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  1. Heard twice today, 2 seperate sources 250-300 fow 125-130 down in front of the power plant. Cognitive word here is "heard", but it should be any time now.
  2. The lake is what? 120 plus miles long X 60 plus miles wide X 800 ft deep in some areas? For instance, 1 million mature Kings?? It's like looking for a match head in an over-grown football field X 2, IMHO. They ought to show up any time now, here on the east end, but lakers and browns will have to do until then.
  3. I'm leary of too close to the bottom also, but you have to there to catch them.
  4. What we've been taking hits on have been UV E-chip plates, pulling Atommic or Big Wennie flys. Spoons were working for us this past weekend.
  5. Traditionaly/historicaly they show up at the East end most any time now, from where I don't know, but the fishing has been tough, at least for us. Brown Trout were the only fish we boated Saturday while fishing out of Oswego. They should be around any time now....................hopefully.
  6. I've got 4 on mine too. Warm rod, 2 at just below the break, and one in the freezer.
  7. That last week of August should be a home-run in/around the Mexico Bay area. Matter of fact, we'll be there then as well.
  8. When I used to hunt in the Adirondacks, we'd always get on high alert if you heard a large stick or branch crack.
  9. As cute as that scene is, always remember that mom can turn into a ball of fury in a heartbeat if she even thinks things are going wrong with the kiddies. Always maintain a good distance. We had them cross thru our upper yard a few years ago. Very rare to see them around our area.
  10. If your washdown has any kind of power, it'll blast a lot of them off.
  11. Yep, we were up there and beyond. Lakers at/near the bottom were all we had. As you mentioned, nothing at the thermocline break for us either. We kept changing up, sliding and fixed cheaters, copper off both sides, spoons/flashers/meat.......salmon just were not there. They will be soon.
  12. Oh, did I forget to mention FLEAS!!! Had to use the washdown to blast them off when we'd change up/pick up.
  13. We had streakers/bait/marks north of the river. No salmon from what we saw. Only fish we found biting were lakers. 10-12 lb fish, suspended in the cooooold water and pasted to the bottom also.......so we targeted them. Yellow cowbells and orange/chartruse peanuts. If there are salmon in/around they must be few and far between, 'cause we covered a LOT of water. Did hear something about 400 fow, but we didn't venture quite that far out. They should show up pretty quick now.
  14. If you are still in need, I can make that out of aluminum, brass.
  15. Oneida had some of the best fishing that I had seen since in the 1980's, this year. Threw a lot of shorts back too.........
  16. Hope it is semi-flat for the weekend. Taking her 14 yr old grandson out with me, and he HAS to have motion sickness pills..............I wasn't told of that last time I took him..........
  17. We had 2 line2 in the water out there and with the Mrs. at the wheel, only, I pulled it and ran back in. Rough is one of the words I use.........
  18. We run big boards out about 100 ft, and use the big Scotty releases.
  19. Gotta' thumb it until you have tension, then STILL handle with care is how I deploy it. I use a Spro barrel swivel..........goes thu the guides ok, still care is used then as well. JMHO.
  20. We caught our fish Saturday morning in 200-210 fow out in front of the river. Flasher/flys........they never touched a spoon. Quite a bit of bait around.
  21. I'd bet good money that you'd have at LEAST 1K in that.
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