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  1. I cut the pike up to make soup out of it because of the bones. The wife makes a rice and potato soup that is to die for. I made some aluminum foil boats for the bass and cooked them whole in the barbeque with butter, seasoning, sliced lemons, and rosemary from the garden. They were awesome to say the least and we fed 8 people and still had leftovers.
  2. I was out yesterday from 6am to 1130am and we didn't move a rod. I was told there were lakers out there but we didn't get anything. I ran 4 riggers, lead core, copper and a dipsey with spoons, flasher fly combos, and cowbells and spin and glows. We tried everything and we only saw 3 other boats out there the whole time. So we bailed out and ran inside the harbor and fished for bass. Caught a 8 1/2lb pike on a rubber worm and then we doubled up on 2 small mouth with one weighing 4.2 and the other 4.8lbs in an hour and then we called it a day. Good thing I left the bass rods on the boat as my friend was up for a graduation for the weekend from Kansas. Hitting Black Lake this afternoon and fish the bass for the evening bite. Hopefully next week the fish will show up.
  3. Looks like you had an awesome day! Heading out on Friday to hopefully catch a few. I got the fish hawk x4d last year and it is awesome. So are you running any flashers or just spoons behind the riggers? And how far are you running the spoons behind the ball? James
  4. went out Saturday with my son from 2-6pm... marked some fish and only had one fish on the dipsey. Last line that we pulled in was the dipsey and we must have been dragging a 5-6lb king or brown... didn't know he was on as the dipsey wouldn't pop. It finally did and the fish came up and made a run and tried to jump and spit the hook. My son didn't care, he said at least he got to fight a fish. I talked to a couple of other guys at the launch. One had one laker and lost a nice king, and the other boat got 2 kings. Not much of a report but that is what I know.
  5. still available? These look like good spring brown trout rods....
  6. Great news.... my buddy was out Monday evening in the trench and caught a nice 20lb fish in the short 2 hours he was out. I plan to hit it the next couple of days and this weekend. I think there are still a lot of fish in the deeper water.
  7. Not sure what the temps are but a friend of mine fished the trench tonight from 5-8pm and got 4 kings. Two were over 25lbs. He ran the wall in 118-130ft and had his riggers down 80-100ft. He doesnt have a probe and was fishing the marks. I will be out at Sandy tomorrow to avoid the Sunday crowd in the trench but come Monday I will be out there. Good luck. Go catch some kings!
  8. Left Pine Grove boat launch with my brother and friend around 3pm and fished until 730. We went 3 for 3 and had one rip on the dipsey but no one was home by the time we grabbed the rod. Fish were 17lbs, 23lbs, and 24lbs. We were fishing in 120 to 135 ft off the dunes. Water was 45 degrees down 95. Didnt have a lot of marks on the screen but still caught fish in the 3 1/2 hours on the water. 1st fish came on the 500 copper that was out 400 with a meat rig. Other two fish came on riggers down 90 and 100. Taking my youngest sons stuff to college today and back on the water in the morning. I hope everyone fishing today has a great day. Looks like no wind and a gorgeous day out.
  9. Fish Wish is Oswego... google it... I have 3 monsters turned in with her now. She does excellent work and if you go in her shop you will see. Located on Route 3 down my the Salmon River.
  10. wohoo.... sweet... will be out in the morning...
  11. Hit Oswego Friday from 4-7 pm... would have been 3-7pm but the Coast Guard hit us up on the way out... OMG... registration, life jackets, driver's licenses... etc.. etc.. etc... anyway 45 minutes later we left the harbor. And NO we didn't get any tickets or citations. Set up at 4 pm in 200 ft of water straight out of the harbor... within 15 minutes had a screamer on the line. Ended up with a 28 1/2 lb king! It was the only fish and didn't have any other hits. But HEY we didn't get skunked and it was a screamer. Hopefully the fish will come for the LOC Derby. James
  12. WOW... awesome fish! Hopefully everyone catches these nice big fish before the LOC and then I catch the monster 40lber and the jackpot prize money. I will be out tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Might have to run down to Oswego this weekend. Great fish!
  13. Looks like a sweet boat. Is that a StarCraft Fishmaster 196? I just bought a 2012 and I love it. Your boat looks just like mine. Let me know. James
  14. Mark, No problem, let me know when you are coming up. James
  15. Yes... in the trench off the wall in the middle between 140-150 ft of water. Had some good marks and bait balls on the screen yesterday.
  16. Got out early today and finally got my brother a nice 24 lb king. Only his second one but much bigger than his first that was a little over 7 lbs. A liitle bumpy and a bit windy. Caught it on the dispey out 240 ft fishing in 140-150 deep. Had the rigger fire while fighting the fish and when we picked it up nobody was home. Had another screamer on the dipsey and by the time we got it out of the rod holder fish was gone. Bottom line we didn't get skunked.
  17. You are killing me. Just bought some mag 10's. But did you know you can go online and buy extending booms and swap those out? I think they cost about $65-$70 a piece. That's what I did last year with some mag 10's that had short booms. I think I went to Fishusa website. But it may be cheaper to do that then sell these and buy new ones. Just a thought!
  18. If you don't have anyone I could take a day off and come down and go fishing with you. I am in Black River but fish from Oswego to Henderson. I own my own company so I pick and chose my days. I prefer Monday through Fridays as everyone else is at work...hahaha.. buy I do fish weekends too if the fish are biting.
  19. Nice Report- We hit the water on Friday and Saturday out of Henderson. Headed outside the mountain top and headed straight towards the power plant smoke in 150-160 feet of water. On Friday we went 7 for 9. 5 lake trout from 12 to 16lbs, 1 king weighed in at 23 lbs and one shaker king probably weighed 3 lbs. Had a double hookup on the line with the shaker king. Small king hit the slider and when we grabbed the rod to release it from the rigger it released it self and started screaming and off went 150 of line then nothing and my buddy said he lost the fish and started reeling the line in and when he got it to the boat the little guy was there. Never had that happen before. 2 fish on riggers down 90-130. The big king hit the slider spoon on the 130 rigger. All the lakers came on the 500 ft copper with flasher fly. On Saturday headed to the same spot and same route. Have 4 of us on the boat and went 6 for 9 on lakers. 2 of the fish we dropped were screamers and one broke the 50lb leader on the flasher fly combo. Hammer time spin doctors and green flies were the ticket for us.
  20. What day were you out? Saturday or Sunday? We got caught in the fog about 5-6 miles off Stoney in the Trench too. Didn't see you roll by us so maybe your incident happened on Sunday. We had a boat or two come within 50yards of us trolling and that was as far as the visibility was. Glad you made it back safe. James
  21. Read your post again... I see it comes with bases. Get in touch with me when you can at 315-408-8246. James
  22. If you still have these downriggers I am interested. Are there bases with them? Call me when you get a chance at 315-408-8246. My name is James. Thank You
  23. Is that antenna for a VHF Radio? Picking up my new boat this week and moving from the hand held VHF to a fixed mount on the boat. Was looking at prices on antennas and they are expensive. Also, does it have the base with it that collapses down level to the boat? Thanks in advance for the response. James
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