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  1. His charm is so contagious they once had a vaccine for it. If he mailed a letter without postage, it would still get there. When he misspells a word webster corrects the dicionary. When it's raining, it is because he is thinking of something sad. He once punched a magician.......
  2. Seen this crap happen in different ways over the years. Charters pushing the small recreational's around in traffic, should not go without mention, as long as were talking the talk...........maybe that's a taboo subject?
  3. I was poking around between the plant and the big river on Saturday last week, and noticed a metric ton of bait. Hope those KIng show up shortly.
  4. Trolled worm harnesses on Oneida more times than I'll ever remember.
  5. I was standing in front of the mirror after a shower this morning and I noticed a yellow spot near my navel........
  6. Green/chartruse prism tape on a chrome sonar-type blank works. I've a LOT of foul hook-ups(side of the head, in the eye, under the lower lip) with sonars than otherwise. One year on Oneida, there were a bunch-o-fish congreated in one area for some time, and it was not a secret. Lampreys are gone from Oneida, but from the looks of those legal and short fish, you'd not think so.
  7. I dose my main tank with Marvel Mystery Oil as per directions several times during the year. I use it in my lawn & garden tractor, snowblower, ATV's, and our automobiles. I notice smoother operation of the V-6 in my 221 Islander.
  8. Why did the impeller need changing, and what year is it?
  9. Those jet divers are marked as to the depth they run at?
  10. You do not have to troll for them, but w/o riggers you can use leadcore line, or snap weights off Church boards/big boards, or also "dives to" Rapalas if doing so. A lot of guys jig them up with hair jigs tipped with a crawler, or by ripping sonars. Thing with the Sonars(Heddon) or better word, blade bait, you foul hook more than legal hook, at least from what I've witnessed.
  11. I've tried smoking them, but couldn't find a pipe, big enough to put them in....................
  12. Lake Trout on Salmon gear are not a lot of fun, as already mentioned, but catch them on Brown Trout or Walleye rod/reel combos and that is a different story. Either way though, sure beats working.
  13. I have a 6 hp Johnson twin cylinder. THE smoothest little motor I've seen. Super-smooth, and yes it is old....................just like the owner. hehe.
  14. Used spoons behind a flasher many times. Caught fish.
  15. We use lead, or riggers.
  16. Have seen a good bite first thing also, then lock jaw.
  17. North of the bouys/shipping channel from 109-117. Cornell and the DEC efforts seem to have the lake a real Walleye factory. Not monsters but a ton in the 17-20" ranges, or so it appears.
  18. Yep. Beaucoup' marks constantly. Some pasted to the bottom, and saw those in groups of 6-8-10, but a LOT of suspended fish. We watched the floating Rapalas running about 5-6 feet below the balls, and took that into account on the leadcore. The short fish once hooked, will just come along for the ride on the lead line, barely detectable, but we keep close eye on that. Came home, cleaned fish, and went over to the farm we hunt(spotted 2 VERY young fawns) and tilled/disc'd/ planted deer food plots 'till about 8 pm.......I was ready for bed after that.
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