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  1. Congrats to all that have scored! NY no longer is a laughing stock buck state. Some real studs are going down and several in this thread. Kudos all around! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I don't know anyone who has purchased one that regrets it. They are considered a staple in Northern Canada for all day sits. I don't mind them for blind hunting but find them awkward in a stand. Others love them.
  3. Great job and congrats to all the successful archers. I don't know about cold weather gear, I'm looking to upgrade my hot weather bow hunting gear! Even just base layers are too much in a blind in this weather!
  4. That Sea Nymph brings back memories. Had a center console like that for my first "real rig". Great boat and definitely worthy of a repower if you go that route. Whatever you decide, as others have said the weight at transom is a very important consideration for safety and performance.
  5. You know better than me Rob, but he's a tank. Looks at least 3.5 body-wise. Like others have said they all don't put it into the rack--this one looks like he will do damage in a fight. Good luck the rest of the season.
  6. Agree on the old eyes. I was convinced the deer I had present me with two opportunities Sun AM was a spike. When I got another look at it after it left shooting lanes it was an adult doe with distinctive white hair on inside of each ear. If I don't take one in that area by the 20th I will wait and let them play decoy. It was a nice morning in the woods anyway.
  7. Outstanding specimen! Congrats to Tommy and Dad!
  8. Magic moment for you both. Congrats!
  9. RIP Eddie. I saw them on their first tour in Rochester and Eddie was intense. He busted up his guitar at the end before it became "a thing".
  10. Yes. Disregard PM sent. It is available. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Thanks Andrew! Your idea of the special Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK fly raised a nice chunk as well as caught some beautiful fish. Thank you to Shane Ruboyianes of Dreamweaver and Tom Allen of A-TOM-MIK for helping us with that. Many other generous sponsors have been recognized on "reelin for a cure" facebook page. Steph has still been working each evening finalizing and getting stuff put away. Andrew, landing 3 Matures out of your rig in those conditions is definitely something you and your girls can be proud of! Very soon(but not until after the benefactor, Breast Cancer Network/Metastatic research is told) the total raised will be revealed. Currently donations are still coming in and shirts being purchased. It can be overwhelming at times for Steph but very gratifying at the same time. Thank you again to all the participants, sponsors, and donors. Although definitely not expected with teams enduring out of pocket expenses, the thoughtful act by Rick and the Yankee Troller girls to give back will certainly go a long way in helping out the BCN of WNY-Metastatic research organization. For those looking for more reports from this recent event, or future updates follow on facebook-- reelin for a cure.
  12. Mission(by Mathews)60-70lb, 27”-29” draw. Complete w/ drop a way rest, Cobra sight, stabilizer. String and cables replaced 4 yrs ago and not used since. VGC, $200. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. The Captains meeting will be at 6pm Friday Sept 4th at the Cafe deck of Lake Breeze marina. The Captain of the "Free Spirit" says he will run a 1 fish big fish friday.
  14. Inspired once again by the border restriction preventing participation in Canadian tournaments by U.S. anglers, a 2nd "Big Boy"event is planned. and of course women are very welcome. Saturday and Sunday Sept 5th and 6th the Fall "Big Boy" will be held. Anglers fishing KOTO on Saturday will be able to participate, but there will be a day two for the Big Boy. Standings will be determined by your best 6 Salmon each day over the course of two days and it will be a cull event. If you are truly interested contact Craig Hijecki or myself for more info.
  15. Matt LeClair and myself will be collecting $100 from Captains of teams wishing to compete for the Cup. Must be in before boats depart Saturday for day 1 of the Orleans County Open.
  16. To be eligible to compete for the 2020 Challenge Cup, contact Matt LeClair or myself prior to the start of this years Orleans County Open. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Great news. The Lake Ontario Challenge Cup will be awarded this year based on The Orleans County Open, and the Sodus Pro Am. Teams wishing to compete for the cup should contact Matt LeClair or myself prior to the start of the Orleans County Open. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Good deal Pete. I have wanted to get back to Ludington myself but Sodus is a damn good event.
  19. Well done guys and gals. Joe would definitely appreciate that tribute much more than the traditional kind.
  20. Looking forward to both the WHI and the Oak. See everyone at these events. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. With the cancellation of the Niagara Pro Am, and confirmation of the Oak Orchard Open and Sodus Pro Am, the 2020 Lake Ontario Challenge Cup will be awarded based on the scores from those 2 events(4 days).
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