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  1. ............or all the boats are in a north/south, and some yo-yo decides he is going in or out.......now. Dave, We were tripled up last Saturday in front of the big river. Ended up 4-7. We are done for the year, closing the camper this weekend.
  2. Nothing I'd want. Leave the left-handed tobacco off it and I'd have a lash at a couple bites.
  3. Suprprised that a sturdy vessel like that is still for sale. I have no plans of selling mine anytime soon.
  4. Went 3 for 3 on Saturday, others did better, but we had fun. We'll hit it again on Friday. Not the same as it was 10-12 years ago, that is for sure.
  5. Oneida is tough this time of year. Look north of the bouy line.
  6. Caught 1 juvenile king on Saturday 180-220 fow in front of the plant......... Very litle bait, had the occasional looker. Try again this weekend.
  7. I'll run 25 ft on the outside and 12 up the middle to start. If the c/rigger fires more than the outside, I'll tighten the outside length, and/or change to the same combo on the center rod. Anyone ever run all the same flasher/fly combos on all the riggers? We have trying to simulate a feeding school of salmon, and have had good luck do so, not all the time, but it has worked very well in the past.
  8. Seems the fish showed up in Mexico Bay when we were climbing into the treestands last year. Fish, or deer hunt?
  9. Last year it was late............hope it is not a repeat. Seems to be an early quick bite then nuttin', or at least for us.
  10. We were halfway to Stoney Point out of the BSR on Saturday........dropped both hook-ups, but had 15-16 year old novices on board. One slept in the cabin for 4 1/2 hrs........thought I was running a nursery..........hahaha. I'll have my crew back this weekend.
  11. Knew the blow was coming so we stayed on the trailer.......ugh.
  12. Fleas were THICK all over our gear last weekend in Mexico Bay. Riggers, dipsey wire, 30 lb. Andes, Maxima, didn't matter. Pain in the butt for sure.
  13. I made one from a 1/2" 6061-T6 aluminum plate in a Bridgeport vertical mill. Too expensive to try to sell those......haha.
  14. NICE!! I heard on the radio that a bite was on over there yesterday.......we launched out of Oswego......did NOT move a rod. Almost put in at Mexico Point, buy had heard that earlier in the week there were fish over a bit west of Oswego Harbor.............those were probably those fish, here today, gone tommorrow.
  15. Should be more and more fish now coming, and with any sort of luck you should be able to put some in the box. Happy to share what we know. We run on Channel 68.....Fish Hunter. Just call us.
  16. Seen it go from dead flat to 4 fters in 15-20 minutes.
  17. I've fished the trench, but know nothing of a mountain.
  18. I had the port side cracked at the handle. I epoxied it and haven't had any issues. I do use more care retrieving my boards now.
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