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  1. Big Salmon River has not really seen a big push of fish yet, 2's and few's, here and there.
  2. I had a couple posts in this thread.......what happened to them?
  3. We see rubs as well, same spots they hit year after year. Going back over there on Sunday to attend to the last of the branches in the lanes, move one hang-on, set up our tent ground blind for gun season, and generally give things a good look over. We won't return to that property until the afternoon of 10/4...........and if we have some luck, we'll be pulling venison back out to the trucks.
  4. I've seen scrapes this early before. Swapped the sd card from one of our cameras last weekend, we have mutiple pics of a palmated 10 about 2-3" past his ears. Another 9 with double brows, LOT of mass, maybe 16-17" wide, and a 2 1/2 year old 10 pt, plus a pile-o-4's and 6's. My son is mighty excited about these findings, seeings how they were taken on a runway about 20 yards from one of his favorite stands. Natural funnel right there, now that the beavers are back.
  5. We are done for the year on the liquid water............next fish I catch will be thru an 8" hole in the ice.
  6. We set up in 30 fow water in front of the BSR, grabbed a couple steelhead, and continued a NW troll to 150 fow, changing up as we went. Found a beaucoup' good marks/bait in that water, but could NOT get them to go. Only thing we could figure was the blow on Saturday night, must've raised hell with them? That was our last trip for the year, as bow season is closing in fast.
  7. Those fish in close won't be there long...........I'd flat line J's in that water and off the boards if traffic allows.
  8. I was thinking about setting up a glow combo, and a shiney combo for this weekend. Same/same with a couple spoons. No coward to trying different here..........that's what she said............
  9. Anyone ever try this? We pull spoons off flashers sometimes but have never tried a J-plug. Thoughts?
  10. We are going to set up in about 160-170 fow out of the BSR, tommorrow.
  11. A guy could go fishing in some fairly snotty stuff for under 4K.
  12. It just slides to the bow in the fishing line. From my observations, it seems to land about 5/8-3/4 of the way to the ball. You can miss a lot of fish unless your quick on the draw, again only from I've seen.
  13. That is a good deal right there. It won't last long.
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