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  1. #scarethesheep 2020. Biggest left media hoax ever perpitrated on the American people.
  2. A .450 Marlin(hopped-up 45/70)in my description, is a 200 yd 12 ga. Pokes a big hole, thru.
  3. Been a couple caught in the big river recently. Not dark fish.
  4. Seen guys use boards in heavy traffic.....never a good idea......lol.
  5. Could not see any reason not to run a lead or copper rig straight off the back.
  6. I agree. Leader length, boat speed, depth, are SUPER important. Always remember, a fishing lures job is about 7/8's complete, once the fisherman purchases it.
  7. I run copper off the big boards often. How I run a dipsey when doing that, just drop your dipsey's off the back, ley em go out 50-60 ft, engage the reel, set it in the holder on the side, and once it takes its set, feed it out to the desired depth. No tangles.
  8. Sharks? You gents suspect chrome Sharks to be a bonus in the spread? Scott
  9. Been a slow bite in the Mexico Bay area this season.....glad to see it is heating up.....9 days off just in time.....yippee!!!!
  10. Been a slow bite in the Mexico Bay area this season.....glad to see it is heating up.....9 days off just in time.....yippee!!!!
  11. Saw beaucoup' marks pasted to the bottom. Suspected lake trout.....I'll take bottom-feeders advice this weekend..... In the good years this seems to be about the time the Kings show up and stay. Should only get better from here out.
  12. Marked a ton of bait in Mexico Bay area yesterday. Never moved a rod.
  13. Slow in/around Mexico Bay....at least from what we saw this weekend.
  14. 2 small steelhead and 2 laketrout on Sunday, 5/29. Steel came on spoons 30 down, dredged the lakers up off the bottom with cowbells/peanuts, 100-130 fow near the powerplant. Saw what I suspected to be salmon on the screen a few times. Glad the breeze came up a little to blow the flies off us.
  15. We are going to see what you guys leave us on Sunday.
  16. When Bendix Fluid Power Division, located on Seward Ave, Utica, NY, started it'd closing many years ago it never even hit the news. Over 2500 head-of-household jobs were gone. Now the state is going to get in a big twist over 600?? GE pulled of of Utica.........about 6,000 were gone. Sperry-Rand...........another 1200 or so. Chicago Pneumatic, Kelsey-Hays, Remington, Bossert Manufacturing, Utica Cutley, Utica Duxbak and the list goes on. The state did NOTHING.
  17. No union here.(belonged to 2 different ones at one time years ago, and both were corrupt) Self employed, working and running a business 10-14 hrs a day 6-7 days a week for over 30 years now.
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