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  1. I am in on this one! Great idea! I have to scroll through 10 pages to look for what I am looking for. Hopefully whoever is running the website will be able to figure out some subcategories. James
  2. Question on the downriggers? $500 for both or $500 each? Text me at 315-408-8246. Thank you James
  3. I will take the Hummingbird as far as it has the transducer and power cables and I have cash! From reading the description it is brand new and I am looking for a friend to square his boat away. Text me at 315-408-8246. My name is James and I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Do you know if the bases fit i the standard Bert's track system? Feel free to text me at 315-408-8246 James
  5. Do you know if the autopilot is for a hydrauic steering. Feel free to text me at 315-405-8246 James
  6. will the Lowrance Elite 4 transducer work with my Lowrance HDS 5?
  7. Did you ever sell this? Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  8. What year is your StarCraft? I have a 2012 Fishmaster 196 and have been looking for an arch and planer reels. I am very interested. Is it mounted to Bert's track or a track system or mounted straight to the boat? I will measure my width today. Feel free to text me with any info you can give me. James 315-408-8246
  9. What year is your StarCraft? I have a 2012 StarCraft fishmaster 196 and am very interested. I will measure my boat today. Are they mounted on a track system or bolted straight to the boat? I will measure my width today. I am very interested. Feel Free to Text me at 315-408-8246 James
  10. What model? Where are you located? Text me please at 315-408-8246 James
  11. karmakaze

    for sale : usa Grady White

    Do you still make the fish downrigger weights? James
  12. My Baby! 2012 with a 200hp Verado and a 9.9 Pro kicker
  13. karmakaze

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    Awesome! My wife has been trying to get me to sell my boat, the Karmakaze, and I said I will sell my truck before my boat. Great wife!
  14. I was wondering what kind of boat you have. James
  15. How old are these riggers? How many feet of cable do they have? What pound balls did you run and how fast do they retrieve. I have only ever owned Cannon Mag 10s' and need something faster. I am interested. Are you staying with Cannon or moving to different riggers? Thank you for your time and information. James
  16. Does the unit come with the transducer? Thank you , James
  17. I have 2- Cannon Mag 10a downriggers, extendable booms with an extra housing, motor, and a gear. I bought the extra motor and gear just in case I ever had a problem. (NEVER NEEDED IT) The motor was tested at a local marina and it works. Both of the downriggers work and I have been using them the last 3 to 4 years with no problems. I have found that the 10 lb balls work best as the 12 lb balls come up slow and I don't have a lot of patience. For fishing salmon in 50 to 100 feet I have never had a problem. These do not have auto stop. The cables and connections are fine and intact. I am asking $300 for the two riggers, swivel bases, and the extra motor, housing and gear. Please text me at 315-408-8246. I am in the Black River/Watertown area and can meet from Henderson to Oswego as I fish up and down the coast.
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