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  1. I will agree with Gill T, the top 50 is where those tiny ones are you are interested in. He and I were together in January and found skippers up there. It was our belief the larger alewives went deep already- taking most of the larger Salmon with them. We did not sacrifice any of them in the name of science but the bait that was up in the 41 degree water looked to be yoy alewife or emerald shiners. The fleas are very important to the age fish you are talking about. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Most do everything in their power to avoid these precious fish--especially after the deep stocking cuts. Sometimes its location but other times they can be avoided with presentation changes. When present they are extremely aggressive, because as you know all too well--its survival of the fittest and Winter is coming. What most of us would call "Shakers" would actually be 1.5 yr olds by fall, and anywhere from 16--22" in length. What you are describing is actually THIS past Springs plants or fingerling hatch. They can be large enough to eat alewives by late Summer but will often suck down the invasive fleas.
  3. Actually many years here on Ontario big numbers of 2.5 yr olds mature due to excessive food. In the early 90s NYSDEC told us the slug of large Chinooks was due to "delayed maturity." Accelerated maturity is due to abundant food source. Lets keep in mind that a Salmon populations entire purpose is to propagate and become food. Lake O is now a mature fishery with intense Chinook Salmon fishing pressure. Age 4 Chinooks have always been the exception, and these days even if an individual Salmon is destined to be a 4yr old mature it most likely gets caught and harvested before that. There is no problem with that as more people around the lake are enjoying Salmon fishing than ever before. Healthy alewives and healthy Salmon have created a bigger fishery. Now, be careful what you wish for--if you dig into the Lake Michigan Salmon fishery it is more policy than biology. Alewives are on the upswing but instead of increasing Salmon plants they are cramming record numbers of Lake Trout into the Lake. If you dig into the realities of the Salmon fishery I don't think most would like what they find--and certainly wouldnt trade for our fishery. Yes, there are some giants being caught but the day to day action is spotty at best unless you want Lakers. Look no further than the largest Pro Tournament on Lake Michigan, The Ludington Offshore Classic. Only one team was able to catch 3 Salmon both days. The vast majority filled their remaining creel with Lake trout. When I talk to Captains over there they say its difficult to determine which client gets the ONE opportunity at a Salmon during their outing. 99% of the anglers over there would trade for our fishery in a heartbeat.
  4. This fundraiser that still functions as a very real ladies tournament is steadily growing. Many of the volunteer boats now have their own teams made up of women in their families. We have 2 existing ladies teams looking for volunteer boats. A boat owner and an assistant are allowed as up to 2 men max per team. The ladies teams pay their own entry fee, and the vessels are volunteers so they do not need to be Charter Captains as long as their boats are safe, insured, and have a head. Please direct all correspondence to reelin’ for a cure on facebook or email [email protected] Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Outstanding Matt ! Taking Lake O tourneys to another level. "If you build it they will come". Looking forward to it.
  6. Pathfinder 5S. 48” open array scanner Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Its so hard to pinpoint exacts for you--we are out nearly everyday and although fishing has been excellent it varies in location day to day. It feels like what longtime Lake O anglers call "transition", but the bite is better than it usually is during that. The lake is starting to warm rapidly and this can cause the target fish to spread out. Coupled with spawning bait fish moving back out from the shallows its not always "automatic." There were similar catches taken from in tight (70-140 fow) as out deeper in 200-300 FOW. Fish your screen and you should do fine--lots of fish around.
  8. Agreed on both statements. The wild contribution is a blessing. The bite we are now experiencing would not be possible without it. Alewives are a herring. Their purpose is to feed game fish. When left underpredated bad things happen.
  9. Looks like this will be bigger than ever. Some new sponsors helping out and some new teams joining the fray. Lots of local passion and a very well run, organized event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Sodus Pt.
  10. I think there will be another record hatch from this years spawning. The alewife spawning started early and continues today in many locations. Its a good thing there's currently a good population of Salmon out there because the last thing the lake needs is a return to overpopulated, skinny alewives.
  11. 2006 year model. Will work with most Raymarine displays. I will sell the scanner alone for $500, or package with a display if needed. Cords included. PM if interested.
  12. As of tonite it is still a planned event. People in the area are working hard so it can go.
  13. If you are planning on participating in this event and would like assistance with a dock please contact Tom Burke @ 315-391-8079. Provisions are being made but he needs to hear from you.
  14. Every effort is being made to hold this event in Oswego. If you are planning on participating in this Pro Am, and would like some assistance with getting a dock please contact Tom Burke @ 315-391-8079
  15. Give it a couple days. One of the coordinators is involved in the Niagara Pro Am this weekend. Discussions have begun but this was just dropped on everyone. It is my understanding that every effort will be made to go ahead with the event even if a few changes have to be made.
  16. I have nothing to do or say about the current scoring system. I was fine with adding the scores the old way. I do however have complete confidence in VOLUNTEER Matt LeClair managing this newer scoring system which was adopted along the way. I will say I prefer lakewide series events that use all scores and events from both the East and West ends. Tim I dont think I would be publicly belly aching about now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Just a reminder- I will be collecting the Cup entry money at the Niagara Pro Am Captains mtg, Thurs May 30th 6pm at the Wilson firehall. $100 per team. A big thank you to the Niagara “Skip Hartman memorial” Pro Am, the Oswego “Kevin Davis memorial” Pro Am, the Sodus Pro Am, and Krenzer marine for keeping this tradition alive. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Smelt are now being found in the stomachs of fish from Niagara county waters. Also reliable reports of them in fish from Oswego county waters. They are late to run the Niagara river this Spring because of the late ice out. Temp is climbing now in the river.
  19. Once again the Lake Ontario Challenge Cup will be up for grabs this season. This Cup is awarded yearly and the winners team name attached. This will continue as the overall prize for the 3 Pro division 2 day Pro Am events. Utilizing a unique scoring system, the team that fares the best over the 6 days of competition will be hoisting the Cup. The Niagara County(Skip Hartman memorial) Pro Am, The Oswego (Kevin Davis memorial) Pro Am, and the Sodus Pro Am are the 3 events and there are no throw away scores. The 3 events have pledged financial support and in conjunction with the $100 entry per team(collected at the Niagara Captains meeting) will pay back 70% to the winner and 30% to the runner up. The Cup will be awarded at the Sodus Pro Am awards ceremony. See everyone soon.
  20. Great tournament with excellent community support. Thank you Matt and committee.
  21. This event is shaping up to be a good one. Renewed local community support along with expanded rules and weather committees. This event has gone to a two tiered entry level for Pro teams. Teams can compete for approx half the entry fee than in the past, perfect for new Pro teams or Charter Captains that want to participate with their inexperienced party on board. Of course Pro teams can enter both divisions are play for bigger prizes. The most important thing is to participate, celebrate Oswego's July fishery and it's many twists, all while honoring one of Oswego's own. Kevin's family has chosen St. Judes Children's hospital as the benefactor for fundraising efforts that will run in conjunction with the Pro-Am. Watch for more updates here and on facebook @ Oswego Pro Am.
  22. NO WONDER your ladies put the smack down on the Kings last year! Ours were dancing and drinking mimosas! Good stuff Rob, it's all about raising money for great causes, showing them our great fishery, introducing many ladies to the team fishing aspect. Thanks for making the trip each August.
  23. Big bounce back Spring for Emerald shiners. There are large clouds of them in 20--40 fow right now in Western basin. This is good news. All young Salmonoids get a good bump eating these early in their life and Coho, Browns, and Steelhead eat them throughout their life.
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