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  1. This was taken at the end of east port bay road on sunday
  2. I'm staying here. Check out the web site http://www.portbaycampground.com/index.html
  3. I'm staying here. Check out the web site http://www.portbaycampground.com/index.html
  4. Sorry guys I have to bow out....Some friends are coming in and want to get some kings on Ontario. I'll try to make it next year.. Good luck to all.
  5. Rods Bent and crew are in...Will be there with the new boat so maybe we can give Eskimo Joe a run for his money
  6. It's all about MONEY.... The more gas you buy the more tax they get. They don't care that the less mpg actualy puts more emissions in the air per run hours vs the old gas without ethinol. I have a 96 dodge that used to get 16mpg on 87 octaine now I'm down to 10 mpg. I see no gain for the enviorment, just the tax income for the state and federal gas taxes.
  7. For those of you who have'nt got your card yet Contact: Colin Morehouse 67 John St. Geneva, NY 14456 (315) 789-8634 Just let him know where you will be weighing in at and he will send your card to that weigh station, good luck
  8. I'll be at Sampson as well. Will arrive Friday. I'll be on 68 as well. Handle is "Rod's Bent". Good luck to all :yes
  9. Got the muskie on a stick bait in about 25 fow. We were south of Deans cove on the west side at about 2.5mph. Ran the stick bait out 50ft then attached a 4oz sinker and out another 100ft for a total out 150ft. It was a Tiger Muskie had the tell tail stripes and all. How about it MuskieBob are there any reported in Cayuga till now???
  10. Keoke, next time chime in Would like to meet some people who face to face sometime. We will be at Seneca in two weeks for the derby so we will meet some of you there. Maybe I should change my handle on here to "Rod's Bent" so no one gets comfused. When we got back to Sampson sunday we launched to give the kids a boat ride and picked up another 5 lber on flasher fly, took about 10 min.
  11. First year with the B&B tournament for me this year. My daughter and I got 2 in the shallows on saturday on stick baits and lost a good one, with stick bait of course, We did manage a 20in tiger muskie as well, a first for me. all were south of Deans Cove about 1/2 mile. Sunday we found all of ours on the riggers one as deep as 120ft over 200fow. Talked with one of the guys here who fishes on a pontoon and he or someone who chimmed in said the board was showing a 10.6 so our 8 lber didnt get weighed. All ours on sunday came on Green with glow spoons from the 50 to 120ft range in 150 to 250 fow. We did'nt get the #s you guys in the south did our smallest was a 5lber but we boated 5 for 7 on sunday and 2 for 4 on saturday. We did have a great time and thanks to all who put this together
  12. I have an idea that might work. Remember this is an IDEA only. If you remove the fish box and wrap it with a couple large trash bags, then get a few cans of "great stuff" the canned foam. cover the bottom with great stuff then insert the box before it has a chance to expand. then fill the sides with great stuff and hold it down. Remember this stuff expands so dont over fill, Ive had it push sideing off my house useing it to fill a hole. After it sets up you should be able to trim off the excess. you may want to fill the box with sand to prevent the box from getting deformed while the foam expands. with the trash bags on you SHOULD be able to remove the box. As far as the drain, well maybe a larger hose that you could pull out then slide your drain hose through. Remember this is just an idea. don't blame me if the box collapses or it gets stuck in. Good luck and let us know what you did
  13. Thanks Vince I understand now. So that is why when I troll through the large arches several times I pick up dinks
  14. Help me understand....A mature king goes around 25 to 30 lbs. right? so at 100 ft it will be a small arch....so what are all the big arches at 100 ft??
  15. Now is not the time for that type of crap to happen.
  16. I guess layoffs at the salt plants will be comeing. This guy is an IDIOT. Anybody this stupid could not have survived this long without alot of help.
  17. Splitshot, Final Flight, Jason how bout it chime in
  18. Do you run snubbers on the dipsies? I was told I did'nt need them. Just wondering if not haveing them the hooks were pulling out.
  19. A&M I can understand your disgust with some things you read.I too feel disgust when I read about a person who cannot make a stand for what they believe in. I would like to call to your attention a quote from you. He says this and then allows stimulus money to go to other countries,why? He is allowing the lakes to be harmed by the installation of windmills,why? He says this and is refuseing to hear public comment on fisheries,why? Have you ever thought that he is LIEING to you?I can tell you this myself and all friends of the fisheries I know WILL have him and all those who support him out of office on the next election
  20. sfarm

    HIN number

    Well no HIN plate inside the transom. Looks like the owner keeps it. Thank you all for your help,you saved me from makeing a big mistake.
  21. The stimulus money is OUR money, donated by you and I in the form of taxes. Sorry I dont agree!! A donation is done out of FREE will. Taxes are mandatory!! Don't mean to beat you up Chinook 35 cause you are on the right track. It is our money and we do have as say in how it gets spent. If my wife spent money like that, she would be finding a new place to live, so send the Congress men and Representives an eviction notice.
  22. If you have fuel,spark and timing is correct I'll assume you did'nt do any distributor work during the winter,so the only thing left will by to try a shot of starting fluid,and you said you did that so as a final option is the choke. Remove the flame arrester and see if it is stuck closed, this will allow a rich mix to get to the engine and flood it. You will smell gas fumes. If that is the case free the choke, usualy only takes a push on the butterfly to open it.It is best to have a fire extinguisher or clean towel handy in case of a flaming backfire. In any case be careful you are in a confined area and if flames erupt your stuck. Good Luck
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