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  1. We fished 70-140 fow on Wed. & took 9 of 14 coho & small king mix. all on spoons riggers down 47 ft., dippsy's on 1 & 2.5 140 & 150 back. good luck!
  2. I agree with Pap cables stretch & things get out of adjustment, loose screws ,shifter. I know a good o/b mech. lives in Colden & very reasonable if you need one.
  3. Good luck with getting your problem fixed. Jmo. but remember kids don't care about big fish, size doesn't matter to them they like quantities/numbers. Maybe a pan fish trip would be a good idea. again Jmo.
  4. FYI, for the sea sickness try taking some ginger root capsules an hour before you go on the water. it can be found in the vitamin section at the stores & you can take as many as needed/when ever. They worked for me.
  5. A bad day fishing is always better then a good day at work!
  6. That's a biggin, Congrats!
  7. Nice job, but wondering why your 3 rod holders are so far forward, it appears as if they will be a pain to get to? jmo.
  8. Lol, they like to do that, pooped all over your new floor, Christianed now!
  9. Get in touch with L&M, Hank, he will know!
  10. Why not bolt it in the center where it touches the top & then put spacers under the ends? Just an idea.
  11. Great job, congrats on all the fish!
  12. Just wondering if the weight placement works the same as on the dipsy divers ? Any info. Thanks!
  13. Esgdirect.com or Also try; Bid blue Enterprise ; 733 Delaware rd., box 221 Buffalo ny(?); 716-573-6341; [email protected]. Good luck!
  14. Looks good, you cleaned it up nice! You & NymphO should go into business together , both do nice work.
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