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  1. Looks like he has some interesting Walleye spinners blades too!!!!
  2. They look very nice, and that is a very resonable price indeed. In the process of manufacturing, a rocket launcher, planer mast system with bird trees, and rear deck lights for my Starcraft at this point, myself. Can't wait to fish with it. Fun project.
  3. Terry Signs made mine. Hamilton, N.Y.
  4. As others have already said, enjoy your boat to the fullest, but BE CAREFUL, and pay attention, so you can always look forward to having a great time on the water.
  5. Looks like a hellava shooter!! Have had an 1100, with a 26" Hastings Paradox barrel, and a 1-4 Leupold, for years. Heavy cuss to stillhunt with, and it is better suited for stand hunting. It loves Lightfields. Hope you put the backstaps in the freezer next year!!
  6. Seemed to have pretty good luck with Mountain Dew Spin Doctors, with Hammers. I would run 'em in a V pattern, right at/in temp. Had three sets of doubles one day running with that set up. Scott
  7. Bob, I'll use the salmon in it, as we have a PILE of it, in the freezers downstairs. Between the walleyes, venison,(did well on the deer this season, again, over here) and salmon, and we have 1/2 side of beef cut up every year, we seldom buy any meat from the local grocery stores. Scott
  8. Bob, Made some last weekend. What a killer meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole tribe chowed-down heartily. Only 1 problem.......................... THERE WERE NOT ANY LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Scott
  9. My Mini-30 will steadily climb after the 3-4 round, as the barrel heat affects the accuracy. Let it cool to off(not that it gets really hot)to about the air temp, and bingo, right back on at 100 yards. In spite of that trait,(which can be corrected) those are good firearms.
  10. Muzzlestuffers are a blast to hunt with. Have a Knight percussion cap, thumbhole, w/iron sights, a T/C Black Diamond with a 2-7 Swift, and a CVA w/a 2-7 Bushnell. We run 150 gr of Pirodex, and .295 gr Powerbelt Aero-tips. All three are very accurate, and all three have taken deer in excess of 100 yds. Killed one 3 years ago with the CVA at over 160 yds. No mistaken when you hit them, especially in the boiler room. Their down.
  11. ???? My Hastings barrels on my Remingtons, are 26", on both my 1100, as well as my 870 Wingmaster,(both are VERY ACCURATE BTW) but we are in a rifle county now, so they sit out the deer season, as the Ruger M77 Stainless, in 7 Rem Mag, has susbstancially more range, as does the latest addition, .338 Marlin. My son had hole-in-hole, yesterday, with that, @ 100 yds. That's damn good for a lever gun, say NOTHING about the 16 yr old shooter. Scott
  12. Served in the 1st Cav Div, Ft Hood, Texas, and prayers got out to all those folks that "Ali-Babba" cowardly gunned down, as well as all fellow Veterans. For those that don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front. Scott
  13. We have not had any good shots presented yet, but had a 4 pt respond well to the bleat can Sunday evening. A week ago, there were 5 different bucks in the same clover field. Just a matter of time now. Good going on that deer!!!! Bowhunting is the best!!! Scott
  14. I see that it is sold, but I too have a Speed-N-Temp. Works VERY well. Scott
  15. We have quite a few Mennonite familys here locally. Lieing is considered a sin, but 2 have seen one cross the Munnsville-Knoxboro Rd about a year ago, and folks have seen them in/around the Waterville area, as well as Brookfield, N.Y. I would imagine a heathly fine would be the case if you killed one.
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