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  1. Sorry to hear this. In recent years he represented other teams as an observer and was onboard our boat a couple times at the Sodus Pro Am. He was full of good stories and will be missed. RIP angler.
  2. I will try to post more details soon but here are the top 9 placing teams out of 45 participating teams. Most importantly fun was had by all and money was raised for Ovarian cancer project. 1) "Oh baby's ladies" Boat Captain-- Matt LeClair 158.22 2) "Bass Backwards"-Bills Mafia Captain- Eric DeMarte 143.05 3) "Gill T Hookers"-- Boat Captain Chad Kahler 119.89 4} "Fish N' Chicks"-- Captain Vince Pierleoni 108.20 5) "Dublin Ds"--Captain Carl Martin 107.10 6) "Mitch's ****es"--Boat Captain Mitch Poklinkowski 99.56 7) "Meals on Reels"--Boat Captain Matt Niezgoda 93.73 8)" Size Matters"-- Boat Captain Tom Cosnyka 93.22 9) "Legacy Ladies"--Captain Rob Wescott 88.06
  3. Thank you for the bump! Captains meeting will once again be Thursday night at Maxwell Station in Olcott at 6:30pm. Mike Johannes will collect for a small calcutta for boat owners/Captains at the mtg. This is a true tournament for the ladies while raising money for womens cancer organizations. This years benefactor is Ovarian Cancer Project. Those who cannot participate but would like to make a direct donation go to: reelinforacure.com and click on "donation". Thanks to everyone for their support.
  4. Boats can leave both Olcott and Wilson and must return to the port they left from. Weigh in and awards luncheon is in Krull Park in Olcott.
  5. This growing event is a true Ladies Tournament that also serves as a fundraiser for womens cancer organizations. This years event will be Friday August 19th. Details can be found @ reelinforacure.com or on FB-- reelin' for a cure. Currently there are more interested Ladies teams than volunteer boats. You do not need to be a Charter Captain to volunteer your boat for the morning. To pledge your participation as a boat owner(without a team already in place) email [email protected] $13,497 was raised for last years benefactor-- Hope Chest. This years benefactor is Ovarian cancer project, Williamsville NY. Direct donations can be made on the above website.
  6. A very respected biologist who we both know has said the single biggest threat to the Great Lakes fisheries is that they become "too clean"--too sterile. As you said, this is a nothingburger if you like top end predators to thrive.
  7. We have heard-- "But I have a charter". Several of us participants will be running charters during this one day event. Just today two different Olcott charterboats asked their parties if they wanted "in". They both were given a resounding yes! Let your charter party have the option of playing. BASE entry is only $250. Of course teams of friends, family, or fishing buddies are welcome as well. Captains meeting is at Olcott marina (Town of Newfane Marina) pavilion at 6pm Friday eve May 20th. There will be one weigh in location--Wilson Boatyard Saturday afternoon. Any questions or to pledge entry reach out to Craig Hijecki or see him Friday eve in Olcott.
  8. Great work Penny. The site is super easy for both registration and donating to the fund for Paul's family.
  9. This is the 1st of 3 Big Boy events planned for Western Lake Ontario. A Western Overall series will also include the Wilson Harbor Invitational as the formats are similar. The Spring event will be one day only, May 21st 2022. It will be held from the ports of Olcott and Wilson. The mandatory Captains meeting will be held at the Town of Newfane Marina in Olcott, 6pm under the pavilion. There will be one weigh in location of The Wilson Boatyard. Basic entry fee is $250 per team and teams will have the option to enter a higher level of competition at the meeting. Departure time the 21st will be 530am, and teams must be in weigh in line by 3pm at the Wilson Boatyard. Date for the Summer Big Boy is Saturday July 2nd and the Fall Big Boy dates are Sept 3rd and 4th( 2 day Grand Finale). For more information or to enter contact Craig Hijecki on FB or at 585-303-9267
  10. When this event was planned we discussed the ongoing problem of dock shortages--which get worse in Wilson as the month of May goes on. The annuals want their docks even if they don't fish. There are lots of boats in both Wilson and Olcott to tap into for potential entries, and the ports are only 5 miles apart. The weigh in will be held in one location this year--The Wilson Boatyard. There will be safeguards in place to help prevent fraudulent activity.
  11. Hey Rob, Thanks for all you do. Not trying to upstage by any means, I'm getting a bunch of questions about events so I did some digging. I double checked the dates for 2022(all I care about right now) and my dates are accurate. See you soon!
  12. I've been getting inquiries from many people regarding the West end tournaments and their status. Although I participate in most of them and assist in promoting many of them I'm not the contact. That being said I have been able to substantiate the following events are a go 2022: 1) WHI - The Wilson Harbor Invitational May 14 and 15 (with week long events prior) Contacts: Kevin Jerge and Pete Alex. There is a post on this forum 2) Spring "Big Boy" May 21 Held out of the ports of Olcott and Wilson. Contact: Craig Hijecki 3) Niagara Pro Am June 3rd and 4th(blow day June 5th) Held out of the ports of Olcott and Wilson. Contact: Penny Hartman 4) The Orleans County Open June 11th and 12th Held out of Oak Orchard and Bald Eagle. Contact: Richard Hijecki 5) Summer "Big Boy" July 2nd Held out of Oak Orchard Contact: Craig Hijecki 6) "Reelin For a Cure" Ladies tournament Cancer Fundraiser August 19th Held out of Olcott and Wilson Contact: Reelin' for a cure FB page and Stephanie Pierleoni 7) Fall "Big Boy" September 3rd and 4th Held out of Oak Orchard Contact: Craig Hijecki An overall series "West Cup" competition is being planned as well utilizing some of the above events. Details TBD. Contact: Craig Hijecki This is a post intended for "save the date" purposes. Most of the events have FB pages or sites for basic info before reaching out to the individuals. Thank you.
  13. Sorry I can't make this one. This guy has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is very passionate about what he does. He willingly will go shoulder and knee deep in slime. As long as no one brings up wild Lake trout and Sturgeon recruitment he will stay on topics requested and not go off on tangents! One topic you may consider for the attendees Schreck, is do we need to be concerned with the current administrations effort to clean up the Great Lakes going too far(and affecting the food chain) leaving us with sterile, fishless water? I know that Dr Tanner was against the Feds imposing their management wishes upon the States and their individual goals and strategies, is this something to keep an eye on?
  14. Great job by LOCBA lining up Mike Connerton and kudos to him for making the drive. He gave an excellent presentation. He enjoyed great banter with the attendees and his passion for Pacific Salmon was very evident.
  15. Damn, I can't make the 1st so I hope the others carry the torch and get you to squirm! With the excellent decision to go to all Spring yearling Coho stocking you will certainly catch one! Perhaps as early as this Spring!
  16. Hey Schreck! You are going to pattern your career after certain hollyweird types--any notoriety whether it causes a ruckus or not--is good notoriety! Now to the cool stuff. It seems like when Summer type weather drags on into late fall the fleas are definitely more noticeable throughout the lake late. As you know the alewives devour them but so do tiny pelagics. I'm sure it plays a role in whether certain natural spawned Kings, Coho, Steel, Lakers year classes survive well. Currently there is a bumper crop of young smelt in the Niagara and at the river mouth. They are in the 2-3 inch range. Dr Howard Tanner is a rock star in my book, I'm sure you devoured "Something Spectacular". I caught my saying--"wasted fish flesh" that you dropped. Always trying to light a fire under people aren't you? Goby die offs. I think they are ultra prolific spawners but struggle with over population and upwelling temperature changes. When conditions allow their populations will explode and be susceptible if not enough predation by BTs, LTs, or Bass takes place. Its also entirely possible that Cormorants are making a big dent in goby populations and impacting where predators move to in an effort to feed on them. Just say the word if you need a bit more venison for that family of yours. Have a great Christmas!
  17. As a member of the Lake Ontario task force and the Niagara County Fishery Advisory board, I was not notified of this "State of the Lake" presentation. I have been patiently waiting for the January Task force meeting which has been a long time coming. As for that "bi national committee" , hopefully it has disbanded for good. It was most certainly the most ineffective and useful committee I have ever served on for many reasons. I hope everyone has a great Christmas spent with family and friends.
  18. Way to go Joe. Thats gotta feel good with what you've been through.
  19. Wow Joey, I did not know you needed to be hospitalized! Praying for a full recovery for you bud.
  20. Awesome specimen Rob. Congrats!
  21. I usually use Pier Propellor just off South end Grand Island(RT 190). Guys who use the business in Canandaigua like it. If Spinellis in Rochester is still in business thats another option. Good luck.
  22. Not much to add as Rick is very astute with Humminbird electronics but I do run two Helix units connected by ethernet and it has been trouble free..
  23. Excitement is high for the ladies and boat owners! A big THANK YOU in advance to all participants and sponsors(who are still rolling in)! Steph is ecstatic to hit the 40 team milestone! See all team representatives at the meeting tmw nite (8/19) at Maxwell Station in Olcott, 6;30 pm. There will be a couple different Calcuttas for the boat Captains to get in to, various fundraising sales, and of course the rules will be gone over.
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