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  1. Oneida is no different as the NYS Barge Canal, fed/flushed by Fish Creek at Sylvan Beach, and the mouth of Oneida Creek in Verona Beach can push a lot of dangerous debris into the east end of that lake. Early season navigation should be done with care, no doubt.
  2. I have collected quite an amount of hunting and fishing gear in my life. My grandkids shouldn't need to buy a thing......
  3. I think Big Weenie puts up twinkies?? Worth a try.
  4. I have 2 Parker c/fires. Out of the box dead-on. Paid $629.00 ea.
  5. Albany would figure out a way to put a tax on each hole.....
  6. Guy out this way years ago was pissed at his girlfriend and in the morning the next day, she found one of her horses on the ground with an arrow buried in it..........he got in trouble for that stunt. Rediculous behavior.
  7. I'd use a little grease on the Heli-Coil drill and tap to coagulate the chips, The repair should be very long lasting.
  8. Have caught Walleyes in the Raquette River up from Simon Pond on several occasions.
  9. I'd be leaning in direction of a Heli-Coil repair kit. Available thru most NAPA stores, MSC Industrial Supply, or Grainger.
  10. Not under $500.00 but you might want to take a good look at the Parker Centerfire...
  11. How much ice are you drilling thru? Nice catch.
  12. Both the Winchesters are iron sighed, and the newer(circa 1970 or so)has a Williams peep, and always has. The older one (circa 1915) has a Marble front sight. Both the Marlins .338 and .450, have 2-7 Nikons. All 4 of those have collected their share of deer. We too now use that Hornady ammo now, but the round-nose stuff will still go the distance, not anywhere near as flat-shooting though, just have to hold over. As long as they are within MOV (minutes of venision, not to be confused with MOA) we are good. Matter of fact having venison cube steaks/peppers/onions tonight. Long live the lever rifles.
  13. Next time we have a screamer hooked, I'll give it a go, and actually makes sense to me.
  14. 30-30's are not like a shotgun IMHO. Even my 12 ga. 1100 with a Hastings fully rifled 26" Paradox barrel and a 1-4 Leopold is no match for a 30-30. The Winchesters that I own are very slender, light, quick handling rifles, capable of killing deer at 250 plus yards, in the hands of a skilled marksman even with iron sights. The Marlins I own are a bulkier weapon, not in a bad way, but the 30-30's are just a very nimble gun. Just my observations.
  15. Better make sure that the head honcho of the Oneida Indians, that led the charge against the owner of the Washington Redskins for the name change doesn't read that........ him liable to take heap big offense...
  16. Like they'd say downstate.........."monsta".
  17. Winner of so many State and National awards for his summer sausage, balogna, jerky, kielbasa, hot sticks, pepperoni, etc, etc, his walls cannot contain them all anymore..........The Farmers Place, South Edmonston, NY. 607-847-8234. They average about 1000 deer processed a year.
  18. Friends of ours from up in the Tupper Lake area say the next bear they will ever shoot again, will be standing in the bed of their truck before they pull the trigger.......
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