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  1. White Dbl Crush Glow SD & Atomic Ultra glo fly, If I could only have one
  2. Sat got to go to the Carrier Dome & watch Louie & Bouie get their Jersys retired. I went to school w/ RB from 1-6 grades & his Uncle is one of my best Freinds . He got us tickets & we spent time w/ them in their box & went to a private party after the game at the 44 club where all their former teamates were. ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER!!! Cant wait to take Rosie fishing this spring.
  3. If it is choppy , Running a rigger 2' down or so will get the line below the surface tension for better presentation . Out past 10', it's a good way to go. Have to be careful of lure choice & lead length, SNAGS.
  4. When the cold water pushes the kings in close ,as it happened last spring LOc( water less than 30') a stickbait program is my go to. I run them off the Boards & riggers. I like longer leads of 75 - 150' off boards & leads of up to 200' off my riggers. Back in the day, Pre NK, it was the only way we fished in the spring. I like J 9 - 13 , F 11-13 sometimes, jointed 3 1/2 - 5 1/2 rebels a lot , Smithwicks ,etc. Water Clarity determines color to me. I have some spoonbill rebels & other divers i run off the boards at times that have saved the day. My faves last year were bigger sizes in Blk/silver . i have bright colors for cloudy - dirty water. I use mono 12-15 lb. I tie DIRECT to a small split ring I add if it does not have one. I learned to take all my sticks to a small pond or the canal to tune each one under calm conditions. . This can take time but is well worth it. When my mom &dad had a pool I stood on the deck & did it there to her dismay. You need to learn the dive rate of each stick so as to not snag up. A J 13 200' back on a rigger can dive as much as 15' w/ lighter line so watch out. Rebels only go about 8' on same lead. I sometimes only put them down 2' on the rigger. It is a great way to fish at times. I did well w/ kings last spring LOC when I got out . I think some of you would be surprized how many kings are in water from 12- 30 ' when the temps & conditions are right.
  5. In a way I am kind of happy w/ the fact that the lake is so cold. I suspected early on last year that we would have better than normal spring king action in my neck of the woods last year & the cold water would push the kings my way. It panned out that way & it reminded me of the 80's. Might be a repeat , I can only hope.
  6. I don't know about you guys but the USS Sanity Ship sailed a long time ago for me. My Fly boxes are about as packed as they can get. Washed My Rods & cleaned & greased and relined all my reels. Going thru the lures I have no confidence in & putting them in storage.
  7. When I used rubber bands, I attached w/ a paper clip. Worked great & cheap.
  8. Some of those spots look very familiar to me . We fish a lot from the pass inland about 1/2 mile or so till you hit the intersection of where you head south to Marco on the inland canal. Glad you had a good time. I like to fish the rocks on the south side of the outlet and drift w/ the current, but if its windy , no way. We like to use white bucktails w/ shrimp. Did you see the Bald Eagle in the tree by the Outlet ? And did the dolphins come begging for your catch?
  9. Those Sounders are good for Summer Steel .
  10. It ain't the tool , it's the guy using it. Substitute tool w/ fishing rod, gun, golf club , johnson , etc for whatever fits the situation.
  11. I remember in my younger days when women were from gorgeous to ugly. Now they are Good & Better.
  12. If it ain't broke , don't fix it. Only a fool trips over what is behind hm. the secret to a happy marriage............ Low Expectations.
  13. Anything North of the Tapenzee Bridge is the considered the back 40 to NY . We are ruled by them. Western NY Gets the crumbs off the table. Look at the red blue by county. We would make a great 51st state.
  14. Cuomo had a press conference yesterday & pretty much said that the people of NY need to be able to trust their elected officials. Yea, that will happen. I laughed out loud when he said that.
  15. $ 500,000 fine for spygate. Evidence destroyed. The Pats are a good team . Getting the calls & cheating makes them great. Watched the Refs pretty much give them 2 games last year . Also , they lost to the Bengals last year & never had a penalty called on them. How can that be? There allways seems to be a call that extends a drive at the worst possible time for their opponents . Or a non call that gives them the ball back. Sometimes I feel I'm watching WWF. I liked the replacement officials. They had no obligation to anyone. Told me son watch & see how fast the popular teams are back on top when the union officials come back. It wasn't long. Pats are the face & darlings of the NFL.
  16. Given their track record, they cheated. New developments as they have on video an equip guy taking the ref approved balls somewhere out of sight . Lloved Bradys interview. " I have no knowledge of anything" .
  17. Just saw the press conference. Believed every word Tom & Bill had to say. I feel better now. A couple of alter boys. The darlings of the NFL.
  18. This had to be done on Brady's order. He is the one that handles the ball. They were the way he wants them to be. And when asked, he laughs about it. Goodell has a mess on his hands. People from all walks of life are outraged about this. If nothing is done and it is proven , I may pop my favorite movie , " Stripes " in during the game.
  19. I use to coach youth football. Each team had to supply a new game ball for that teams use chosen by the leauge.We did not use theirs , they did not use ours. Our guys had a hard time w/ the snap etc w/ those balls .Real leather , A J5J. I have one on my coffee table. It was like a block of ice. I took some air out of the balls before the games & it made a huge difference. So when I first heard this I laughed out loud. There are kick balls for kicking only.Look close on the kicking T & you will see a K in the white on the ball. Most kickers like them inflated to the max so they fly farther . Colts filed a complaint w/ the NFL the first time they played them this year about the same thing. So why did the guy spotting the ball not know?A guy that touched thousands of footballs in his life? Maybe he did . Patriots have been getting the calls for a long time. I get sick of watching their games because of it. I like Wilbons take. What else have they done to cheat to win some of the close games they were in. Also, if the ball is inflated, Maybe Brady throws a incomplete or a pic 6 instead of a TD in the first drive or quarter instead of being up by 14, could have changed the whole dynamic of the game, But we won't know becuse , THEY CHEATED. DQ them if this is true. They won in the last seconds of the Ravens game. Same ball?
  20. I have a Endura that I had some trouble last year and did not work. I pulled those 2 long screws out & it comes apart pretty easily . It had water in the case & I cleaned it out good & resealed it. Was a bit of a pain but it works as good as new. As I remember those long screws were in pretty tightly , so be carefull.
  21. The Patriots get caught cheating...... AGAIN.
  22. My resolution... More Fishing.......... of course! A healhty one to all.
  23. Wire or braid on dipseys. Mono sucks. 8' of 40# from dip to flasher. Maybe get another dipsey instead of the core when the fish get below 50'. Any color ,as long as it's black. No snubber. Rigger rods good. 19-22" spinny to fly. 15-30' behind ball or use on Dipseys (best). If they are 11" hotspots ' I use mine for meat. Rhys Davis head 30-60" behind the flasher. 25' behind ball or on the dipsey. Run spoon clean. 15-40' behind ball or on dipsey. Go down to 25# test for dipsey. One of my favorite setups for kings when they get out past 60' is two dipseys w/ flashers .Or one spoon , one flasher.On one rigger one flasher set 25' back from ball.On other side of boat one spoon 10' above the flasher , One 10' below set back 30-40'.Or all spoons staggered/ no flashers, sometimes I think they scare the fish away. Most important thing with this type of fishing is LOCATION, got to be over them to catch them. Once you find them , stay on them. Troll 1.9- 2.7 MPH .Get Sea bags or Buckets to hone it in. Keep your depth finder on Manual( common mistake w/ new guys) & adjust. Fish the Bait & Fish , no matter what the temp.Look for surface temp breaks. Look for Green water & try to stay out of that dead black clear water. Troll in lazy S & don't be afraid to turn around & go back where you hooked up Direction of troll can be critical . You are in a good spring area . In front of the Welland canal & the Bar is a good spot Early spring till June. Last year sounded bad up that way because of cold water/ Ice but it seems that it won't be that way this year. There are always lakers up that way on the bottom 30- 100' for fun if the Kings are not there. Hope this helps & good luck to you. Part of the fun to me is figuring it out.
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