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  1. Trolled lead/riggers "dives-to" sticks off big boards from 35-45 fow. Managed a 2 man limit with quite a few shorts. 61 degree surface temp. Firetiger, and natural perch patterns did the most of the work.
  2. Caught a 14-16 lber. out in front of North Sandy Pond one morning on a Michigan spoon. 110 fow or so, about 65 down. Didn't really know what is was, thought maybe a laker. Suprised to see it was a catfish up in the water that high.
  3. Certainly courtesy is very important. Getting too close to another vessel, for most any reason can raise an eyebrow, and tempers. We don't care for it, and practice that as well.
  4. I've been accused of bringing too many with me as well.
  5. Yup. Determination and learning quickly along with capitalizing from your mistakes, taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.
  6. I made my own from aluminum tubing delivered from Murphy-Nolan in Syracuse, using Big Jon planer reels, 8 rod holders across the top, lights front/rear 2 bird trees, and even a holders for my outriggers. Bought some BIg Jon rod holder rubber caps for the ends.................got about 450.00 tied up in the whole enchilada.
  7. If it has to happen, may as well get it behind you now. Kill some of those timber chickens.
  8. Fish Hunter

    Sold / Closed Islander HardTop

    Notheast Trim Creek Rd. Oneida NY 363-0040 They can probably get you squared away.
  9. Dave, I'm am dumb to posting photos.........I am waiting to see my son sometime this week, and hope to post it then. Scott
  10. Fish Hunter

    Sold / Closed Islander HardTop

    They usually do not last long. I have no plans of selling mine any time soon. I've always liked them, and Lund Genmar's as well. New rag top going on mine in the next week or so, at Northeast Trim, Oneida NY. They put a real nice top on my other boat years ago. The guy that built the last one for the Starcraft, at Oneida Lake Marina, must have been drunk......... If anyone gets a chance to go there, for that type of work,............pass on that.
  11. I've got a couple of of jointed Rebels that would imitate as well, and actually had 1 in the water on Sunday.
  12. That said, what tackle shop are you headed to..........?
  13. With the plethora of Rapala's, Smiths, AC Shiners, Renofsky's, Thundersticks, and Yo-Zuri's, along with a box-o-Thin Fins, I find no need to spend more, cause if those don't do it, I'M, doing something waaaaaaaaaay wrong. BTW, we boxed out easily on Sunday on our splashdown, and never had a Rat lure on the boat. Go figure. Like Dave said(and I've said it also) once that lure is purchased, it has done about 3/4's of it's job. Not trying to be a kill-joy, and do not think Pete is either, just trying to be realistic.
  14. We were closer to the harbor on Sunday. One was a 13 lb'er, and had a larger one ready for the net until he straightened the hook.
  15. I sell Star-Tron at my business...........now I use MMO in all my power-sports equipment including all 4 marine engines, 3, 4 wheelers and 4 snowmobiles, and even occasionally in my automobiles. Have NEVER had an issue since the introduction of that. Saturday I was doing some tree/brush removal in prep for some renovation at my home......chain saw with 4-5 year old gas in it did the work, and started on about the 3-4 pull. Lucky I guess.
  16. Suppose you could, but I don't imagine they'll pull like a wood board or otter.
  17. Hopeing to go on Sunday this week as long as the wind stays somewhat tame. Leave some fish for us...
  18. I always have a grin when someone that thought they were a genuine drinkin' man the night before, is chumming over the side the next morning.......about 6 miles offshore.
  19. West end of the lake is easy fishing/catching from what I've seen. East end can be quite finicky at times.
  20. We've fished out of Wilson in the spring.........great fishing.
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