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  1. Northeast Trim, Creek Rd, Oneida. These guys are good.
  2. If there were no Kings, I'd just stay on Oneida and pound the Walleyes. MUCH better tasting anyway..................
  3. From the title, I thought that you were looking for some national chain restaurant supplies...................?
  4. .............I do not disagree, but I'd bet it would haul a$$.
  5. Dig deep, and grab a heap.
  6. Yep, a leakdown will tell if it is getting past either the intake,(air coming out the carb) or exhaust valves,(air coming out the exhaust system) or the rings.(air passing out the crankcase breather). Certainly would not expect all equal, or probably not within 10%, but it is not a Nascar, or 1/4 mile maximum effort application either, where 0% leak is needed.
  7. I know of a mid-late 80's Sportcraft with almost 7000 hrs on it. It was bought new, oil has been changed like clockwork at 50 hrs, every time, and never abused. Runs great to this day.
  8. When we are up there, starting in about 1 more week, very seldom do I launch my 22 ft. Islander anywhere else. Only trouble I've ever had was years when the Big Salmon was low. I will say this about PG, it only takes 1 guy that is not properly prepared, to turn it into a full-blown cluster mess, at 5:00 am.
  9. 5-6 colors, J7's and 9's.
  10. I've put my 22 ft. Islander in at Marion. Kinda of tight squeeze in between the docks, but doable.
  11. Gotta' get your trolling gear out.
  12. I believe that you could hop in the water over at Snug Harbor, in Verona Beach, just right off the NYS Barge Canal.
  13. I was going to bring my Fishawk TD from the other boat just to see, but forgot it again.
  14. No where even in the same zip code as Shackleton Point, with almost no boats near us whatsoever, but we had a tough time keeping a particular J7 in the water for a while. Caught 15 fish total, with 2 doubles, including our 6 NICE keepers hovering at the 18-19" range, and was basically done by 8:00 am, and ran back in by 9:30 to beat the heat.(too lazy to put the top up) Oneida has warmed considerably in the deeper water during the past week. With the 3-day, 4th-of-July weekend coming, I know where I'll be in the mornings. Batting a perfect score on Oneida this year so far, but in spite of that, hopefully Ontario will be setting up soon, and we'll be concentrating our efforts up there well before the end of July.
  15. Good to hear that they are still going on sticks/spoons. Going in the morning to see if I catch a few.
  16. And I have driven on the Garden State Parkway for the first and very last time in my life. 6 lanes of 80 mph bumper/bumper manics. I'll walk before I'll do that again.
  17. Huge influx of people coming in and erecting McMansions, driving the taxes up on others properties, to the point that life-long residents, on average incomes are hanging on by a toenail. Was a time when a working man could have afforded a water-front piece of property to breathe in the smell of the fragrant pines, splash around in the water, and generally bask in the beauty of it all. That ain't ever gonna' be again either.
  18. I remember my Grandfather telling of how good the deer hunting was in/around Blue Mountain Lake in the late 1940's and into the 50's. Lot's of logging that opened the forest floor to the sun. Those days of good/great whitetail hunting in the beautiful Adirondacks is long gone, and within the past few years, the flying services(Helms in Long Lake, and Dick Payne on Seventh to name a couple) are very limited at to what lakes they can land on, limiting access greatly. I was a member of the last deer hunting party to be flown out of the Whitney Lake area in the late fall of 1987 prior to it becoming forever wild land. Tree huggers fixed that, protecting us from ourselves.
  19. Caught a 24 1/2" in that Lions Club derby on the opener on Oneida, years back. Was the last fish on the board, from Marion, and to drive from my home to Cicero, to collect $25.00 didn't seem like a sound economic decision........... But by far, I don't boat that many large Walleyes, I'm just a happy-camper to catch my limit on Sunday's right now until the east end of Ontario starts to fire up.
  20. I come off the trailer at Marion Manor, now owned/operated by the Oneida Indian Nation.
  21. Largest Walleye I've ever caught on Oneida was on a green/white Erie Dearie, mid-July, dead calm,(HOT) mid-day, 36-38 fow. Tad over 27". Thought I was snagged on submerged debris for a bit.
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