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  1. This thread has been a very interesting read. The following link is another interesting perspective in a blog by Shane Thombs, an Ontario charter boat operator on the south shore. Shane has also been a long time member of the Lake Ontario FMZ20 advisory council. http://fintasticsportfishing.blogspot.ca/2016/08/in-march-various-newspapers-both.html Our views on the stocking cuts in Ontario maybe be a little different from our friends on the south shore because we have experienced a decline (crash) in the sports fisheries on Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Al
  2. Great job Chad, great to see the young lads get in on the action. Al
  3. Really looking forward to the ATOMMIK Invitational tournament. Long trip across the Lake but Oswego is a great fishing town. Great people and anglers. Fantastic job Tom. 1st class. Al
  4. Tony, that weekend the best location is inside the gap to Prinyers Cove and maybe a little farther west even down to the little house on the north shore. I'll be out that weekend, give a shout on the radio - channel 16 or 71 Big Gene was right on with the baits we use then. Bring some 5 to 8 cores. Al
  5. We have no problem with an increase in money. I agree with Rod, if the tournament is kings only then Friday should also be for chinook whether 1 big fish or a 3 fish box. We also like the one day format for the fact that I have about a 7 hours journey through Toronto traffic to get home. Congrats to the committee on a job well done this year. It was a very well run tournament. Later Al
  6. Great report Rod, congrats on the 10th place finish. It definitly was a tough bite. Hopefully things will pick up in the next few weeks.. Later Al
  7. We are pumped. Will be great to see everyone after that very long winter. Can't wait to get those new ATOMMIK rigs in the water. Al
  8. I pulled it off Spoonpullers. KOTL website not done yet Yvan said next week. Al
  9. Copied from another site. 1 - St Kitts - April - 29-30- May 1 2 - Whitby - June - 24-25-26 3- St Kitts - Sept - 2-3-4 In addition to this the overall King Of The Lake Champion will be determined by calculating the scores from 2 of the best scores in Ontario+ the score from the Wilson Invitational. If you fish all three you get an additional 10 points for showing up and you can pick the best 2 out of the three.
  10. My first trip to the LOTSA event and definitly will not be my last. It was well worth the 4 hour drive. Big thanks to Captains Vince & Bob for the seminar on saturday. It was an excellent presentation and by far the best I have ever attended in over 30 years. It was non commecial and very well planned. Congrats. Also got some great deals at the tackle show and some valuable info on fishing spring browns. Thank you LOTSA, I'll be back. Al
  11. Great job Mike. Hope to see you when you get up the next time. Al
  12. Dynomite for steelhead in the summer. Al
  13. Great Post Tom. Thanks for sharing the valuable info. Talk later Al
  14. Great, great product. Our best during the tournament season was the T73 (Glow mirage). Also we were never without a L200 and a T102 in the water on those bright sunny days. We had some good success towards the end of the season with the L215 and the new Shredded Hammer. I think the Shredded Hammer will be hot for us next year. We did get some testing done with the L215 and it proved very good. Yes Tom where did the summer go ? 10 tournaments and the GOSD and I am just starting to recupe. Thanks for a great product and see you next spring. Al
  15. You could also send Yvan a PM on this board. Al
  16. Wellington is very very slow. Unless you go to 300 fow. A few bows and small kings. Going to Whitby this weekend. Al
  17. Thanks to Tom & Vince for making the trip across the lake to fish the Thightline's Shootout. Fishing against 2 of the best on the Lake makes it very worth while. It was a very tough bite to say the least. We had been a pod of kings for 2 days and had very good boxes both days, better than saturday. Saturday morning we went 2 hours and didn't get our 1st bite until 8:30. It was a very slow pick, but we did manage our box with 3 - 22" fish by 12:30. We had a white Spinnie/Atommik fly on a 150 copper that boat 3 to 4 fish every day. Fired 3 times on saturday and we didn't stick one fish. Our meat program shut down. We didn't take a shot on our diver - Spinnie/fly program all day that had been really hot during the week. Anchovies and Rockets off the riggers did the job for us. I would like to thank my team mates, Glenn, Rob, and brother Don for adjusting our program to get the box. Rob must have done atleast 35 Spinnie/Rocket combos in 5 hours. His last combo of the day produced the 30.14 to upgrade our box. We are looking forward to the KOTL in Oswego when we we get to fish our deep water program. We will be short a team member for Oswego. If you guys know anyone interesting in seeing how to tune and fish with Rockets send me a PM. He would need atleast 5 years experience on the big Lake. Congrat to Vito & team on their win and Mike for a close second place finish. Tom, we will see you in Oswego in a couple of weeks. Later Al
  18. Great write-up Rod, thanks for the report. Great meeting you guys this spring. Say hi to Rollie & Jeff for us. Later buddy Al
  19. Hey Rod, we did the three-Peat.. Later Al
  20. Thanks Rod, Beauty day on the water. A little chop this am, but flattened out a bit with a 2 to 3 foot roll. We managed a brown, laker, 2 bows and 3 kings. not a stellar day but better than a lot of guys. I thru my plan out the window and went to where the guys got the Kings yesterday. Mistake, should have stuck with my original location. You would think that somebody as old as I am would know better. The Bonnet is a big magnet for most. We don't know where we are in the standings but I think the top 5. Good luck in the Atommik Challenge. Al
  21. They turned the light on at the Scotch Bonnet Light House Island today. The guys were out pre-fishing for the Central Lake Ontario Sport Angler’s annual Salmon Search tournament this weekend. Salmon King ( Kingsley Hawes) and Capt. Roger McKnight were in tight at the Bonnet and having a good morning. 80 to 100 fow. They boated a 24, 21 and 12 lb. king not counting the numerous releases and 2 break offs. Charter boat skipper Ian Scrimshaw was aboard with Bernie Raymond on the Cranberry. They had been fishing out farther and King called them in to his location. Within a few minutes they doubled up on a RAC blueberry muffin and a Deathwish spinnie and fly combo. Ian boated a very respectable 29.4 lb. king. I guess it gave him a hell of a scrap. The weather was much better today than forecast and the half dozen boats out, had a very comfortable ride. Also, the forecast is much better for the rest of the weekend. A little rain but the thunder storms have been removed and the wind forecast has diminished. Our team is up against a bunch of very savvy salmon anglers. Some with 25 years of experience or more. I like this competition much better, before the kings showed up at the Bonnet. Everyone knows how to fish that island. It was a spoon & spinnie-fly bite today. The Rockets were not working. At least that is what I was told and I would have to believe them. Hmmmmm !!! Well, I’ve got the Rocketman with me tomorrow and if he can’t get them going nobody can. But then again those dudes today were not running down temp & speed. The severe currents at the Bonnet play a big part in the presentation. I’ll report tomorrow evening on the day’s activities. Oh by the way, the other fish in that double was a 35.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bonnet is hot 2 weeks early. The 2 fish were weighed on several scales. Congrats Bernie & Ian. Later Trannyman out. P.S. Sorry no pics, I was at work. Tom we're getting closer to that 40
  22. Ludo, the Bonnet just got hot today, I am posting a report under North Shore. Later Al
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