. awesome pictures great job !!
  14. I'm not doubting anybody saying the picture is a hoax -looks like there should be some sage brush in the picture.BUT 2 years ago i was bouncing my bucket truck across five mile meadow rd. which is on the north side of dingmans ferry (cuts through state forest land) and had a big kitty cross the road 100 ft in front of me.
  15. looks to be a scoring nightmare - I couldnt imagine something like that coming out to me while on stand
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