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  1. I actually thought you would keep your nose out of stuff you know nothing about,”lucky anonymous 13”. I guess I was wrong! LOL. The last year Bill Abraham was employed by the NYSDEC all the central and west plants were coming from the Caledonia hatchery. On the last day of September- ANY of those years- there was 30-40 boats working Devils hole in the Niagara. Regardless of the temperature, which even back then could still be in the high 60s the fish would be packed into not only the Niagara, but 18 mile, Oak Orchard, and the Genesee. The piers at the mouth of these rivers would be shoulder to shoulder. Today, there was 3 anglers on each pier at Olcott, and no fish hooked as of 8am. Today in Devils hole in prime time for the run, there was 6 boats trying and most left after a couple hours to try for Bass. The Niagara temp is down to 67 degrees and Olcott harbor is down to 64 degrees. Stick to what you know “Lucky”. What is that btw, instigating? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. It's not just the Genny, Bruce. Same for all returns in region 9. This was "pre cut" returns to top it off. Oh well, lots of alewives out here from 25--500 fow.
  3. Coho used to be a Summer and Fall player in the Western basin. When DEC stopped stocking yearling Coho the returns dwindled. Yearlings are released in the Salmon river and they do return well. There is the Coho clipping study going on now to help substantiate this. Coho are a great sportfish and great table fare. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Chinook Salmon always target larger baitfish unless not available. They are still eating large to mediums. We have seen the small alewives coughed up by Steel and Browns. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Because there is a drastically reduced number. The fishery cannot be sustained by a good wild hatch at the Eastern end every 4-6 yrs. Lots of scratching for fish going on in Niagara county right now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. With the current relentless intelligent pressure on the Chinooks,(and Jerry you know I'm right) no cuts were ever necessary. Anglers are doing a fine job. In recent years we finally achieved a fishery somewhat in balance, the alewives were massively in surplus for decades. Alewives were routinely in jeopardy of die offs from cold winters or from spawning stress. The over populated alewives were skinny, and provided less nutrition. In recent years the engine has been more ideal with a bigger Salmon fishery, healthier individual alewives with better food value, and better natural reproduction of Perch, Walleye, and even Lake Trout(Alewives prey heavily on all of these species eggs/hatches). We have already seen in Lake Michigan that any miscalculations in predator/prey ratios are completely reversible--UNLESS you are pouring tons of long lived Lake Trout into the system. The real danger is allowing the alewife population to become top heavy(too few predators). They become sickly and prone to die offs. This is the real threat. My 2 cents is return to the original stocking number--as many ports do not realize Summer/Fall returns of the wonderful Naturalized Chinook Salmon. Most of what anglers enjoyed this year was a very strong natural class of 3 yr olds, and right now some areas are experiencing much denser returns. The fish at all ages look outstanding.
  7. Fantastic Danny. No one does a better job of capturing the Lake O Salmon fishing experience than you. Congrats again to you guys.
  8. Thanks so much for putting a crew together and making the trip from Sodus--very generous on your part. Donations are still coming in but Steph and her committee will soon announce how much was raised for "Hope for two". Congrats on winning one of the top raffle prizes!
  9. Congrats to "Oh Baby" and Capt Matt LeClair on winning the Challenge Cup for 2019. If Oswego Pro Am doesn't become reestablished some other events are being considered to become the 3rd leg. Good fishing to all the remainder of 2019.
  10. I started trolling the lake out of a car topper with an air cooled outboard but my first "real" boat was a Sea Nymph. I "get" you aluminum warriors.
  11. A little recap from the Tournament side of the event: 1st) "The reel alewives of WNY" 174.89 pts boat volunteer Capt. Bob Cinelli 2nd) "The reel warriors" 170.88 pts boat volunteer Capt. Pete Alex 3rd) "Reel Cranky" 166.57 pts boat volunteer Capt Mike Johannes 4th) "Fish N Chics" 164.54 pts boat volunteer Capt Vince Pierleoni 5th) :"Nauti Nurses" 163.12 pts boat volunteer Capt Tony Sambunjak 6th) "Skippers for Nippers" 158 pts boat volunteer Capt Marshall Stearns 7th) "Reel Pole Dancers" 148.79 pts boat volunteer Jeff Smith 8th) "Legacy Ladies" 139.41 pts boat volunteer Capt Rob Wescott Special thanks to the rest of the boat volunteers in no certain order: Capt Marc Bottone, David Peterson, Capt Alan Sauerland, Capt matt Yablonsky, Capt Matt Dunn, Chad Kahler, Matt Niezgoda, Tom Cosnyka, Bill Crouse, Brian Cook, Capt Frank Godina, Jeremy Goodison, Capt. Paul Nau, Nick Allers, Mike Schooley, Capt. Mark Lewandowski, Matt LeClair, Capt. Tom Pearse, John Bracken, Capt Carl Martin, Mark Keller, Capt Lou Tepas, Andrew Dissette, Nate Stephenson, Dustin Peterson, Jon Forder, Capt.Mike Diel, Capt Matt Bedient Big shout out to sponsors/donors that I have knowledge of: (I know the committee kicked butt and gathered lots more stuff for the basket raffle. Again, in no certain order: Keller technologies, L.O.T.S.A., Beamin' Sounds Entertainment, St Johns Trophies, Maxwell Station/Bob Stedman, Tents Unlimited/Marty Brummer, Bear Creek Landscaping/Jeff Zimmer, Lions Club, A-TOM-MIK, Dreamweaver, Gambler rigs, Finn Tackle Co., Team Tough Duty, Linda and Gerrit Moot, Renee and Jim Boyd, Team Chasing Chrome, Team Dutchie's Angels, Andrew Dissette, Fish USA, and Glosser Custom Rods. I apologize if I missed anything or anyone. The participants themselves from all teams dumped lots of money into all the raffles. Anyone interested in a complete standing list and more info please go to Reelin' for a cure on facebook.
  12. Thanks Chad for your continued support/participation. The visitors will never believe that the wind blows anywhere but from the East/NE in Niagara county waters.
  13. Glad after 3-4 days to finally have a break from the Nor' easters today. It was getting old in 11 tons of fiberglass, and you guys in the tinnys are pure hardcore. Andrew you and your team were a great addition to the Ladies tourney and your fundraising did not go unnoticed.
  14. Trust me, I pull for Pacific Salmon abundance in all the Great Lakes. I've been listening to the "doom and gloom" predictions for 30 years. Meanwhile there are still Kings and Cohos present in all the Lakes. There's a big derby going on in Owen Sound right now==a place we were told would be dead and buried years ago. Great Lakes strain Kings are amazing, they are becoming more adaptive each passing year. The wild fish are special but they don't return to where all the boating access is, and some years there isn't enough wilds to support the angling pressure. Anglers crop the surplus, alewives bounce back. As an NYSDEC biologist once said, "alewives will be in Lake Ontario long after we are gone". I had a client take a group out on a charter today on the west side of Lake Michigan. Despite it being prime time and a pre dawn start they landed 1 Laker, 1 Coho, and 1 King for a party of 5. Yes, Wisconsin has thrown the finger up to the Lake Trout agenda but reports like this have been very common once all the fish left the southern end in Spring. That Lake is under planted now Salmon wise, yet the Lake Trout go in by the millions.
  15. I'm hdg to Capts meeting now but I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteer boat owners, generous individuals, and sponsors. When I have more time I will name names but WOW--35 teams! Steph is getting pulled in 11 different directions right now but she is overwhelmed with appreciation for the outpouring. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new.
  16. I will agree with Gill T, the top 50 is where those tiny ones are you are interested in. He and I were together in January and found skippers up there. It was our belief the larger alewives went deep already- taking most of the larger Salmon with them. We did not sacrifice any of them in the name of science but the bait that was up in the 41 degree water looked to be yoy alewife or emerald shiners. The fleas are very important to the age fish you are talking about. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Most do everything in their power to avoid these precious fish--especially after the deep stocking cuts. Sometimes its location but other times they can be avoided with presentation changes. When present they are extremely aggressive, because as you know all too well--its survival of the fittest and Winter is coming. What most of us would call "Shakers" would actually be 1.5 yr olds by fall, and anywhere from 16--22" in length. What you are describing is actually THIS past Springs plants or fingerling hatch. They can be large enough to eat alewives by late Summer but will often suck down the invasive fleas.
  18. Actually many years here on Ontario big numbers of 2.5 yr olds mature due to excessive food. In the early 90s NYSDEC told us the slug of large Chinooks was due to "delayed maturity." Accelerated maturity is due to abundant food source. Lets keep in mind that a Salmon populations entire purpose is to propagate and become food. Lake O is now a mature fishery with intense Chinook Salmon fishing pressure. Age 4 Chinooks have always been the exception, and these days even if an individual Salmon is destined to be a 4yr old mature it most likely gets caught and harvested before that. There is no problem with that as more people around the lake are enjoying Salmon fishing than ever before. Healthy alewives and healthy Salmon have created a bigger fishery. Now, be careful what you wish for--if you dig into the Lake Michigan Salmon fishery it is more policy than biology. Alewives are on the upswing but instead of increasing Salmon plants they are cramming record numbers of Lake Trout into the Lake. If you dig into the realities of the Salmon fishery I don't think most would like what they find--and certainly wouldnt trade for our fishery. Yes, there are some giants being caught but the day to day action is spotty at best unless you want Lakers. Look no further than the largest Pro Tournament on Lake Michigan, The Ludington Offshore Classic. Only one team was able to catch 3 Salmon both days. The vast majority filled their remaining creel with Lake trout. When I talk to Captains over there they say its difficult to determine which client gets the ONE opportunity at a Salmon during their outing. 99% of the anglers over there would trade for our fishery in a heartbeat.
  19. This fundraiser that still functions as a very real ladies tournament is steadily growing. Many of the volunteer boats now have their own teams made up of women in their families. We have 2 existing ladies teams looking for volunteer boats. A boat owner and an assistant are allowed as up to 2 men max per team. The ladies teams pay their own entry fee, and the vessels are volunteers so they do not need to be Charter Captains as long as their boats are safe, insured, and have a head. Please direct all correspondence to reelin’ for a cure on facebook or email [email protected] Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Outstanding Matt ! Taking Lake O tourneys to another level. "If you build it they will come". Looking forward to it.
  21. Pathfinder 5S. 48” open array scanner Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Its so hard to pinpoint exacts for you--we are out nearly everyday and although fishing has been excellent it varies in location day to day. It feels like what longtime Lake O anglers call "transition", but the bite is better than it usually is during that. The lake is starting to warm rapidly and this can cause the target fish to spread out. Coupled with spawning bait fish moving back out from the shallows its not always "automatic." There were similar catches taken from in tight (70-140 fow) as out deeper in 200-300 FOW. Fish your screen and you should do fine--lots of fish around.
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